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Empire Earth: FAQ (гайд по мультиплееру) [Eng]

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Multi-Player Strategies Ver. 1.2
Released: - MAY 16, 2002
Updated : - NOV 20, 2003

Table of contents:-
1.0 Version history
2.0 Introduction
3.0 Choosing a civ.
3.1 Booming
3.2 Rushing
4.0 General Strategies
5.0 Building a base
5.1 Booming
5.2 Rushing
6.0 Defensive Strategies
6.1 Land
6.1.1 Booming
6.1.2 Rushing
6.2 Sea/Naval
7.0 Offensive Strategies
7.1.1 Booming
7.1.2 Rushing
7.2 Sea/Naval
8.0 Unit Upgrades
8.1 Booming
8.2 Rushing
9.0 Wonders
10.0 What do you call them? The people you thank? Credits, you'll find them
11.0 “Must read”’s (short section, with my email, what you can request, quick
tips, where you can find this guide, little else)

My email is
1.0 Version History

Ver 1.0:
- released: May 16, 2002.

Ver 1.1: updated:
- fixed a few spelling mistakes
- added version history to contents
- added sites which contain this guide + you can request to receive future
updates directly to your email.
- due to a request I have added my email to the top of every section (which
isn’t what was quite requested but I hope it is suffiecient)
- tried to make it easier to find the sections you look for
- added booming and rushing strategies (well waiting to get some rushing
- some naval strategies added.

Ver 1.2:
- added more rushing strategies, thanks for sending the emails.
- Removed my email from the section tops, i thought it was annoying.

Ver 1.3: (unreleased)
- Hoping to have a section in each of off/deff/building strats dedicated to
air, land
and navy. But it looks like I'll have to seal this guide off. I've begun
yet another.
- Hoping someone will want to continue to update this for me :)


2.0 Introduction

This isn't my first time I write a strategy guide, but it is
probably the first one you've seen. Anyways, these are strategies you can
use to screw your friend up in Multiplayer, make him lick your @$$, and
buy you a beer. wait, I'm underage for that, and my beliefs don't
allow it. whatever, the point being I give you the basic principles
to follow if your a fool, or take and improve upon if your a

strategist. If you want me to hold your hand and walk you through all the
single player missions, play your multiplayer games and beat your friends for
you and let you take all the credit. your looking in the wrong place. And if
you got any strategy you think will work and want people to know, you can send
it to me ill post it and add your name letting people know it was you.

Empire Earths an awesome, in-depth, time consuming strategy game.
unlike ALL other strategy games. when they tell you melee doesn't harm
shock, THEY MEAN IT. You can have one unit keep killing hundreds of
units (if you keep heeling it) and not die; on the other hand you can have
100 units and have 20 kill them all without you killing one of them.
You can also upgrade units' armor-type, attack damage, range, health,
speed, area damage, etc. Singularly. How do I mean? Buy the friggin game,
play it and you'll see.
But basically, you can either upgrade snipers to have increased range
and damage, or speed and health, or armor some speed and some health.

Empire Earth Ups:
(These are my personal views and the views of some of my friends)
Strategy like never before, you can use unit upgrades, choose
civilization bonuses as you will.
Unit formations look cool

its hard to really abuse any one type of unit. so handicap strategies
don't work here, so anyone who plays with numbers look somewhere
Game play is extremely consuming, you feel like your actually there
AI is excellent
Graphics? Don’t know everyone says they kick, I think I've seen better
(Did I miss something? other than some units look cool)

