Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 12.10.2018] {Cielos}

Описание и инструкции

- updated the table for game v1.03. specifically:
- updated undead. updated the stack check and changed a register to accustom the game patch.
- updated ignore ship health. some registers changes and switching of lines render the aobscans useless, and a byte or 2 difference on the injection code.
- forgot to put an old script away.
- updated enable and instant abilities cooldown. fix a bad edit on eash of these 2 scripts that could crash the game. specifically, removing 2 "returnhere" labels, 2 "jmp to returnhere", which are both not supposed to be there. the table should be stable now.
- updated ignore ship health (actually the enable script, where the player ship fetch located). the player ship fetch should be stable now.
- added the ship god flag to the pointer list, thanks to SunBeam.
- updated ignore drachmae/resources. it covers the bounty pay and arrow crafting now.
- added exp multiplier.
- updated ignore drachmae/resources, it covers the ship upgrade now.
- added ignore ship health and inf. ship stamina .
- regrouped the cheats into 3 categories: [human battle], [ship], and [misc.].
- updated the description of stealth mod, as it works for ship as well.
- changed stealth to stealth mod. "rewrote" the whole script, it allows you to choose between 2 methods now. check descriptions below for details.
- added stealth. using the invisible flag found by SunBeam on the previous game. not thoroughly tested. report~
- updated movement mod key. changed the script default keys, also it allows you to choose the key from a dropdown list now.
- note that enable script is updated for the stealth script. it may not be as stable as previous update. so, again, report~
- updated inf. arrow. increased min. arrows from 1 to 4, a cheap by-pass for the multi-arrows-shoot ability. to have the ability available with 3 or lesser arrows, I have to patch another 9+ places (5 for on draw check, 2 for on multi=arrows aim check, 1 for on multi-arrows shoot check, 1+ for after multi-arrows shoot check), which means at least 9 more aobscans. as a day one patch is expected for the actual release I presume, the cheap by-pass applied seems a better idea.. an alternate approach is just patch the arrows read code with "for on-screen quantity" readS filered, lesser aobscans are needed this way, but when I find the quiver doesn't actually visually show how many arrows left this time, I think I can live with >=4 approach...
- added inf. adrenaline and instant abilities cooldown
- added ignore ability points
- added inf. oxygen
- added inf. arrow and instant bow charge.
- added ignore drachmae/resources.
- updated walk key to movement mod key, added the key for jogging (slower run, no need to sprint always when you move...).
- added time of day mod and walk key
- updated undead. was lazy and thought of just porting the old script... re-wrote the script, using another injection point. it works as it should now.

[human battle]
(up) undead (table Update9)
inf. oxygen
inf. adrenaline
inf. arrow
instant abilities cooldown
instant bow charge

(up) ignore ship health
inf. ship stamina

stealth mod
ignore drachmae/resources
ignore ability points
exp multiplier
time of day mod
movement mod key

[human battle]
- health still drop when being hit but you won't die.

inf. oxygen
- as title says

inf. adrenaline
- adrenaline won't drop below 3 bars.

inf. arrow
- arrows still drop when you fire your bow but it won't drop below 4 (>=4).

instant bow charge
- as title says.

instant abilities cooldown
- as title says

ignore ship health
- ship health still drop when damaged but it won't be sunk.

inf. ship stamina
- stamina stays full always.

stealth mod
- when activated, you can choose from 2 stealth method: "in sneak" or "always".
- default method on script activation: "in sneak".
- "in sneak" : no one can sense your presence when you are crouching, "in sneak" if you will. even if you're in battle with them already, they would lost track of you immediately when you enter sneak.
- "always" : as name suggested, you're always in stealth and no one can sense your presence, including other ships.
- CE's hot-keys are set for in-game method changes:

numpad0 + numpad/ to disable
numpad0 + numpad* t0 set "in snaek"
numpad0 + numpad- to set "always"

- if you don't like the voice when you press the hot-keys, you can always disable them yourself by editing the hot-keys of the entry "status".
- the entry "status" shows what method you're using.

ignore drachmae/resources
- you can buy/upgrade/engrave in the Blacksmith, do ship upgrade, payout bounty, and craft arrows, regardless of the current drachmae/resources.
- drachmae/resources still decrease until they reach zero when you buy/(ship)upgrade/engrave/pay bounty/craft arrows.

ignore ability points
- you can learn abilities regardless of your current ability points.
- on-screen ability points still drop until it reaches zero when you learn skills.
- pointers to the ability points can be found after you activated the script, in case you want to edit it manually. access Abilities menu to populate the pointers.

exp multiplier
- exp gained would be multiplied by the specified multiplier, which can be changed by editing the entry "x?".
- quest/explore gained exp shown would still be the original value upon receiving (big +number on the centre of the screen), but the actual gaining value shown (small +number on the top-right hand corner of the screen) would be the multiplied value.
- exp multiplier default: x4, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.

time of day mod
- hold CapsLock and PageUp to rewind time.
- hold CapsLock and PageDown to advance time.
- time of day would advance normally without pressing any of the above keys.
- the value of current time of day can be changed manually, just a simple 24 hours value.

movement mod key
- funny they either set the walk speed too slow or too fast... this time the walk speed is too fast that makes the walking animation looks unnatural for my taste..
- hold X1 Mouse Button and move to walk.
- hold X2 Mouse Button and move to jog, the normal running speed, which is slower than the default sprint-like moving speed.
- you can change the keys by editing the entries "walk key" and "jogging key".
- by script default, the walking speed is 0.3 (slower the game's own walk key), can be changed via the entry "walk speed"; the jogging is 0.68, can be changed via the entry "jogging speed".

Процесс запуска:
1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

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