Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Commandos 3 : Destination Berlin - Trainer (English)

Описание и инструкции

Trainer Options

1) H - Infinite Health
2) I - Invisibility On
B - Invisibility Off
3) T - Remove Timer
4) E - Shoot Anywhere On (see notes)
R - Shoot Anywhere Off
5) K - Chaos Pointer (see notes)
6) P - Passive Pointer (see notes)
7) Z - Plague Pointer (see notes)
L - Enemy Pointer (see notes)
M - Normalize Pointer (see ..erm a specialist
if u cant work it out.)

Trainer Notes

E - Shoot Anywhere, This option allows u to shoot any gun anywhere on the map. Unfortunately there is a slight side effect whereby the enemy can see through objects because the gun sights are tied in with the calculations for the enemy visual matrix, it was such a hard option to find that I decided to leave it in even with its side effect, i added an OFF option aswell so u can use it at ur discretion.. this option also works with anything u can throw, grenades etc..

K - Choas Pointer, With this option enabled, when u move ur mouse pointer over an enemy soldier it will immediately start killing his own men, This has to be one of the funniest options ive done, its best to touch only 1 soldier with the pointer and watch him kill everyone. Its funny as fuck to watch that guy kill all his friends then 2 seconds later look at them and start streaming for help which bring more guards which he then starts killing... ad infinitum :)

P - Passive Pointer, With this option enabled, when u move the mouse pointer over an enemy soldier he will turn into a friendly one. if u press F5 all enemies show up in orange, u can use this to run around them all making them nice happy clappy soldier friends :)

Z - Plague Pointer, Same as above, use the mouse pointer but this time it will reduce the enemy soldiers health to 0.

L - Enemey Pointer, This is obviously NOT a countable option, but for certain missions u need to kill everyone, but u cant kill soldiers that have been turned friendly.. so this option is to turn them back into the enemy so u can kill them.

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