Beyond Divinity

Beyond Divinity: Cheatcodes (English)

Start with a Stronger Character

Open the "Beyond Divinity" folder on your hard drive, open the "Common" folder, and double click on the "CharSelStats.dat" file. You'll be promoted to select a program to use to open the file; select Notepad.

Using Notepad, change the attribute numbers for each character class (Warrior, Wizard, or Survivor, whichever one applies to the character you intend to use) to higher values. This will modify the starting attributes of your character when you start a new game.

When you're finished, save the changes and start a new game.

NOTE: Always make a backup before overwriting game files.

Duplicate Items

You can duplicate items and money the same way as you can in Divine Divinity. Select the item from your inventory, drag across to plane as you drop the item you press Ctrl+L (Quick Load) the same time the item is falling.

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