Call of Duty: Weapons Guide (English)

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This Guide is written to inform the reader about the weapons in Call Of Duty, their strengths, weaknesses and power, as well as other things which will help with gameplay of Call Of Duty. Official sources will be used to find the power of the weapons, however I will use my own personal feelings towards each weapon in this guide, and this means that what I say may be different to what someone else feels. Afterall, it's a persons personal opinion about what they like the most, I'm just helping out by giving them ideas.

The weapons in Call Of Duty are probably the main force behind the game. Without weapons there is no way to fight a war, so if it wasn't for these, there wouldn't be much of a game to be played. There are 26 different hand held weapons in the game (according to the game data), but not all of them are available during the game. Some of them are used for Germans in single player who drop weapons where you won't be able to collect them. Their differences are that they don't need you to reload them, there is no animation of the hand reloading the weapons because the German will be out of sight, and so there is no point in showing him reloading his gun. Some also appear to be the same as the normal gun, however they may have been used in BETA testing and are still in the game.

Along with that, there are 5 stationary weapons which can be used to wipe out the Nazi force. All of these will be described in detail below.

Simon Elliott
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