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Empire Earth: FAQ (баги) [Eng]

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Empire Earth Glitches FAQ
By Oblivion
Oblivion_ee hotmail.com
Copyright © 2005 to Oblivion
FINAL VERSION (24th May 2005)

`'"`'"`'"`' "`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"`'"

That's it folks, as we all know, all good things come to end. This guide is
finished, there is nothing more to add so no more updates will be released,
"I never think of the future - it comes soon enough."
- Albert Einstein
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| <___| <___/| 0. - Table of Contents | <___| <___/|
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0. Table of Contents
1. Copyright/Distribution Info
2. Warning!
3. Glitch? Why?
4. FAQ Update History
5. List of Glitches:
A. Blockaded Productive Buildings
B. Multiple Heroes
C. Wall Interception
D. Free resources
E. Paired Speed
F. Infinite airplane fuel
G. Farm Scanner
H. Unlimited Tempest Range (AoC Expansion Pack ONLY)
I. Big Mouth Crasher (AoC Expansion Pack ONLY)
J. Rub Off Cloaking (AoC Expansion Pack ONLY)
K. Infinite Fanaticism (AoC Expansion Pack ONLY)
L. Planes Into Space (AoC Expansion Pack ONLY)
6. Unknown/NA/Undiscovered/Crappy/Rare Glitches
7. Your Questions Answered
8. Credits
9. Document Info

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.:'*':. Copyright .:'*':.

Copyright 2004 Oblivion.

This document may not be modified in any way, shape or form unless consent by
the author or for personal private use. The author reserves the right to
totally 0wn j00 at Empire Earth and EE: Art of Conquest anytime under any

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

.:'*':. Distribution .:'*':.

You can freely distribute the DOCUMENT, provided that:
(a) you DO NOT charge, or ask for donations, for this.
(b) you DO NOT distribute it with any other product, commercial or not.
(c) ALL of the document are to be remained unmodified, unrenamed, and
untouched. The document MUST remain in its ORwhatIGINAL ".txt" form.
(d) this document must NOT be used in any illegal activities of any kind.

- As this is the FINAL version, don't bother emailing me that you're putting it
on you're website, just make sure you follow the simple a to d rules above.

Warning: This document is protected by copyright law and international

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(Only sites that actually host the file are put here, not sites that hotlink to
the file.)
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Some other sites may have it on their site, but don't bother emailing me about
them because this is the FINAL version so the guide WONT get updated.

NOTE: Whenever I update the guide, it will ONLY be submitted to gamefaqs.com

My other guides on GameFaqs.com:

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| <___| <___/| 2. - Warning! | <___| <___/|
| ___| ___/ | ___| ___/
| <___| <___/| | <___| <___/|
|_____|_____/ |_____|_____/

If you attempt to use ANY of these glitches, you run the risk of messing up
your PC, game or scenarios beyond repair. Use at your own risk. I shall not be
liable in any way for loss or damage of any kind resulting from using the
information contained in this document, this includes but is not limited to
loss of goodwill, game stoppage, game failure or any type of malfunction.

So don't come crying to me when your computer blows up!

NOTE: I have added warnings to any glitches which may cause undesirable affects
to your system, but as in any case, the execution of any glitch in any
program may result in any kind of damaging or none damaging affects to
your PC, you, others around you, your friends and your bum chums. ;)

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| <___| <___/| 3. - Glitch? Why? | <___| <___/|
| ___| ___/ | ___| ___/
| <___| <___/| | <___| <___/|
|_____|_____/ |_____|_____/

As Empire Earth has so many glitches, I thought making an FAQ on it would
be helpful to other people. Glitches can also be fun, odd, satisfying and
adventurous. Some glitches in this guide are more useful than others, playing
with each one of the them can be tremendous fun!

