Severance: Blade of Darkness

Blade of Darkness: FAQ/Walkthrough (English)



Written by: Geodeath (George Ioakimidis)


written on 1 of July 2001





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Комментарии (3)
  • why only Barbarian

  • to all classes change only the first chapter.

    In the mines or castle (you can choose) the games begins to be the same to all classes.
  • hint about the last monster in tombs of Ephera

    If you play with amazon you may come back, push the trigger and pass the droppin floor and appear infront of gratle. The monster comes back on the other side of the gradle, near enough that you may hit him with your spear,or naginata or somethin else with long range. DO not make the special hits! You'll got killed - only left mouse click is enough:). I was on 92 blood could pass it other way, he would kill me with one touch