Diablo 2

Diablo 2 Character Editor v1.88 (English)

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How To Use


1. Extract the file from the archive (use WinZip or WinRAR)

2. Run the D2Editor.exe file

3. Open a Diablo II character file (press CTRL-O or click on File, Open) which is located in the "save" directory of where you installed Diablo II.

4. Make changes (type in a value if editing level, gold, experience, etc. or use the mouse if changing title, class, or state)

5. Save changes (press CTRL-S or click on File, Save)

6. Play Diablo II. (NOTE: If you are using v1.85 and newer, you must close the character file before playing Diablo II.)



You can edit the following stats:

- Character class

- Character name

- Character state

- Character title

- Starting act

- Level

- Strength

- Energy

- Dexterity

- Vitality

- Maxium Life

- Maxium Mana

- Maxium Stamina

- Skills

- Quests

- Waypoints

- Gold in belt and stash

- Experience

- Upgrade Gems to perfect state

Known Issues


- Tested with Diablo II V1.00 through V1.09 including the Lord of Destruction expansion set.

- Starting with Diablo II V1.02, there is a level-gold check and version 1.3+ of the editor follows the limits so as not to cause a 0 gold result when editing character's gold.

- Starting with Diablo II V1.07, the maximum gold in stash limit has been increased for characters with levels greater than 30.

- Starting with v1.85 and newer of the editor, you must close the character file before playing Diablo II. This is because there are no options to enable file sharing for the read and write functions I'm using in ANSI C++.

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