Diablo 2


Diablo2 Nutcracker v2.01

Описание и инструкции

How to get it working
1) Start Diablo2 and create a new game ("Host", i.e. YOU have to create a game)
2) Start "d2nutcracker" or switch with ALT+Tab to a previous started "d2nutcracker"
3) Edit what you like

You can edit all values whenever you want. You do not need to press ENTER or
anything like this (but you can :-)

Inventory viewer
- no inventory viewer so far

Revenge mode
Click on the violet "star" next to the character icon (of your victim).
Select your hotkey. Go back to diablo2 and press your hotkey whenever you want.
If you choose "2 seconds" the hitpoints will be restored after that time, so your
victim could think you've killed him or her regularly.
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