Keep in mind that ALL glitches in Empire Earth, also work in Empire Earth:
Art of Conquest Expansion pack. Also, you can mess up the stories and triggers
in the campaigns that come with the game too! :-p

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| <___| <___/| 4. - FAQ Update History | <___| <___/|
| ___| ___/ | ___| ___/
| <___| <___/| | <___| <___/|
|_____|_____/ |_____|_____/

Started FAQ....................................................03rd August 2004
Completed/Submitted FAQ......................................05th November 2004
Started Updates..............................................12th November 2004
Finished Updates................................................30th April 2005
FINAL Version Released............................................24th May 2005

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| <___| <___/| 5. - List of Glitches | <___| <___/|
| ___| ___/ | ___| ___/
| <___| <___/| | <___| <___/|
|_____|_____/ |_____|_____/

A. - *Blockaded Productive Buildings*

-1. Select a citizen.
-2. Lay a wall foundation surrounding an enemy's productive class building
(barracks, archery, cyber factory etc)
-3. Make sure every tile/square surrounding the specified building is covered
with a wall foundation.
The enemy will no longer be able to create units, such as infantry,
horses, archers, tanks, siege, cybers. Etc.


NOTE: This trick does NOT work on airports.

ASCII of glitch:

// // - a foundation, without a building inside it.
// //

Glitch FAQ: (extra)

Q. There's no walls in Prehistoric/Stone Age epoch, how can I do it?
A. Any type of building works, use all the buildings available to place your
foundations around the specified building.

Q. Sometimes it doesn't let me build there, it just shows as red and I cant do
it, why?
A. There may be several reasons;
1) An enemy unit such as a citizen may be standing on that tile.
2) You've already placed a foundation on that tile.
3) Your on separate islands, you can't place foundations over islands.

Q. Ahhhh, the enemy did it to me... how can I get rid of it?
A. Simply use an attack ground command surrounding your building which you
cannot build units from.

Q. Does this glitch work on your own allies?
A. Yes, useful if you're thinking of backstabbing an ally. (You suck if you


B. - I) *2 or more Heroes*

- If you didn't know, you're only allowed to have one hero at a time.

-1. Have at least 30 idle citizens available at your disposal.
-2. Build 2 settlements, we'll call them Settlement A, and Settlement B.
-3. Populate both settlements with 5 citizens each, so the settlements
become town centres.
-4. Start creating a hero at one Town Centre A, then populate Town Centre A
until it becomes a capitol. Then at Town Centre B, the hero button
should be enabled, click it.

B. - II) *Even More Heroes!*

-I don't recommend attempting this until you've completed the 2 heroes

This is the same as the 2 Heroes glitch, but you'll require more things.
Extra things you'll need for many heroes:
-At least 1500 Food.
-At least 1500 Iron and/or Gold.
-At least 80 idle citizens.
-More settlements.

The only difference this time is, you populate every town centre to a
capitol which has a hero being produced in it.
So here's the pattern, Populate, build, Populate, Populate, build etc

To make your life easier don't have settlements, populate all your
settlements up to town centres.

|TIP For |
|EE:The Art of Conquest Players:|
While choosing your civilization, choose the Expansionism power, this makes
your citizens build town centres instead of settlements.


C. - *Wall Interception*

This trick is excellent if you want to get through tough enemy walls as
quickly as possible, here's how you do it...

-1. Build 4 walls next to the enemy wall.
-2. Make a gate, delete it, delete it again if its still there.
-3. You now have one hole to enter in to the enemy's base.

This trick must be performed on flat terrain, and not in to any gates.
Because you cant make gates on sloped terrain, and gates are not

TIP: The only way this glitch can be fought is fitting in as many gates as
possible, because gates are not interceptable, plus they have more HP.

Here is a bird's eye view step by step example of how the glitch is performed.

1. You're army has come to a wall, crap. :(

|enemy wall|
| | |_| | |
/YOU'RE\ |_| /ENEMY\
\ ARMY / |_| \BASE /
| | |_| | |
| |


2. You've built 4 wall blocks next to the enemy wall using a citizen. :)

|enemy wall|
| | |_| | |
/YOU'RE\ ________|_| /ENEMY\
\ ARMY / |_|_|_|_|_| \BASE /
| | / |_| | |
YOU'RE |_|
WALL |_|
| |


3. You've clicked one of your walls and clicked the Gate button! :)

|enemy wall|
| | |_| | |
/YOU'RE\ ________|_| /ENEMY\
\ ARMY / |_|#####|_| \BASE /
| | / |_| | |
YOU'RE |_|
GATE |_|
| |

