Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Dragon Age: Inquisition: Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Больше Исследования Предметов / More Research Items)

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Больше исследования предметов
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    Шанс выпадения или кол-во?
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    а подробнее?
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    В чём его суть?
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    описание в студию !
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    More Research Items

    *daimod for use with DAI_ModManager by Ehamloptiran*

    *Requires official patch 5. (older versions may also work)
    *Check with DAI_ModManager to determine patch version you have. Its not the same as the Bioware press releases*
    *New official game patches WILL break mods*

    This mod increases the rate at which enemies drop thier respective creature codex research items.

    Version 0.1 doubles the drop rates. Some are doubled from 50% to 100% (ex. dragons) some from 10-15% to 20-30% (ex. snoufleurs and dragonlings) but most from 6-7% to 12-14% (ex. Hurlocks, wolves, red templars and pretty much everything else.)

    Version 0.2 features a user configurable multiplier to the standard drop rates. (will default to 2x)

    All research drops have a condition that prevents them from dropping when a plot flag (unique to each item) is true. I believe this is set when the creature's codex entry is completed. (There are all sorts of bugs in the research system and creature drops. Some creatures don't have drops defined for their research items and some research never completes no matter how many items you turn in. This mod doesn't fix any of these bugs. Maybe it will some day.)

    Drop rates for class specialisation quest items are also part of these files but have not be changed because there are enemies that always drop these items.
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    Ясно понятно
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    Краткий перевод: Шанс выпада с дракона терь не 50%, а 100%. Шанс Выпада с хзчтоэтозахня терь не 10-15%, а 20-30%. Шанс выпада с Гарлока, Волка, Красного ублюдка и всякой шняги.... 12-14%
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    а кидать то куда ?

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