Doom 3

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Doom 3 Quick Weapons and Enemy Guide (English)


Fists. Melee weapon, doesn't consume ammo, but is quite slow and

useless. Don't use this unless you absolutely have to. There are

times in the game when you get "possessed" and you cannot use

anything but your fists. While the "possession" is in effect you're

invincible and your fists do incredible damage! Run around and punch

as many enemies as you can before it runs out!

Pistol. Ranged weapon with a capacity of 12 bullets. I think you

can hold up to 360 bullets at once, though by the time you get this

many bullets you'll most likely have bigger and better guns. It fires

rather fast and is good for short and mid-range fights, but it takes

a while to reload.

Shotgun. My favorite weapon in the game. Ranged weapon with a

capacity of 8 shells. I'm not actually sure how many shells you can

hold as I never maxed out (told you it was my favorite weapon) but I

would assume that it's over 120, as I had that many at one point.

Each pack of shells gives you eight, while enemies frop four shells.

Very powerful at point blank, but its power decreases rapidly with

distance. The shotgun also takes the longest to reload--assuming

you're reloading an empty shotgun as the shotgun is the only weapon

that has a variable reload time depending on how empty it is--and has

a rather long cool-down period between shots. Don't count on rapid-

firing it. But it is very handy early and mid-game when you can't

afford to waste ammo, and in Hell.

Machine Gun. Ranged weapon with a capacity of 60 bullets. It

takes clips as ammo and you can hold up to 600 bullets. Each clip

gives you 30 shots while enemies drop 10 per clip. As the name

suggests, it fires rather rapidly, and is good for all ranges--though

it doesn't go too far. The best long-range weapon in early game. It's

reload time is average.

Chain Gun. Ranged weapon with a capacity of 60 bullets. You can

hold up to 600 bullets. Each ammo belt gives you 60 bullets while

enemies drop 30 per belt. Very powerful rapid-fire weapon. You even

get a video disc describing how powerful it is! =) It's all for any

distance though I find it better at mid- and long range. It fires

very rapidly, and hits slightly harder than the machine gun, but

takes slightly shorter to reload. You won't find much chain gun ammo

in the beginning and the best use of the chain gun is to just hold

the fire button, so it's not that useful until midgame. Warning: it

takes a split-second before the chain gun spins up and fires when you

press the fire button, so don't let go after you click!

Hand Grenades. You can hold 50 of these explosive grenades. Each

pack you grab gives you 5 more. They pack a serious punch but do not

use them in melee, as they denonate upon impact with the enemy (not

with walls though) and if you get caught in the explosion you'll take

a lot of damage. They also bounce off walls and their explosions

detonate barrels of explosives, so beware. You can throw these a bit

faster than you can fire the shotgun, and there's no reloading.

Plasma Gun. Ranged weapon that can hold 50 charged. You can

carry up to 500 charges total, and they come in cells that give you

25 charges each (though some cells look bigger and has two blue

glowing humps and they count as two cells). Fires a bit slower than

the machine gun but still rather rapidly, and the reload time is

around the same as the machine gun's. It does heavier damage than

both the machine and chain gun though. It also has very good range.

Beware that the plasma bolts are rather large and may not get through

small holes, tights corners, in between railingsm etc. unless you aim

carefully. Also, the plasma bolts don't travel as fast as bullets.

Rocket Launcher. Ranged weapon that can hold 5 rockets, 96

total. Each rocket pack you get gives you 5 rockets. This is the most

powerful "normal" weapon in the game. It fires pretty quickly but

only holds five shots. Upon hitting anything the rocket explodes,

dealing damage to everything around it. Therefore, do not ever use it

in melee! Reloading isn't that slow, suprisingly.

BFG 9000. The ultimate ranged weapon! It holds 4 charges and you

can carry 32 of them. Charges come in the form of this green cube

that looks like a gelatinous cube, with 4 charges in each cube.

Essentially the gun fires a semi-homing giant green glob of energy.

The glob fries every enemy around it with radiation as it travels,

and then explodes when it hits the target. As the video disc in the

game said, everything around it probably won't survive. You can also

hold the fire button before releasing it to charge the gun up so it

does more damage--you can look at the charge status on the gun's

display itself. However, charging up the gun uses more ammo and if

you charge it beyond level 4 it'll overload and kill you.

Chainsaw. The ultimate melee weapon! Just hold down the fire

button and point it at what you want dead. They will die very, very

soon. It is the most powerful weapon in the game. However, its range

is about one foot... Consumes no ammo, and very noisy even when

you're not activating it, so it may mask sounds of approaching enemy.