4. You've deleted your gate and made yourself a hole! :-D

|enemy wall|
| | |_| | |
/YOU'RE\ |_| /ENEMY\
\ ARMY / _ \BASE /
| | |_| | |
| |


5. You're army now rushes through the hole to 0wn the WTFed!? enemy!!!1111 =]

|enemy wall|
.,. |_| WTF!?
.,#,. |_| /
.,##,. |_| | |/
YOU'RE ARMY---> .,###,. |_| /ENEMY\
.,##,. _ \BASE /
.,#,. |_| | |
.,. |_|
| |


D. - *Free Resources*

-1. Check the hotkey of a unit, for this example we'll use a citizen,
hover over the create button, and in brackets it will tell you its
hotkey, for a citizen its C.

-2. While still having your Capitol selected, place your mouse over the
scroll, which is used to tribute (top left). Press C, then quickly
click, so it accesses the tributes menu.
Tribute all your food to any enemy/ally, then click CANCEL. You will
now have gotten back your 50 food which your citizen costs, because the
game didn't know you had just bought a citizen before you quickly
accessed the tributes screen.

Also, this trick can be done with almost any unit or building.
If you need wood, you can either use siege OR;
-a. Place an expensive building to the top left of your screen, click build
then quickly click the tribute button.

- Hold shift to start building 5 units at once, this way you can get free
resources 5x faster!
- Choose the Just In Time Manufacturing power (AoC Expansion ONLY) then
click the JIT button on the building, hold shift and press the hotkey of
the unit then tribute really quickly, and you'll get 5 free units! :)
- If you practice this glitch enough, you don't even have to collect any
resources at all, and you'll be able to win with it every time.
- Whatever you do, do not let your resources hit 0, because you need some
resources to do the glitch. If this does ever happen to you, request the
resource you have none of from one of your allies.
- You can see that you've done this glitch in the game statistics at the end,
the resources spent is drastically low.


E. - *Paired Speed*

This makes slow units, copy fast units speed, so if you have some heavy
artillery, and some fast tanks, you can make the siege go as fast as
the tanks.

-1. Select your army, lasso all of it.
-2. Go to the area you want your army to travel to.
-3. RIGHT-CLICK and HOLD IT DOWN, a little yellow arrow should appear, let
go and your units should all go the speed of the fastest unit in the
army is going, then face the direction you left the yellow arrow
-4. Repeat the process for any area you wish your army to go to.

TIP: If you have a large slow army, just get one fast unit, and all your
slow units will go the speed the fast unit is travelling at. :-D

WARNING: This glitch may not work in Single Player, only other modes.


F. - *Infinite Airplane Fuel*

This glitch is most useful on very large maps, when you want to get
closer to the enemy.

-1. Build another airport far away, where you want your airplane to start
-2. Set a rally point from your old airport to your new airport.
-3. While the planes are travelling there (they won't actually get there
without the glitch) select each plane and right-click the new airport
you want the plane to land at. The planes fuel will zero.
You can click ANY airport ANYWHERE on the map where you want your plane
to go to.

TIP: This is most useful with nukes and bombers as they are slow, and don't
have much fuel.


G. - *Farm Scanner*

This glitch is good for checking the corners of the map and other long
distance trips without having to send any units to the location.

-1. Select a citizen
-2. Click the farm icon
-3. Now scan the map with the farm (without actually building it) and if any
parts of the farm show red in empty terrain, then there is an enemy unit

Other Things You Can Use This For:
-Checking where the enemy armies are
-Checking if a resource is available to be taken
-Checking if the enemy has built an airport or not. (The shape of an airport
is very distinctive, its very long, and it hard to conceal from this
scanning trick. Always remember, airports always face towards the centre of
the map.
-Checking what resources the enemy has taken, thus eliminating what type of
units the enemy may have. e.g. If the enemy only has iron, the could only
have infantry or tanks, or both.
-Useful for finding camouflaged units, or better yet invisible units that have
been glitched! Use the Attack Ground button to get these buggers!
-See where their entire wall is without actually sending a unit to check and


H. - *Unlimited Tempest Range* (Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest ONLY)

-1. You need to be in Digital Age or higher so you can build the tempest.
-2. Build your Tempest from the Cyber Laboratory.
-3. Build a box out of walls, by about 6x6, make a gate, then place your
tempest inside the box.
-4. Lock your gate, now if the glitched worked, you should be able to
create an anti-matter storm, on any part of the map which hasn't got
the fog of war on it. (blackness)

It has also been bought to my attention by Green Cobra that you can create an
Anti-Matter storm across space, to other planets, but he/she says it doesn't
always work.