Empire Earth Downs:
(These are my personal views and the views of some of my friends)
It can get really confusing, when trying to pick upgrades, how am I
Supposed to know what's melee and what shock is, I'm not going to memorize it
From the learning campaign! They should've added txt messages on mouse
Roll over the unit build icon.
Unit formations are pretty much useless, other than the first 3-4.
The circle and V formations are useless, more or less.
I said it's hard. not impossible. to abuse units. (Ill
Explain later)
It can become one long game, as you have to kill every citizen, and on
Giant map. that's mad. it can become so long you'd get bored of
Playing regardless of how consuming it is.
AI can be TOO GOOD at times. like they know where your base is on the
Map without having any units in LOS of your bases.
UMmm? Do we still MINE resources? And why do you need wood in the
Nano age? What happened to oil? One more complication, yes it is, but the
Game would have been much more realistic with it.
Graphics? Well Whit dint they add rotation? Make the building 3D and
Add rotation. that's piss off. and in the nano age one of the
Heroes has guns which look like paper cutouts. that and I think the
Terrain is a pattern repeated over and over. and it looks kind of crappie for
Terrain, maybe on a poster in a shrink’s office. not in a game as
Terrain. (But really is the terrain that important?? no!)

Ok it may seem as though it has more downs then ups. well it doesn't
It’s just that to describe the ups. I CAN’T DESCRIBE THEM. but the
Downs. well most games specially strategy are down nowadays. so
It’s easy to describe because you've probably seen all the downs b4.

And one last thing I wanted to add in the intro.
I'm sick of seeing these long walkthroughs and FAQs and crap. so im going to
try to make this simple and short as possible. and I suggest if
you seriously want to learn, get a bag of chips, or some thing. A coke,
turn your A/C on. Put a sign up at your door telling people to go piss
off for 2 days or some thing. and sit down. play versus a computer. 2
on 2 preferably. and save after building a base. and start trying
out your ideas with several other stuff. it’s the only way you can
figure out strategies. or play some other simple game like AOE2 and
figure out strategy basics there b4 shifting to EE. even then there's a
lot more to do in EE than any other strategy game. this is the loner way
of doing it, the better way is get your friends and you to bring your
computers to either of your houses to shack up there for a week or so,
and play against each other.


3.0 Choosing Civilization bonuses

Here's another cool thing in EE. you can choose your

Civilization bonuses singularly with a limit of 100 points, different bonuses
Costing different points. You can choose to focus one unit and get as many
Bonuses as you can that unit type (for e.g., Anti-Tank tanks) but points
Needed for a bonus increase as you take bonuses for that same category,
Again, for e.g. AT tank +armor cost 3 points (I don't know hoe much it
Actually cost but I couldn't care, principle is what I'm after here) and
+attack cost 3 points. but after taking +armor for AT-tanks the cost
For +attack will increase for e.g. To 5 points. but taking bonuses
For AT-tanks won't increase the cost of bonuses for Anti-Personnel tanks
Or infantry, as such.

*** 3.1 Choosing CIV bonuses for Booming Strats ***

When you boom, you need to focus more on a balanced approach for all units, get
resource upgrades for all unit’s as you are likely to build an army consistant
of tanks/cavalry perhaps some infantry. Airplanes and heli’s. artillery and
even sea in maps with water. So you have to focus on getting a little for each
of them unless you decide to focus on one unit, even then chances are you will
get the bonuses for other units as well.

Bonuses to take no mater what epochs you play in:
- %15 to pop cap: - pop cap is the maximum number of units possible you
Can build, assuming you choose 300 to be pop cap per player, this will
Give you an extra 45 pop. I'll tell you what this is used for l8r, but
You must remember taking this cost 9 points, and that's not a lot, not
Really at least, not for its purpose it isn't.

- 20% stone mining: - this is also important, as stone is the most used
Resource for defending, walls towers and wonders. and it appears to me
That it is the hardest resource to find (which is weird since id think
Stone is found anywhere) you may not think this bonus is worth it but
Trust me ill let you know l8r why it is worth it.

- 15% gold mining: - don’t know really why I suggest taking this, I guess
because Practically through the whole game you'll be using it, no matter what
Epoch you decide to play in. and maybe because gold's supposedly the most
valuable resource we know. seriously, you'll need this for
Much of the units and for practically all the researches you'll be taking

- 15% iron mining: - hell don't take this if you don't want it, but I
Don’t recommend dropping it, especially in the atomic epochs and after
Them, earlier you'll need iron. But apparently iron is the most available
Resource on most maps I have played. But if you’re going to play in the later
Epochs, you definitely got to take this, because everything needs it in the
Later epochs.

