Empire Earth

Empire Earth: Cheatcodes (English)

NOTE: This codes work only in the 'Random Map' game and only if 'Cheat Codes' option enabled (can be changed on 'Random Map' game setup screen).

In game press 'Enter' and enter one of the codes from table below and then press 'Enter' again:

somebody set up us the bomb

Code phraseEffect
my name is methosAll resources = 100000 and reveal map
atm+1000 gold
you said wood+1000 wood
rock&roll+1000 rock
creatine+1000 iron
boston food sucks+1000 food
asus driversReveal map
Win game
ahhhcoolLose game
display cheatsPrint all cheats to screen
the big digAll resources = 0
boston rentGold = 0
uh, smoke?Wood = 0
slimfastfood = 0
mine your own businessrock = 0
girlymaniron = 0
brainstormInstant build
headshotRemove all objects from map
all you base are belong to us+100,000 everything
the quotable patellaAll units upgraded
i have the powerMagic/power to full
columbusSee fish and animals
coffee trainFull enerby for all units
friendly skiesRefuel
bamPlanes do want the want

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