Here is an ASCII to show you:
|KEY: |
| [] Wall |
| [[ Gate Post |
| = Gate |
| X Tempest |

[] []
[] X []
[] []
[] []


I. - *Big Mouth Crasher* (Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest ONLY)

-1. When in-game, bring up the chat box, by pressing the Enter key.
-2. Completely fill up the chat box, with what ever letter you wish, you
need to fill up all 255 spaces. Use copy and paste to be quicker!
-3. When you cant type anymore, press enter and you will see a 1 line chat
message across the top of the screen, 1 to 4 seconds later, your game
should automatically close.

Its just like pressing Alt + F4, but faster!
Doing this, can sometimes also crash your PC in the process, so use at your
own risk.

ANOTHER WARNING: Some peoples PC's respond differently to this glitch, on rare
occasions, some people's PC reboot and start giving errors.

Don't start emailing me if your PC breaks.


J. - *Rub Off Cloaking* (Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest ONLY!)


-1. While picking your civilization, choose the power Cloak.
-2. Let your Capitol cloak power up to at least 75.
-3. Build a building which you wish to create your cloaked unit,
-4. Get your self a stop watch or timer.
-5. Create a unit, and time how long it takes for it to be created.
-6. When you've got the time of how long your unit takes to get created, you
need to time it at the exact moment the cloaking of the capitol ends so
your unit is created at the time same time.
-7. If the glitch has worked, the unit will look like it has camouflage,
then move the unit out of the cloaking area so it stays cloaked.

REMEMBER; Cloaking Power Lasts for 19 seconds in real time on Very Fast Speed.

~ Middle Age Epoch Table ~
| Name of Unit | When to Press Cloak & When to Build the Unit |
|Citizen (12) | Cloak 7 seconds BEFORE building a citizen. |
|Long Sword (14) | Cloak 5 seconds BEFORE building a long sword. |
|Pikeman (14) | Cloak 5 seconds BEFORE building a pikeman. |
|Knight (18) | Cloak 1 second BEFORE building a knight. |
|Cataphract (18) | Cloak 1 second BEFORE building a cataphract. |
|Trebuchet (23) | Cloak 4 seconds AFTER building a trebuchet. |
|Crossbow (41) | Cloak 22 seconds AFTER building a crossbow. |
|Longbow (16) | Cloak 3 seconds BEFORE building a longbow. |

~ Industrial Age Epoch Table ~
| Name of Unit | When to Press Cloak & When to Build the Unit |
|Citizen (12) | Cloak 7 seconds BEFORE building a citizen. |
|Grenadier (17) | Cloak 2 seconds BEFORE building a grenadier. |
|Sharp Shooter (42) | Cloak 23 seconds AFTER building a sharp shooter. |
|Medic (13) | Cloak 6 seconds BEFORE building a medic. |
|Elite Guard (23) | Cloak 4 seconds AFTER building a elite guard. |
|Dragoon (18) | Cloak 1 second BEFORE building a dragoon. |
|Imp Cuirassier (18) | Cloak 1 second BEFORE building a imperi cuirassier. |
|Bombard (25) | Cloak 6 seconds AFTER building a bombard. |

~ Modern Age Epoch Table ~
| Name of Unit | When to Press Cloak & When to Build the Unit |
|Citizen (12) | Cloak 7 seconds BEFORE building a citizen. |
|Marine (17) | Cloak 2 seconds BEFORE building a marine. |
|M2 Tank (21) | Cloak 2 seconds AFTER building a M2 tank. |
|127mm AT (17) | Cloak 2 seconds BEFORE building a 120mm AT. |
|Artillery (25) | Cloak 6 seconds AFTER building a artillery. |
|Sniper (41) | Cloak 22 seconds AFTER building a sniper. |