The Soulcube. The best weapon in the game! The Soulcube consumes

no ammo, but needs to be charged by killing five demons (any five

demons) using other weapons before it can be used. Each time you

charge it, you can use it once. When the cube is charged, a symbol

next to your ammo display will light up and the cube will whisper

"use us...". You can then press Q, fire to release the cube, and once

the cube is out of your hands it will switch back to your previous

weapon. The cube acts like a boomerang: it will fly towards the

target (unless it hits a wall or something), hitting everything in

the way and a bit beyond, and then fly back. It will destroy any non-

boss enemy on contact and also drains their life! With the exception

of the smaller demons (like the Trites/spiders) everything (including

Imps) will give you all your life back. Very handy.

Chainsaw vs. Shotgun: Why would you want to use the shotgun when you

have the chainsaw? While the chainsaw is powerful, it takes a second

or two before you saw that demon in half. In that second, it can hit

you for some damage. However, with the shotgun at that range, the

demon will instantly die leaving only its ashes and the smell of

brimstone in your path.



These are slow-moving civilians who got turned into zombies. Their

only attack is whacking you. Do not underestimate them! They

sometimes ambush you and their hits hurt! Some of them wield things

such as wrenches and hit for 9 damage even when you have armor on.

Try to kill them from a distance, until you have the chainsaw. They

will die after 6 hits from the pistol or 1 point blank shotgun shot.

Later on in the game, use the pistol or chainsaw for these guys so

you can save precious ammo for your better guns. (It takes four to

five plasma bolts to kill these guys!)

Shotgun Zombies

As the name implies, they are zombies with shotguns. Try not to

fight them in close range. If you do, 2 shotgun shells will

definitely do the trick--though it will probably give it a chance to

shoot at you for about 5 damage. It takes about 6 to 10 pistol shots

to kill these guys. Once you get a machine gun (8 to 12 bullets per

zombie) they should be no problem.

Machine Gun Zombies

Zombies, with machine guns. They actually look for cover and try to

hit you from a distance, so I guess their brains weren't completely

eaten after all. Shooting them with the pistol or machine gun while

they're reloading would do the trick, if you have something to hide

behind. Two shotgun shells at close range would also work. If you

have to, a rocket or grenade would also kill one of these in a pinch.


You'll see a lot of these in the game. They can hurl fireballs at

you or jump and claw at you. The fireballs do 7 damage and the

slashes 4 each. The best way to take these down is 1 shotgun blast at

very close range, running up to it while it's charging its fireball

so it doesn't have time to claw you. 2 or 3 at short range while

strafing their fireballs also works, but that wastes precious shells.

A shotgun shell directly at one jumping at you will stop it short,

though that is hard to pull off. If you have the space, take them out

before they jump at you. They take about 13 bullets or 8 plasma bolts

to kill. As usual, one explosion will take them out as well. If it

does get within melee range, the only way to deal with them is to

back up and shoot them and hope they die before they claw you again.

=) A note: their fireballs are being thrown at you, literally. That

means that they travel in a parabolic arc, so sometimes overhead

structures can protect you from them.

Pinky (Giant Dogs)

They are very, very mean at close range, though they have no ranged

weapons. If you're cruel, jump on a crate and rain death upon them.

Otherwise try to back up while firing at it. They can actually take a

direct hit from a grenade or a rocket without dying, and by the time

your shot was fired they'll be too close for the next one. Pumping

lead into them while walking back does the trick. 20 to 40 bullets,

20 to 30 plasma bolts, or 4 shotgun shells will take one out. You can

kill one with 2 shotgun shells if it's very close, or if you fire

your second shot right when it gets next to you, but that can be

risky. Chainsaw works well too, but you'll take some damage unless

you're running back at the exact same speed as it and it's just

repeatedly running into your chainsaw.

Maggot (Two-Headed Demon)

They are melee fighters--Imps without fireballs, really. Shotgun

works very well if you can't pick them off at a distance. Deal with

them the same way you'd deal with an Imp. Sometimes they actually

teleport short distances, though that's a good thing. Simply pull out

your shotgun, wait at the red glowing portal where it is

materializing, and shoot its head with the barrel one inch away from

it while it materializes. Instant dead demon. =)

Trites (Spiders)

When you see little small slots 1/2 or 1/3 the size of one you can

crawl in on the ground, know that Trites will come out of them sooner

or later. At the distance, they are harmless and the best way to take

them out is with the pistol (to conserve ammo) and the machine gun. 2

bullets or 2 plasma bolts or 1 of everything else kills a Trite

instantly. At mid- and close range, the shotgun works well (kills one

or even two with one shell) but since it reloads slowly you may get

swarmed. Switch to another weapon instead of reloading if you can if

one or more Trites are close by and you're out of ammo. When you need

to take them out fast (outside Monorail Bridge, for example), a

grenade will kill a whole bunch at once. They are very good for

charging up your Soulcube. =) If they get close, shotgun them or just

spray them with bullets. They do 7 damage per swipe and if you're

swarmed it is deadly.

