Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy

Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy

During gameplay, press Enter and type any of the following "Codes," then press

Enter again:

Code Result

moneyfornothing Set Mana and Gold to 9999

borntorun Resets Party Movement Points to Full

help! Heals Whole Party

wearethechampions Win Mission

loser Lose Mission

herecomesthesun Open All Map

paintitblack Hide Unseen Map

anotherbrickinthewall Allow Build Buildings in the Capital Again

givepeaceachance Peace with All Nations

badtothebone War with All Nations

cometogether Alliance with All Nations

jump XP of All Party Members is Set to Next Level

stairwaytoheaven Instant Level Up for All Party Members

lifeisacarnival Unknown

allalongthewatchtower Unknown

invisibletouch Unknown

letsdothetimewarpagain Unknown

Комментарии (2)
lifeisacarnival-воскресить воинов, invisibletouch-тебя не видят враги, но при столкновении могут напасть
allalongthewatchtower - Показывает войнов во всех крепостях