Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Walkthrough/FAQ (English)

Author: Chris Dietsch (jdietsch@attbi.com) EMAIL ME WITH ALL COMMENTS =)

Table Of Contents:

1) Versions

2) What's in this guide

3) Weapons

4) Enemies

5) How to Play DN:MP

6) Walkthrough

A) Rooftop Rebellion

B) Chinatown Chiller

C) Metro Madness

D) Unholy Underworld

E) Fearsome Factory

F) Tanker Trouble

G) Deviant Drilling

H) Orbital Oblivion

7) Cheats/Codes

8) Nuke locations (not yet finished)

9) Credits/Contact

1) Version History

6/11/02- This walkthrough posted on gamefaqs.com... Finished Episode 1 tonite.

2) About this guide

This guide is my first attempt of any kind at a FAQ. Please try to forgive me

that its not all done yet, im still trying to find all of the nukes.

If you have any questions, email me at jdietsch@attbi.com

3) Weapons

There are a total of 9 cool, kick-ass weapons in Duke Nukem:

Manhattan Project! They are as follows.

Mighty Boot-(Spacebar)- You all remember this! This is Duke's last resort

weapon, but also used to crunch enemies after youve shrunk them with your

GLOPP ray. As a _third_ function, this can be used when running to perform

a sliding kick, more often used to get into otherwise unaccesable areas

than used at all. A Jump Kick is also available. To do this, jump or

double jump and while airborne, kick! Useful to knock enemies away from

ledges you are jumping towards.

"Duke's pattented kick will knock mutants for a loop.

When you're out of ammo, youve always got you Mighty Boot to fall back on."

Golden Eagle-(#1)- This is Duke's primary and starting weapon. It is

colored golden. This weapon has a pretty high rate of fire (as fast as you

hit your primary fire button) and dosent use much ammo. You will soon find

the shotgun, but this weapon is always a usefull tool. Use this weapon

to destroy barrels and the like if your (somehow) out of pipebombs.

"Duke's signature weapon, and the one he starts out with"

Pipebomb-(#2)- This is a very versatile weapon. It is used by pressing the

special pipebomb key, or with it simply selected and the use of primary fire,

which will throw it, then pressed again to detonate. You can throw multiple

pipeboms at once for more carnage by holding the button down without moving

before letting go. Then simply hit the detonate button to let 'er rip!

"Small, deadly devices that pack a thunderous punch. Duke loves 'em"

As do I.

Shotgun-(#3)- This is your first power weapon. In most FPSs, the area

that the shotgun affects is less as the distance increases. DNMP is no

different. Simply select and shoot and start "Makin' Bacon"! This weapon

uses more of your ammo than the Golden Eagle.

"Poweful blasts, but it uses more ammo than your pistol"

Assault Rifle-(#4)- This is a fun weapon. It has the rapid fire of the

pistol, but damage rivaling the shotgun because of the rapid rate of fire.

This again is simple to operate, select and shoot. This uses more ammo

than the shotgun and pistol, so watch that ammo!

"Rapid fire blows the hell out of enemies, but depletes Duke's ammo supply


GLOPP Ray-(#5)- This is a very cool weapon. When you finally get it

(Chinatown i believe), it is a very useful weapon. You have a seperate

ammo supply for this weapon, but ammo is pretty plentiful a couple levels

after you get it. To hit your target, you must be pretty close, and then

maintain constant fire to shrink your enemies into a small, crushable

animal. Crush them with the spacebar.

This weapon does not shrink enemies, but it does send them into frenzies,

which THEN kills them saving you the step of crushing them =).

Good, wholesome killing!

"This awesome weapon de-mutates creatures back into their original form,

where Duke can crush them under his boot"

Pneumatic Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (PRPG)-(#6)- This devastating

weapon is great!!! This weapon uses your pipebomb supply, but its worth it!

Once you get this weapon, you will be a happy (wo)man!

"Pnuematic Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher. Send your pipebombs rocketing

across the sky and turn some mutants to chunks." =)

Pulse Cannon-(#7)- This very cool weapon is very versatile. It uses your GLOPP

ammo supply. It is used by having varying times of suppressed fire key button

until you let go. When you charge it up enough, you see a large ball at the end.

Let 'er rip when your ready!

"Shoots bolts of electricity, and when charged up it creates a ball of lightning

so destructive, it vaporizes both flesh and robotic metal on contact."


Secret Weapon! X-3000-(#8)- First introduced in ARUSH's "Feed'n Chloe", made

by Sunstorm. I do not know much about this weapon yet, but I will soon. Stay


4) Enemies

There are actually 25 variants of enemies, not including bosses if im

right. I wont name them, cuz who cares? They all die anyway! I might

update this later, well see.

5) How to play Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is an incredibly fun, addictive game for

its cheap price tag ($25). If youve ever played Duke Nukem 1 or 2,

you will remember this type of game. This is a side-scrolling platform game.

The kicker to this game is that it is probably the first game to be rendered

in complete 3D. You cant go in all directions, and you will know when you

can turn/go off the beaten path, but until those times arise, its straight-

forward shooting! There are a few things you must complete to beat a level,

but first you must understand the makeup of the game.