Lost Soul (Flaming Skull)

Same thing as Trites, except they fly. When you're in an open area

in mid-game, beware of them. Machine/Chain gun and the plasma gun

work well on these since they so try to dodge your shots. 2 or 3 of

anything will kill them, 1 if you're using the shotgun when they're


Cacodemon (Giant Sphere)

They are giant floating spheres and can spit giant plasma bolts from

their mouthes. The blots do 7 damage, but their splash radius is

slightly bigger than the Imps' fireball's. The best way to deal with

them is a rapid-fire weapon, as your bullets will shoot down the

plasma bolts as well! At close range, the shotgun works very well (2

to 4 shells, depending on distance) and so does the chainsaw. The

rocket launcher can kill them in one direct hit, but since they fly

getting a direct hit at long range is hard.

Cherub (Babies From Hell)

They are essentially like Trites, except tougher, faster and hits

harder. Take them out at long range, as only a very direct and close-

up shotgun hit will kill it, so using the shotgun may give it a

chance to hit you.

Revenants (Skeletons with Rockets)

The infamous skeletons with shoulder-mounted rockets! The easy way

to kill these is with the plasma gun. Just aim slightly below its

head and the stream of plasma will actually destroy the rockets as

they come out! 20 to 30 plasma bolts will bring one of them down

easily. Doing the same trick with the machine/chain gun doesn't work

as well, but if you have no plasma gun ammo, that would have to do.

Try to aim for the rockets when they are launched, and you can

probably take one down before it hits you. They take 2 rockets to

kill, and since there are more cells than rockets, use the plasma gun

instead. In a pinch, 2 short range shotgun shells or even the

chainsaw works wonders on them--if you can dodge the rockets. Oh yes,

the rockets are homing rockets, so hiding behind crates don't work...

Hellknight (Giant Demon with Blue Fireballs)

They're like Imps, except much, much, much more dangerous. With a

direct hit of their fireball it deals about 30 damage (and that's if

you have armor!) and the splash radius of the fireball is quite

large. They also swipe you for a lot of damage close up. If there's a

lot of space around, fight them mid- to long range with the rocket

launcher (4 rockets will kill them), the plasma/chain gun (a lot of

bullets/cells), or the BFG (charge up to level 3, or it won't kill

him in one hit!). Using the pistol or fighting close range is not

recommended. The first time you meet these guys is in Hell. Save your

chain gun and rocket ammo for these guys the first time you're in

Hell! Once you get the Soulcube, however, you can kill them with one

hit from the Soulcube.

Fat Demon

There is probably a better name for it, but if there is one I don't

know it. They hurl plasma balls (as powerful as the Hellknight's) at

you and they do it pretty fast. The same strategy for fighting the

Hellknight applies to these. Rockets seem to work very well, as 3

will kill one. I have not actually gotten close to one of these yet,

so I don't know how well the shotgun and the chainsaw work against

them. They (or something like them) also appear in the Monorail

Bridge area as a mini-boss along with some Trites. The chain gun

works well there, as you don't have anything better (a round of chain

gun ammo should kill one). The advantage you have then is that you

have a lot of pillers to hide behind, unlike when you meet them in



Vagary (Giant Spider)

You first meet her in the Alpha Labs. She attacks by telekenetically

throwing metal balls at you and by swiping you. Granade her as much

as possible at the beginning, and then keep pumping her with lead

using your machine gun. There's not much to hide behind in the

battlefield and not much in terms of supplies, but she's not that

tough. Later on you meet a few of her in the end of the Caverns.

They'll be travelling with some Trites. So all you have to do is

Soulcube them back to Hell. =) If you run out of cannon fodder to

charge your cube with, just rocket them. The only reason she was

tough in the beginning is because you didn't have heavy weapons.

Guardian, Guardian Seeker

You'll actually hear him referred to as "Guardian", so no

description needed. =) You meet him at the end of Hell, and he guards

the Soulcube. Make sure you have the rocket launcher from Hell,

otherwise it'll be a tough fight. He has two attacks: an eight-way

fireball spread (easier to dodge when you're far away) and a swipe

(which does quite a lot of damage). There are also several seekers

(demons with searchlights) hovering around. The only way to damage

the Guardian is to kill the seekers, and then a blue light will

appear above the guardian. Shoot the blue light and the Guardian will

be damaged. After a few seconds the blue light will fade as more

seeks will appear. Just repeat the sequence until it dies.