Table Information:

-These details are for units that DO NOT have build time decrease
-These were worked out on Very Fast game speed
-I have picked out the most popular units
-These are purely estimates and may not be accurate to the millisecond
-The figures have been revised for accuracy
-The bracketed figures beside the unit name is the build time
-Don't email me if something in their is wrong, I don't care


-1. While picking your civilization, choose the power Cloak AND Just in Time
-2. Let your Capitol cloak power up to at least 75.
3. Build a building where you wish to create your cloaked unit,
-4. Get your self a stop watch or timer.
-5. Press cloak and start your stop watch at the same time.
-6. When 19 seconds is nearly up on your stop watch, use Just In Time
Manufacturing to instantly build your unit at the 19 second mark.
-7. If the glitch has worked, the unit will look like it has camouflage,
then move the unit out of the cloaking area so it stays cloaked.

This glitch is difficult to perform, and it nearly impossible without a
stop watch.
If you have successfully performed the glitch, the unit should appear
transparent, and the enemy will not be able to see it, no matter what.

WARNING: If you Re-Cloak any Eternally Cloaked Unit, it will return to
normal. So make sure you send your Eternally Cloaked units out of
range of your capitol.

TIPS: If you make LOADS of invisible medics, join them in your army and your
army will be much harder to kill, and the enemy will be like WTF!?
But if the enemy has siege, your cloaked medics will be killed along
with your infantry.

If you want to make your unit absolutely impossible to find/kill then
place it in one of the enemies farms, or if you have pathfinding, on
a cliff! :)


K. - *Infinite Fanaticism* (Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest ONLY!)

> Requirements:
-Fanaticism Power
-Crusader Power (only available in epochs IV-VI)
-Barracks + Resources

-1. Choose your civilization powers; Fanaticism + Crusaders.
-2. Build a barracks and some infantry. (Crusaders)
-3. As soon as each of your infantry has been built, make them fanatic (F),
they should now have turned white, and be permanently in the fanatic
Heal your soldiers for maximum affect.


L. - *Planes Into Space* (Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest ONLY)
Discovered by Mosquito

So, cant get your planes to travel through space? Well, there is a way to fly
planes from one planet to another! Thanks to Mosquito!
This glitch is very similar and uses the same concept as the "Infinite-
Airplane Fuel" glitch.

-1. When in WW1 or later epoch, have 2 airports on separate planets.
-2. To transfer your planes to another planet, release your planes from the
airport on the planet which you want to move your planes from. Then
delete ALL airports on that planet when all your planes are out flying.
-3. Once your airplanes have run out of fuel on your "airportless" planet,
they will fly to the nearest airport, which in this case, is on another
planet. They will then take the fastest route across space and any other

______ _____,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,______ _____
/_____//____/| /_____//____/|
| ___| ___/ | ___| ___/
| <___| <___/| 6. Unknown/NA/Undiscovered/Crappy/Rare Glitches | <___| <___/|
| ___| ___/ | ___| ___/
| <___| <___/| | <___| <___/|
|_____|_____/ |_____|_____/

Here I have listed glitches which aren't as effective as other glitches listed,
and/or do not give some kind of advantage on the battle field in some way. Many
glitches described here are graphical glitches (glitches were the graphics go
wrong) and miscellaneous glitches.

This section is also here to provide readers with every glitch available, and
to prevent you, yes YOU from emailing me about new glitches that I already
know. And it's also for the interest of everyone reading the guide. ;)


A) Free Crop
It is said that if you build a granary before picking your civ, whilst your
choosing your civ, the resources are off screen and cannot be deducted by the
cost of the farms so they are built for nothing. :)
If you did it right if should have only cost you the granary (125 wood)
This is an excellent starter move to get your economy growing!
Or so they say....
NOTE: This will only work in Multiplayer mode.


B) Engineering Gold
There is a glitch to mine gold super fast using engineers, but I haven't done
much research on it yet, it may be added to the guide in the near future.
We shall see. Thanks to only1rebel for reminding me about this.