The progress of the game is pretty simple.

There are 8 Episodes, pretty much the largest parts of the game.

From there, each Episode has 3 lengthy Parts.

In each part, there are Areas (Secret and not) to discover!

The few things you must do in the level are A)Rescue the girl from the

bomb that she is strapped to, and B) Find the colored keycard. Once you have

both of these, you can open the exit when you find it, and beat the Part.

There is also another, fun part of the game. They are the Nukes. In each

part there are 10 Nukes you can collect to get a powerup. If you get

all 10, you will get 2 points permanently added to your health (EGO),

and you can carry more of every weapon. They look like um... silver things

with-more noticably-green emanating from them. I have not found them all

yet, or even close, but when I do, they will go in here.

There are 3 powerups you can collect in the game. One is the "Double

Damage". This is pretty much self-explanitory. The pickup looks is a red

hologram of Duke. The effects last aproximatly 45 seconds.

The second is the Jetpack. The pickup is.. a jetpack!

These controls are pretty much solely the

4 keyboard arrows. To cut your flight short, hit your jump key.

The third is the Forcefield. This is a green ball you will see a mile away.

When you get it, you are invulnerable for the short time. Go nuts!

The last thing is bosses. Each Episode has a boss you must beat to

complete the Episode. I will go over each one in the walkthrough.

6) Walkthrough (I did this on Normal mode, it might be diff on others)

Theres a worm in the Big Apple. Radioactive green GLOPP has flooded the

city's water supplies, turning every sewer-dwelling creature it touches

into a man-hunting mutant. This was no accident--It's the work of Morphix,

a brilliant mastermind gone bad.

But when things go bad in the city that never sleeps, theres one man who

can be counted on to take out the trash: Duke Nukem. Hail to the King, baby.

After watching the cool, but short, opening cinematic, its

time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.. and were all outta gum!!! (Old school!)

A) Rooftop Rebellion

Duke ascends to the rooftops of Manhattan to persue the mutant menace.

Jump chasms, hang from window washers and climb attenas to help rid the city

of this new evil.

Part 1

It all starts out with Duke kicking out the door (which you will see

quite a few times) and him popping one liner. Go forward, waste the two

pig cops, and learn the mechanics of antennae jumping. More practice later.

Also, learn quickly how to double jump. Its quite easy, simply jump, and

before you hit the ground again, jump again (hence the name). Collect your

first nuke. When you get to the area with 3 attennas, climb the third one

then jump the the box on the second. Climb this tower, repeat the the left

again. Climb this tower, jump right to the top box, then right again

for your second nuke. Waste the pigcop that tries to surprise you

and get the 50 ammo in the shed. Continue until you get to a door with

a green arrow above you. Get used to these. Hit the up arrow to go in.

From here, blow up the red barrels to open a secret area and your third

nuke. continue to the right, and jump on the light, then down to a box in the

water. Waste the cop, climb the ladder, hit the switch, down the ladder,

to the far left, get your fourth nuke. Climb your way back up to the exit.

(In case you forgot, use the light at the top). Continuing, go left,

and kill the pig cop on the platform. You can do 2 things to take out the

bottom one. Either duck and shoot the barrels, or slide kick under. Your

choice. Continuing, go to the right, get your new pipebombs, and expiriment

with enemies you cant hit conventionally. Go down to the 'pyramid' of the

boxes, and go left. Kill the cop, and look at that wall. Get used to this,

as your going to throw a pipebomb at it, and detonate for your 5th pipebomb.

Continue over the pyramid, kill the cop, and go in the door. Jump up

on the platform, and climb the antenna, and to the left is a

double damage (DD from here on in). Rush to the right, and jump

and shoot to try to kill these droids. When you get to the updraft,

jump in and let it carry you up and go to the right. Land on the window

washer, and continue. Jump down (falling from distances doesnt seem

to hurt, as far as i can rememeber.) and duck to shoot this new

type of pigcop, a tougher kind. Continue. Jump down, kill the cop,

down the ladder, kill the 2 cops, and remember this locked door. Ride this

current all the way up for nuke 6. Get to floor level to find 2 red barrels.

Blow these up and find nuke 7. Get back up, go right, and you will

find a shotgun. Drop down, remember this yellow forcefield, and kill everyone

that attacks. Go back left, ride the current, this time dont drop down at any

time, go far right to find a bomb (use up to defuse), and a switch to open

that previously locked door. Go to that door. Go left for your 8th nuke.

Kill cops that you can see on other sides of the flame jets, and jump 1 or

2 or 3 if your feeling fast during down times, but make sure you dont

jump into a cop. At the far end, jump up and climb the ladder, and and start

to use the pipe. Go left, and during down time, go left about 5 "hand grips"

and stop. Before you jump off, throw a pipebomb at the guy on the left

so you dont hit him and fall off. Jump down, grab your 9th nuke. Drop

down the ladder, grap the yellow key card, and blow up the barrel to exit.

