Dungeons 2

Dungeons 2: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 13.04.2017] {Zanzer}

Описание и инструкции

Always Drop 100,000 Supplies (must first drop gold)
Unlimited Population (must first change population)
God Mode (must first take damage)
One Hit Kills (must first take damage)
Unlimited Unit Mana (must first use mana)
Automatically Level Units (must first gain experience)
Instant Hire Units (must first hire a unit)
Instant Summon Units (must first summon a unit)
Instant Research (must first research something)
Instant Unit Upgrade (must first upgrade a unit)
No Sacrifice for Metamorphosis (must first upgrade a unit)
Modify Game Constants (demolish a room, activate, then demolish again)
Set Treasury Stack Size (must first build a treasury)

Useful Game Constants:
Wall Health (Reduce to Dig Faster)
Time to Fill Tile
Time to Fortify Wall
Movement Speed (Enemy Too)

Процесс запуска:
1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

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