Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen: Трейнер/Trainer (+17) [1.28.2016] {MrAntiFun}

Описание и инструкции

Издание: Steam
Версия Игры: v.1.28.2016
Язык Трейнера: Английский
Количество Функций: 17
Дата Создания Трейнера: 28.01.2016


  • F1:Active Trainer - активировать трейнер
  • F2:Inf.Health - бесконечные жизни
  • F3:Inf.Health Party - бесконечное здоровье отряда
  • F4:Inf.Stamina - бесконечная выносливость
  • F5:Mega Exp - мега опыт
  • F6:Inf.Items - бесконечные предметы
  • F7:Inf.Weight - бесконечный вес
  • F8:Max Equipment Enhacement - максимальное усиление оборудования
  • F9:Always Morning - всегда утро
  • F10:Always Night - всегда ночь


  • To Open Editor click on Game Editor Button on Trainer.
  • Click on Show Items ID List to show the id list, Open inventory then click on an item then write down the new item you want to replace the current item with then click Set Item ID.
  • For Equipment Enhancement cheat to take effect press ESC then go to Equipment and all the equipment you wearing will get max enhancement.
  • You can't use both Always Morning and Always Night cheats together, If both are on It will set to morning so if you want to set it to night time deactivate morning if it is activated then activate Always Night.
  • For Weight cheat you should use an item or pick up an item after activating the cheat to get its effect.
  • For Set * Cheats click on Editor button on the trainer, For Gold, RC, Discipline cheats open inventory after activating the trainer then you will be able to use the Set Gold, Set RC and Set Discipline cheats.
  • For Set Strength, Set Defenses, Set Magick or Set Magick Defenses first go to Status then switch to the Character you want to edit the stats for then switch once to Offenses tab or anything else then you can set the stats, If you want to do another character then switch to it then switch to another Tab then use the Set Strength, Set Defenses, Set Magick or Set Magick Defenses.
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