Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin: Редактор сохранений/Save editor (MooseEdit - alpha19)

Описание и инструкции

Редактор сохранений, позволяющий редактировать как персонажей, так и их инвентарь.
Редактор на английском языке и никем, пока, не переводится, поскольку находится в стадии активной разработки.
1. Распаковать архив в любое удобное для вас место
2. Запустить редактор, открыв файл MooseEdit.exe
3. Выбрать владку Load Save Game
4. В строке PlayerPrifiles Folder редактор должен автоматически указать путь к нужной папке. Если этого не произошло - нажать на значок папки справа, ЗАЙТИ в папку PlayerPrifiles и нажать кнопку Выбор папки. По умолчанию для Windows 7 это C:/Users/Имя_пользователя/Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin/PlayerProfiles.
5. В строке Game Data Folder - нажать на значок папки справа, ЗАЙТИ в папку Data в папке с установленной игрой и нажать кнопку Выбор папки
6. Выделить строку необходимого сохранения (игровой профиль/название сохранения)
7. Нажать кнопку Load
8. Отредактировать персонажей
9. Сохранить изменения - нажать кнопку в виде дискеты (вверху слева)
10. Загрузить в игре измененное сохранение
Аттрибуты, умения, таланты и черты характера редактируются на вкладках аналогичных игровому инвентарю. При наведении на умения и т.д. появляется всплывающая подсказка с описанием (к сожалению тоже на английском).
Для редактирования списка заклинаний нажмите кнопку Skills (посередине слева)
Щелчок правой кнопкой на предметах (Edit Item), надетых на персонаже либо лежащих инвентаре, позволяет редактировать эти предметы


История изменений (на английском языке)