C) Dolphin Swimming in Mud
If you go to the scenario editor, and make a lake with a dolphin in it, cover
it all with Cracked - Earth in the scenario editor, make the ground all around
the lake Cracked - Earth too. Test it, and you should be able to make the
dolphin swim through the cracked earth which is 0 ground height.
Haven't added this glitch yet, because its totally boring and it only works in
the scenario editor. This glitch might only work in AoC Xpack, I don't know.

Note: This was figured out by someone else, if you remember where and when you
said you found it, I'll add your details, just email me.


D) I Building Mutation
If you and an ally build a building the same size e.g. 2x2 tiles or 3x3 on
exactly the same space, and the citizens start to build it at exactly the same
time they will build together as one building. I found this glitch myself
accidentally, its very difficult to perform, that's why it belongs in this

E) II Build the Wrong Building
BenKetriel has informed me that a citizen can build another players building
accidentally, for example if the enemy builds a settlement right where you've
placed your stable, your citizen starts building the enemies settlement
instead of building your stable.


F) Floating Units
This can only be done in scenario editor, using Create/Remove triggers with an
airport. You make a huge mountain, set an area where the airport is created by
the mountain, so it cuts into the mountain.
Its a very long complicated glitch which is difficult to explain without using
pictures or examples to refer to. If you want to find out how to do this, then
you'll have to play with scenarios which have it done in them. Do NOT email on
how to do this, because I do NOT have a guide or know where one is to do it.


G) Unit Creation Blockage
This is a glitch I invented myself; you know those scenarios where units get
created e.g. hitman, tower defence and other campaign scenarios. Well you can
stop these units being created, simply by placing a building over the
tiles/area where they are created, but don't actually have to build it, just
have the foundation there. For example, if you knew where some enemies
were going to be created, you'd place a farm there instead, and they wont be
created! :) You could say this was another use of the Blockaded Productive
Buildings glitch. Its basically the same glitch, just used in another way.
But be warned, this glitch does do weird things to scenarios, but it's funny to
see what happens! :-D Have fun! =]


H) Civilization Steal (AoC EXPANSION ONLY)
This isn't exactly a glitch, but more of a mistake... but I'm putting it in the
guide anyway just encase anyone wanted to know. It allows you to view any
players civilization bonuses from a saved game.

Only the host can save the game though, while in the game go to Menu
(top left), and click Save Game, save it as anything you want.
The default folder for Saved Games is:
C:\Sierra\Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest\Data\Saved Games\
When you have saved the game, (should say at top of screen "Saving game as

Navigate to the folder-
C:\Sierra\Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest\Data\Saved Games\
and find the Saved Game you saved, use dates of creation if you cant remember
what you saved it as. When you have located the file, right click it and COPY
it. Now go up a directory and go to:
C:\Sierra\Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest\Data\Scenarios\
Paste the Saved Game, and rename the .sst extension to .scn so its now a
scenario type file.

Run EE:AoC Expansion, Go to Tools > Civilization Builder and choose the bonus
Adaptation (should be near the top) Save it as "!Adapt" Exit the Civilization
Builder back to the Main AoC menu. Now go to Scenario Editor.

Once the Scenario Editor has loaded, load the scenario you just put in the
scenarios folder. Go to the Players menu, (A head at the bottom of the screen)
Then click tab at the top PlayerScreen 2. Find who you were when the game was
saved, and under the Civilization column next to your name select the Civ

Now Click the Horse Icon at the bottom, and put loads of settlements in a
corner of the map of the players civilization you want to steal (if you
steal an allies, make sure you change the diplomacy settings).
Now place loads of priests of whatever player you were in the game.

Now Test the Scenario, and convert all the settlements until you no longer
receive any new bonuses, click the Crown Icon top left, and you'll see the
players civ of whatever they had, minus the Adaptation.

This glitch is especially used to check if a player is using a Hexadecimal
created/modified civilization.


I) Campaign/Scenario Cheat (Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest ONLY)
By snoopy_femme[at]yahoo.com


Using this will let you see everything in scenario, cheat in it, and let you do
other things you cant usually do so when you play it for real you know what to
expect and can do it quite easily.