The seekers are annoying because they fly. The chain/plasma guns

work well against them, as is the rocket launcher (which kills one in

1 hit) but the best way to deal with them is to use the shotgun. 2

shotgun shells (1 if you wait until they drop down a bit first) will

kill one of them. Rockets are the best way to damage the Guardian--

other guns too, in a pinch, but forget about melee--and about 10

rockets will kill the Guardian. Make sure your launcher is reloaded

before you kill the last seeker! And keep moving. If the Guardian

gets too close you're as good as dead. Also, there are some rockets

lying around the area if you run out.

If you haven't noticed yet, you get unlimited stamina in Hell. So

don't walk, run.

Cyberdemon (Tank)

In the CPU core you will find the Cyberdemon, which seems to be what

became of the Sarge. When you found the NPC who lost his BFG-9000 and

a video disc telling you how the BFG can be defeated, you knew that

you were going to have to fight a demon with the BFG. Yes, the

Cyberdemon indeed is equipped with the BFG and also a swipe attack. A

direct hit from the BFG will kill you, as it should, so be careful.

The room has four pillers. They will sometimes be eletrified and

touching them when will shock you for quite a lot of damage. As if

that's not enough, the room is a giant platform, which means that you

can fall off the edges! Luckily, there are items lysing around. To

the left is a chamber with some armor, and to the right is a chamber

with some med kits. Be careful, though, as the chamber doors open

slowly. There are also a med kit and two cells behind the pillers,

though they are between the pillers and the ledge, so getting them in

the heat of combat could be dangerous.

The BFG, as mentioned before, will fry everything in the room that

the green plasma ball as line of sight to slowly, and then detonate

when it hits a wall or you. The detonation will kill you instantly,

and the radiation will hit you for 2 damage every second (more if you

have no armor). The only way to stop it is to hit the green ball with

anything--even splash damage from rockets would work.

There are three ways to kill this guy. The first is the cheapest

method. Equip your rocket launcher and fire at the middle of the

demon as soon as the garage door opens, and one of your five shots

will destroy its initial BFG shot. Then switch to the chainsaw and

chainsaw it until it dies. If you have full health and armor, it

should die before you do--and will leave you relatively unharmed, as

it does not fire the BFG when you're too close.

The second way is to run around, shoot the BFG shots, and shoot the

Cyberdemon when you can. You have to be very, very careful of the

pillers and the ledges if you do this. And keep moving, so even if

you miss the BFG won't hit you. The plasma gun is the best at this as

the plasma bolts are very good at hitting the BFG shots. The third

way involves staying in one of the item alcoves and sniping the BFG

shots as well as the demon. This is the trickest method but if your

aim is good it will work--but it'll take a long time. In either case,

stuck reloading while a giant glob of green plasma is heading your

way is a bad idea.


The final boss! This demon is a giant demon equipped with a rocket

launcher. Luckily, the rockets are not homing. The battlefield is a

circular ring. Falling off the inside or outside will lead you to a

quick lava-filled death. Don't do that. Imps will climb into the

battlefield from the middle of the ring. That's a very good thing as

you need them to recharge your Soulcube, the only weapon that can

damage the final boss. There are also some armor and a small amount

of ammo lying around. Note that the boss can only be harmed by the


This fight is actually quite easy, as long as you keep moving and

don't fall off. Keep killing Imps (you can even shotgun them while

they're climbing!) until your Soulcube is charged, press Q, locate

Sabaoth, aim at its chest so no Imps are in your path, fire, and then

run (luckily(?), you're in Hell, so you can run as much as you want)

away. Thanks to the fact that the Soulcube is a boomerang it returns

to you automatically. You want to be at least 1/3 the ring away from

him at all times, which isn't hard to do actually.

The real problem here are the Imps. You're likely to face several of

them at once and while they don't do much damage individually they

are quite annoying as a pack, especially when they get close. You

also want to keep moving so Sabaoth doesn't hit you. The shotgun is

too slow for this, and the machine gun not powerful enough. Use the

chain or plasma gun--although the rocket launcher can kill Imps with

one hit it doesn't do you any good when the Imps move in too close--

to kill the Imps. If you keep moving while you do this their

fireballs shouldn't hit you.

What I did and think is the best method is to just use the chainsaw

for the Imps. The health you lose from the Imps is trivial compared

to what you get back from the Soulcube. Just keep moving (kind of

like circle-strafing except you're in close range) and you'll be

fine. In fact, the only time I died in this fight was when I fell off

a ledge.