3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe [CHEATS]

All codes

Note:In order for these to work, you need the 1.1 patch found at :traintown.sierra.com/downloads.html

Any job completed with a cheat will only receive a check mark--no blue ribbons (cheaters never prosper).

To enter a Cheat Code:

Press the В“|В” key (the vertical line character, which is the shifted В“\В” key on most keyboards) This will enter the В“Enter a Cheat codeВ” mode. Type the cheat code from the list below and press Enter (which will exit the В“Enter a Cheat codeВ” mode and try to use the cheat. While the В“Enter a Cheat codeВ” mode is active, the normal keyboard shortcuts will not work.

Upper/Lower case is not significant.

Brian - Unlock jobs in job bin. This stays in effect until you exit TrainTown Deluxe.

(NOTE: the following codes must be entered during an active job, often with a particular car selected)

Kelle - Turn off speed limits until the end of the job.

Neal - Refuel the selected car.

Paul - Unload the selected car.

Chris - Give a 300-second time bonus.

Andrew - Give a 30-second time bonus.

Lionel - Mark the current job as completed

JCarey - Repair zapped tracks and broken switches near the selected car.

MoveIt - Give all trains a speed increase

CominThru - Remove any one-way tracks near the selected car.

Gimme - Give control of all cars to the user. This can have undesired effects, so use with caution.

FixAll - Repair all sorts of track problems across the entire layout

JobBoss- Trigger a special job cheat, whose function varies from job to job:

- Advance to next level in building jobs

- Allow shift-click to help solve memory jobs.

- Show entire map in maze job

- Shows word in Hangman

- May have no function at all in other jobs

Load - This brings up a dialog box that lets you assign any load to the selected car

#_ - Enter a code of # followed by any letter or digit and the selected car becomes loaded with that digit.

NoFuel - Allows Trains to run forever without using any fuel. (Requires Version 1.1 patch)

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