Editor will now work on files saved since the latest patch.
Updated tooltips for talents and traits
Fixed issue in reading LSB files
Made it more obvious which base item and which item template are selected
Expanded level box so that it can be more easily seen on smaller screens
Re-ordered traits screen to match in-game ordering of traits
Fixed bug where new skills could not be added if the character skill list was currently empty
Added error messages for corrupt playerProfiles.lsb and missing Main.pak file
The settings.ini file is now parsed properly
Improved loading speed of saved games (significantly)
Fixed bug where editing a newly created equipped item would fail
Added additional mod templates in the item template window
Removed editing capability of many areas that should not be editable
Game data will now be unloaded properly when switching between different save files
Added new moose_settings.ini file to save data/save path information
Modified texture resizing to not distort textures when going from small to large
Added Unload button
Added progress dialogs for loading and saving
Added new "Item Template" editor
Fixed issue where character renaming would not work correctly.
Fixed editor crash bug when selecting a base item that does not have any icon information defined.
New feature "add item" (!)
Finally figured out how to generate Creator handles correctly...
Item export now uses fully affixed name instead of base name, for default file name
Added unicode support for all paths (someone please verify that this fixes the unicode issues)
"Add Item" should work fine but I didn't test it very extensively
Added a new item "import/export" feature.
Since the item is exported in LSB format, you can use the Dev tab (this tab wasn't meant for user consumption though and isn't fully implemented yet) or Norbyte's LSB editor if you want to make modifications to the item data before re-importing it.
Note that this will fail for any item that has an inventory (e.g., bags). There may be other failure cases too but in general it should work.
Game data processing has been improved and now all icon data is loaded.
As a result the initial load time is longer, but loading an individual character tab is faster.
Some tooltip improvements.
Added editor for level and available attribute points.
The "Add Item" feature is essentially done but until I can figure out how to correctly generate "Creator" item handles, it won't be included. As such the "Add Item" function still does nothing in the release version. I'm not sure how these handles are generated but the feature will not function correctly unless this can be determined.
Added "Equipment" tab/editor
Skill editor crash fixed
Fixed a few UI issues
More tooltip improvements
Fixed issue where new game saves would cause item editing to fail
Fixed crash on mod/permboost removal
Added "Skills" editor:
-UI is very rough at the moment and I may completely redo it
-Categories might be renamed to match in-game category names
Now has an editor for traits and abilities.
No skills editor yet.
No "add item" yet.
No equipment view yet.
Various stability improvements for item editor (less in-game crashes).
Now uses RegQueryValueExA instead of RegGetValueA.
I got rid of the registry key message (this appears if you don't have a steam installation and it can't resolve the game data/save folder paths). If anyone knows about registry keys to find the game installation path for a non-steam installation, I can add it.
Fixed several potential crashes
Added "Talents" editor
Added tooltips for shields
Fixed in-game crash that would often occur when changing a weapon/armor/shield's level
Has better tooltips, and decent resize functionality. Still need to work on resizing but this will suffice for now.
I fixed some various small issues with the previous version. Updated the tooltip display slightly to be more accurate.
A new feature has been added: upon selecting a base item, the item template/icon will automatically be resolved if it exists (if no such template exists for this item, it will keep the template as-is).
Icon button still does not work and I may remove it in a future release. The "icon" is actually the item template and it is much more important than just the icon. It controls the item type (consumable/equippable/etc), icon, 3d visuals, etc.
I also added the missing DLL to the zip.
I broke the mods view in alpha2: you could still see mods but the table did not list the mod bonuses. This has been corrected in alpha3.
Also fixed path resolution for save game folder.
I updated it to a new version and fixed the crash bug that I was seeing.
I didn't look into the unicode character issue yet so that crash may still exist.
Also, the previous release was a debug build and was very large. New version is the release build which is much smaller and a bit faster.
hopefully this includes all necessary DLLs... same URL as before.
I'll upload a new one with the missing DLL, but, if it continues to crash it is probably an issue reading data from the LSB files. The first thing it does is try to enumerate existing saved games to display them.
Ever since the patch that added compression to LSB files, I haven't been able to actually see this change, none of my files were compressed, including loading up my game and making a new save.
So this could be causing problems. In fact, if anyone has an example of one of these compressed files (or how to make them) that would be useful. (It is reading only the meta.lsb or .lsb at the start, not the globals file).
I can't see anything else that might be causing a problem, as that is the only thing it does at the start.
I tried downloading it on a different computer that doesn't have the game installed and the GUI does come up after adding the new DLL, and no crash, although the savegame list is blank on this computer.
I am not at my development computer presently but if you know you have compressed LSB files and you still want to try the program, you could try temporarily renaming the compressed ones (renaming the meta.lsb and .lsb to any other name) so that the program doesn't find them. Assuming this is the problem, of course.
it is largely incomplete at the moment: the only module which is complete so far is inventory.
More to come in time.
Some things to be aware of:
- I haven't optimized performance yet and the initial load after clicking the "Load" button will be slow; it takes me around 15 seconds to load my save file.
- The tooltips are fairly incomplete at the moment and I will be adding/correcting them later. Don't trust them fully yet. (however I made sure weapon damage should be correct)
- Many icons are missing... this is on purpose and will be corrected once I revisit the performance
- Adding new items is not yet implemented
- Right click an item to edit it
- The editor makes a backup of your save ("Globals.lsb.bak"). Use this backup if the editor somehow breaks your save file.
- The PermBoost category in particular is something I am still figuring out, and while there are values available for selection, not all of them will work, or they may require experimentation in-game. For example, if you want to add dexterity to a weapon, do not use the "Weapon" -> "DexterityBoost" as it does not work; instead, use "Character" -> "Dexterity".
- Icon selection does not work yet.
- You can still edit items even if there is no icon for them.
- Do not modify the "Abilities" PermBoost that appears on every item, it may break your game.
- Click the disk icon on the toolbar, on the top-left of the window, to save.
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но только в качестве эксперимента.
Внезапный краш программы
При загрузки выдает "Unable to locate Main.pak: check Game Data path" и выкидывает.
Играю на версии
Все отлично работает игра
ток еще надо подразобряться с вещами как редоктировать
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обнови до
спасибо, работает версия игры, пиратка.
Спасибо,все работает. пиратка.не работает.
"Unable to locate Main.pak: check Game Data path"

megashara.com/games/793243/divinity_original_sin.. этот клиент. Можете дать ссылку на клиент у которого работает?
AllankaУ меня установлен тоже репак механиков, была тоже проблема, решил, и причина оказалась в собственной не внимательность. Внимательней читайте пункт 5 инструкции " В строке Game Data Folder - нажать на значок папки справа, ЗАЙТИ в папку Data в папке с установленной игрой и нажать кнопку Выбор папки". В общем вот так я все "починил".
Ser_I0zh, спасибо! получилось. отлично работает. Еще бы подробную инструкцию как изменять характеристики вещей, было бы вообще отлично.
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Почему программа не видит мои сохранения?(пункт 6)
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Во-первых версия ЭТОГО редактора 19я, а последняя - 34я.
Во-вторых редактор в принципе не работает с Enhanced edition