Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls II - Scholar of the First Sin: Трейнер/Trainer (+21) [1.01] {MrAntiFun}

Описание и инструкции

Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin V1.01 Trainer +21


  1. Inf.Health
  2. Inf.Stamina
  3. Fast Kill
  4. Inf.Durability
  5. Inf.Items
  6. Inf.Torch
  7. Inf.Shops Items
  8. Inf.Weight
  9. Inf.Spells
  10. Set VGR
  11. Set END
  12. Set VIT
  13. Set ATN
  14. Set STR
  15. Set DEX
  16. Set ADP
  17. Set INT
  18. Set FTH
  19. Set Souls
  20. Edit Selected Item Quantity
  21. Edit Selected Item ID To Anther Item - Edit Item


  • Make sure you never use the trainer online or you risk a banned .
  • First start game then the trainer
  • If you are using Avast antivirus pause it
  • Items Id List is included with the trainer as Text file
  • Make sure you disable Inf.Items cheat if you want to manually edit the item quantity
  • Make sure you select the item and click on it on your inventory to lock it and be sure it won't move to another item by mistake while moving to the trainer before you edit it's ID
  • Make sure you select the last edited item in case you want to reset it , If you select another item and press the reset button then the other item will be set to the last item edited
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