C&C: Generals - FAQ (English)

Copyright 2003 Chris Dietsch

What:Command & Conquer: Generals FAQ

Who: Chris Dietsch (and people on the GameFAQ message boards)

When: February 19, 2003

E-mail with questions/comments are encouraged if you have any. My email is

jdietsch@attbi.com. Please put something like "Command and Conquer","Generals"

or "FAQ" in the title, so that I don't delete it. Typos, grammatical errors

and anything else of the like are greatly appreciated.

Version .50


--------------------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------


0] Table of Contents

1] Version History

2] About Command & Conquer:Generals

A] Story

B] What is CCG?

C] Sides

D] System Requirements (not that I followed them...)

E] Modes of play

F] How is CCG played?

1) Building

2) Power

3) Money

3a) Power bar (not the food -_-)

3b) Money bar

4) Veterancy

G] Interface

1) Battle Window

2) Command Bar

3] Walkthrough (Coming)

1) Chinese Campaign

2) GLA Campaign

3) USA Campaign

4] Structures

A] USA Structures

1)Structure Upgrades

B] Chinese Structures

5] Units

A] USA Army

1)Unit Upgrades

B] Chinese Army

1)Unit Upgrades

C] GLA Army

1)Unit Upgrades

a) Unit purpose descriptions

6] Generals Points + Strategy (Coming, Strategy idea thanks to Syphadeus)

7] Superweapons ( -_- ) (Coming)

8] Multiplayer/Tips (Developing)

9] Multiplayer/Skirmish Medals

A] Skirmish Medals

B] Multiplayer Medals

10] Strategies/Tips (Coming)

11] Thanks to...

12] Legal Stuff


-------------------------**1** Version History--------------------------------


Version .25- February 19, 2003. This is the first version of the guide. I have
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