1. When in the scenario you're stuck on, simply Save the game from the menu by
clicking the scroll at the top left, or pressing F10. Click the button -
[ Save Game ] save it as something you'll know, preferably the scenario's name.

2. Exit the scenario that you just saved the game in, go back to the main
EE:AoC menu, click Tools > Scenario Editor, when it has loaded click the Test
button (bottom right of screen) green tick icon.

3. Once the blank map has loaded, go to the menu (press F10) and click -
[ Play Saved Game ] on the list find your scenario and load it.

4. Now type one of the following cheats in the chat box:

Type in to chat: Effect:

display cheats Views all available cheat commands.
my name is methos Master cheat; recieve 100,000 of each
resource, visible map, instant building,
fully upgraded units.
somebody set up us the bomb Win game.
ahhhcool Lose game.
friendly skies Refill fuel of all airborne planes.
all your base are belong to us Recieve 100,000 of each resource.
the quotable patella Fully upgrade units.
brainstorm Instant building.
columbus View all animals.
boston food sucks Recieve 1000 more food.
you said wood Recieve 1000 more wood.
rock&roll Recieve 1000 more stone.
atm Recieve 1000 more gold.
creatine Recieve 1000 more iron.
headshot Remove ALL resources from map.
the big dig 0 all your resources.
slimfast 0 your food.
uh, smoke 0 your wood.
mine your own businness 0 your stone.
boston rent 0 your gold.
girlyman 0 your iron.

Note: This glitch CANNOT be used to advance through scenarios in the games
inbuilt campaigns, unless you repeat the scenario without cheats properly.

Submitted by snoopy_femme[at]yahoo.com


J) Scenario Hack, and Trigger view
Similar to the glitch above, but more difficult but more rewarding! And this
also works in normal Empire Earth unlike the above which only works in the
expansion pack.

- Save the game via the menu by pressing [ Save Game ] button.

- Quit the game

- Navigate to folder:
C:\Sierra\Empire Earth\Data\Saved Games
or if you're playing AoC Expansion pack
C:\Sierra\Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest\Data\Saved Games

- Find the saved game you just made and move it to folder
C:\Sierra\Empire Earth\Data\Scenarios
or AoC Xpack:
C:\Sierra\Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest\Data\Scenarios

- Rename your Saved Game extension .ees to .scn
For example MyGame.ees will change to MyGame.scn

- Run EE/AoC once again; load up the Scenario Editor via Tools on the main menu

- Click Load Game folder (bottom right) find your scenario and load it.

- You're saved game will now load IN TO the scenario editor enabling you to
view everything including, triggers, effects, units, terrain etc which will
help you when you actually play the scenario for real without any cheats...


K) Frozen In Time
By Drew Hill

This glitch allows you to freeze your units, basically disabling them
permanently. And maybe used as a decoy on the battle field.

What you'll need:
-Nano age epoch or higher
-A Hades cyber from the cyber laboratory

When your Hades cyber has charged up so it can do a timewarp spell, find a
unit which you want to freeze in time, I prefer large units like artillery
and tanks because the enemy sees them much easier/quicker.
Cast the timewarp spell on your unit, a purple ball will fly to the unit
and make it glow purple, quickly DELETE the unit whilst its glowing purple.

The unit should now be frozen, it shouldn't EVER move, and you'll never be
able to click it or use it again.

It's best to do this on the battle field, because the enemy might try
attacking it and be like, WTF!?

And don't worry, once you've deleted it, your population will go down

You can't even unfreeze the unit using the "Unfreeze" command in the
Scenario Editor.

This works on ALL units except airborne units, these just make fire on the
ground for along time, lol.


______ _____,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,______ _____
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|_____|_____/ |_____|_____/

Anyone who emails me any of these questions WON'T get a reply. And I may just
delete all emails that come from you in the future, and if necessary, block the
email address your using.

1. - *My Game Broke you !!!*

I kept using glitches then my game broke, I even reinstalled it and it still
DOESN'T work!! Bla bla bla, moan moan moan, cry cry cry, *having tantrum*.

Your answer:

Did you read section "2. Warning"?