Climb the ladder, and jump onto the vent to the left. Go and find the wall

to blow up. Collect your final nuke! Go right to the forcefield, and hit

up to use the keycard to finish Part One... long way to go! =)

Part 2 (BTW.. after this, im not going to hunt down the 10 nukes, ill

write them in the section 7 as I find them.)

Start off by moving forward, and fall down, and take out the 2 cops. Go

left, and throw a pipebomb near the crates for a nuke. Go back to the right,

kill the cop who tries to surprise you, and jump up to the ladder above the

new hole. Drop down to the door under the ladder. Go in. Hop the gap, and

look at the security camera, and try to remember this guards position

(on a ledge). Jump another gap, and kill the sentry. Go down the ladder,

kill the cop who tries to surprise again (Don't they give up??), go in

the hole in the wall, and jump up to the left to get health. Go left.

Jump left once, and now rememeber that cop you saw, shoot left and kill

him, or else youll bounce off him and die. After hes dead, jump over.

Blow up the barrel, drop down the ladder, and go left for a hidden

DD. Go right, blow up the explosive box, jump the chasm for another

nuke. These 2 barrels have GLOPP in them, just blow one up and run over it.

Climb the ladder after killing the cop. Stop midway up the ladder,

use the button, and watch out for the girl that jumps out and wants to

whip it good. "What a pussy" as Duke says ;). Climb the ladder, go left.

Exit. Go right, climb the ladder, and kill everyone. Go down the ladder,

down another, kill the cop, and blow up the barrel for a secret. Continue

up and to the right. See those metal bars? Drop down, kill the 2 cops,

and blow up the wall for a secret. Jump back on the window washer, and

go to the right while killing cops. Continue right, to a new building,

kill a cop, down the ladder, repeat, blow up barrels, keep going.

Kill girl who drops the nuke, go in the new hole. Go up the ladder(s) and kill

everyone, and get another nuke. Through the door, kill 3 cops. See the vent?

Ring a bell? Slide kick is correct! Only 2 pipeboms though. Climb onto the

balcony to the right, off the railing you can reach the ladder, climb it.

Jump buildings and watch out for a girl and 4 sentries. Go up and kill for

items. Next to the forcefield, and jump up, and blow up the boxes. Instead

of riding the draft, go next to it, and in the hole. Up the ladder to free

the girl. Now ride the draft to the right. Double jump to the other building.

Climb up the ladder, and onto the window washer. Keep going to the right.

Deviate from the main path if you want items. Watch out for the sentries.

When you get to the last building, kill everyone to get the keycard.

Make your way back to the forcefield.

Part 3

Down the ladder, waste the cop, down the next. Kill everyone you see,

and go into the new hole for a forcefield. Ride the draft for a DD. Watch for

a sentry. Hop to the next building, kill the 2 guys, down the ladder.

Down the window washer all the way for a +100 health, rememebr where the

forcefield is, and continue right. Once you can drop down, get ready to

kick some ass, about 4 actually, go in the hole, and free the babe. Ride

the draft, and get the jetpack. 2 Choices. Go as far right as you can in a

rush to get the keycard, or use it little to get items. Ill show items.

Once you see the first building, your safe. Go in building. Wait for boxes to

clear, jump up and get nuke, and kill cop. Follow same pattern alll the way to

the right. Get the nuke and keycard. Make your way back, and leave. Ride the

washer up. Get the jetpack, get back to the forcefield. Boss time!!!

Boss #1- Helicopter

This is your first boss fight. Watch the video, hear Duke's cool line, and get

ready. Try to avoid the rockets, and follow the copter right and shoot at

the fuel line it looks like. After thats gone, a ladder comes down. The

helicopter drops pig cops and tries to shoot its minigun at you. To avoid

this, quickly change sides under the helicopter. Try to get the helicopter to

waste its bullets when it shoots by standing under it, and moving slowly when

it shoots. Youll take a little damage, but nothing Duke would cry about.

With the bar in red, the

helicopter tries to fly away. Not on Duke's watch. You'll jump onto the ladder

and in the last stage, simply climb the ladder all the way, and throw pipe-

bombs left until your done. Simple, right? Watch the amusing cutscene. Good


B) Chinatown Chiller

Chinatown is under new management:Morphix and his Gator Grunts! Avoid

speeding cars and make chop suey of the mutant scumb. Reach Club Ming and

make the boss sing.

Part 1

7) Nuke Locations

I do not have all of the Nukes yet.. after I complete the walkthrough, I

need to find the Nukes. Anyone who has them email me and help me do this


8) Cheats/Codes

Try to avoid using cheats.. but if you are stuck.. here they are. To use them,

press the ~key (next to your 1 key.. no shift) and type these in to activate


give all - Get all items

give life - Get Life

pause - Pauses game

toggle g_p_god - Invincibility

give jetpack - Get jetpack

give ammo - Get ammo

Give forcefield - Get forcefield


Thanks to Sunstorm Entertainment for making this game!

Thanks to ARUSH for publishing it!

And thanks to 3dRealms for playtesting it to keep the legacy alive!

Contact me with ANYTHING! =) I love the response


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