Age of Wonders

Age of Wonders: General Game Play FAQ 1.7 (English)

Age of Wonders: General Game Play FAQ 1.7

Started: 06/23/01

Copyright 2001 by AverMan


| Warning |

Anyone may reproduce this FAQ electronically, but don't sell it for money. If

you want to use this FAQ for your website you must ask my permission, email me

at, and you must not modify it in any way and do it with

this the Warning in it. Also specify that you want to use the Age of Wonders:

General Game Play FAQ in your email. If you do use it and I find out, trust me

I WILL, you'll be in some serious legal trouble!!! Thanks to all who cooperate.


Age of Wonders is a trademark of Triumph Studios

| Intro |

This is the moment every Age of Wonders fan have been waiting for, the Age of

Wonders FAQ for the overall game! I made this FAQ because allot of people

requested me to do it after I made the Battle Tactics FAQ. So here it is the

Age of Wonders FAQ! I tried to put as much detail to help as many people with

the overall portion of the game. This includes the Campaign section, Scenario

Walkthroughs, and other parts of the game. This FAQ should really be fully

complete real soon. If anyone has any comments or suggestions on how I can make

this walkthrough better please E-mail me at I really

want to hear what people think of this FAQ so don't be afraid to speak up.

Now lets get down to business. YEAH!

||| Updates |||

| 7/07/01 |

- Minor Changes to the FAQ

- Updated the "Game Strategies For All Races" section

- Updated the "Structures" sections

| 7/13/01 |

- Updated The Cult of Storms Walkthrough

- Updated the "Know Your Leader" section

| 7/24/01 |

- Minor changes to the whole FAQ

- Updated Map Making Tips

- Updated Diplomacy

- Updated Know Your Leader

- Updated Game Strategies For All Races

Comments: Sorry for the delay but I've been away from my computer for a while.

Anyway I added the Map Making Tips section and updated some of the older ones.

I will soon be adding a list of locations that you can find this FAQ at. Thanks

to all who asked to use this FAQ. Plus I might be adding the "Scenario

Walkthrough" soon as well.

| 8/10/01 |

- Updated Map Making Tips

- Added "The List"

- Updated Game Strategies For All Races

- Major Changes to the Whole FAQ

- Updated Cheats

- Updated Diplomacy

- Updated Thanks, The List & The Warning!

Comments: I've been adding The List to all of my FAQs to make it easier for

people to find. You can always find the most updated versions of this FAQ at Anyway, I took a break from the hot summer heat and d
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