2. - *Cloaking Glitch is Impossible!*

I cant get this stupid glitch to work *complain, rant* etc

Your answer:

No. Your doing it wrong. And stop emailing me.


3. - I cant get x glitch to work!!

I cant get x glitch to work, no matter what I do, moan moan etc..

Your answer:

Read through it and make sure you have the required requirements to perform
the glitch. Unless its in Section 7, it definitely works its just your lack
of intelligence and/or your clumsiness and laziness of properly reading the
bit on how to perform the glitch which is stopping you.
Oh, and you may be stupid enough to be attempting to produce a glitch which
has Empire Earth: Art of Conquest ONLY in Empire Earth, idiot.


4. - Are you a noob?

Hey are you a noob at this game?

Your answer:

Yes, I admit. I am in fact very poor at playing this game. Most likely the
result of not playing it much.


5. - Can I post this guide on my website? (www.SomeSiteWivOutDisGuide.com)

Hi I'd like to post this brilliant FAQ on www.SomeSiteWivOutDisGuide.com
Do I have your permission?

Your answer:

See section 1. - Copyright/Distribution Info


6. - x glitch is so !

x glitch is so , why did you even put it in the guide you
god you're such an

Your answer:
I've used my own judgement to decide what glitch belongs where, I also get the
privelege of doing this as it is, MY guide.

Oh and I'm also blocking your email address, ciao. ;)


7. - What's your home address?

Hi, I was just wondering what your home address was.

Your answer:

I don't give out ANY personal information to ANYONE EVER, across the internet.


8. - I know a glitch that isn't in your guide!

I know a glitch that isn't in your guide! The glitch is xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx
xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx. Will you put it in your guide?

Your answer:
No you don't know a glitch that ISN'T in this guide, if you do its probanly a
useless one that nobody really cares about. And the guide is FINAL so I'm not
updating it anyway, stop emailing me you pest!


9. - I used glitches and this happened!

I was having fun using the glitches I found in your guide, and this and that
happened, so now I and them can't do this and that. Please help!

(replace this/that/them with your problem caused by using the glitches)

Your answer:
Read section 3. Warning!
If dissatisfied, I am not in anyway contracted to help you and you're problem.



Got any hacks for this game? Keygen? Cracks? No-Cd? Download link?

Your answer:
Stop breaking the law.

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|_____|_____/ |_____|_____/

Me - for creating the guide
Stainless Steel Studios - for creating Empire Earth
Mad Doc Software - for creating Empire Earth Xpack
Sierra - for publishing Empire Earth & Xpack
Rick Goodman - for playing a major part in EE's creation
CJayC - for having this guide on GameFAQS

_ _ - noticing mistake in B. Multiple Heroes
Ryan Purdy - submitting some glitch information
Mosquito - discovering the planes into space glitch
BenKetriel - submitting Build the wrong building glitch
snoopy_femme[at]yahoo.com - informing me about the scenario glitch in 7.
Drew Hill - discovering/submitting Frozen In Time glitch
Green Cobra - submitting some glitch information

My EE Community Mates - what made me happy on EE/AoC :) ;) :p

Listed in order of appearance:

{UWA} Megadeth - EE Guru, worshipped by many
{UWA} Stonewall - Consistent ever trying warrior
{UWA} 7r011 - Mean machine with no heart but to
own all
{UWA} Goober of Death - Adolescent fighter with no brain
{UWA} Omega - Great guy, never gives up, owns neffy
Frost - Porn addicted murderer, rejected by
Xtotre - Lack of keyboard, loved picking on
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Mepa - Political being, soon to rule the
dark kingdom - No words can describe him
Rocky/Tripple X - Best Booming Airwhore, turned to the
Wraith & Cortana - It's better to have loved and losed
than to have never loved at all.
Godallmighty - Always in the wrong place at the wrong
Linux - Oblivion wannabe, great rival
Leafytrain - Friendly guy, never managed to get to
the obsessive level of the game
AussieWayne - Married husband, with annoying kids
Sabriel - World class liar, middle age addict
DoGGy - Glitching victim, banished from game
and beloved clan, now owns on "WoW"
Any others I forgot - Ask yourself why you're not on this

You - for reading my guide

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