(*note*:- taking iron, stone and gold bonuses cost you 49 points,
That’s HALF of the total points available dropping any one can free up to
About 25 points, so it can be smart to give one up, depending)

For epochs Prehistoric to Imperial:
This will depend on your liking, but generally, try to take build time
Decrease for as many units as you can. Take cost reduction for the most
Expensive units and\or the units you plan on using most. I suggest
Taking range bonuses for ranged units, extra damage for sword units, and
Extra armor for melee. I don't advice taking anything for archers because
They only last for the first 5 epochs or something like that. For any
Epoch if you're a fan of siege weapons, take extra range and damage, area
Damage as well if it's available. As for barracks units, well if your
Going to spend your time building an army of infantry, well take speed, because
Without much cavalry getting around, specially on a giant map, can be
Frustrating. You should also take armor, attack and range according to

What strategy you will use and depending on the person you're playing
Against. but if you got enough points take attack and armor.

For Epochs Imperial to Nano:-

Ok, again, this is strategy and depending on your strategy you choose
What you want. Generally you should take tank bonuses, because your
Army will probably consist of tanks mostly, unless your and infantry
Lover. In which case take infantry bonuses. You should also consider air

As for the tanks, I suggest range and damage, this way if its tanks
Vs. Tanks you'll get to hit the enemy earlier or at the same time as
Your enemy with more damage. To counter this strategy, take armor and
Speed. This will mean his hitting you earlier will last for a shorter time

As you'll get to his tanks faster, and their hits won't be as hard as
Without the armor. You can also use this for hit and run strategies with
Small groups, as they'll move faster and die harder :)

And for infantry, really you should balance between infantry don't
Just focus on one type because this is practically useless. But I suggest
You take armor; build time decrease and speed, armor so that tanks have
An even harder time killing them, build time decrease so that you can
Get reinforcements faster and speed so that they can get to their
Destination faster.

And finally aircrafts.
For bombers I suggest taking +area damage and +flight time and
, if you wish, armor. You won't need extra attack for bombers as they
Already got a HUGE payload, you won't need speed as that isn't so important
Really, why would you want bombers to go faster? They'll GET hit and
Shot down no matter how fast? And they'll get to their destination sooner
Or later so just sit tight and wait for them to get there, cost
Reductions fine if you want, build time decrease is retarded but again if you
Want it, fine. (Really I mean, what more can you ask for after a nuke
Which does more area damage? And the flight time, so you can reach a wider
Range of destinations). And for the aircraft fighters, take flight
Time, wouldn't you hate having to refuel in the middle of a dog fight?
And for aircraft fighters I other than flight time, which you cannot
Give up; I say you should take as many of the bonuses as you can. Speed,
If anyone wants to attack it, hehe well he's going to have to catch it
First. Range; attack an enemy before he can attack you. Hit points, guess!
For you idiots out there, so that your plane lasts longer than the
Enemy’s aircraft. Cost reduction; build time decrease, 2 words: 'cheaper
And faster'. Attack, umm well guess again! Again for you imbeciles, so
You do more damage. Helicopters, well these do have an unlimited
Flight time. Again, like with aircraft fighters, take as much as you

And for nano age, lets not forget cyborgs, ok, I'd appreciate if
Anyone’s got any idea about cyborgs, how they're used, and strategies that
Include them, because seriously I don't use them, well I do but I've never
Thought of taking any bonuses for them. (I mean they come in the last
Epoch only, so it’s not really worth it to me) so in the mean time I guess
Figure out what to take, because no ones going to tell you how to do
Everything in a strategy game.

Now, you should be done choosing a cave. I suggest saving it so that you
Can use the same combination without forgetting anything, and then l8r if
You learn some thing you like and want to change then again, delete your old
civ. And make the new additions and save your new civ.

*** 3.2 Choosing Civ bonuses for Rushing Strats ***

Rushing bonuses depend on what unit you decide to rush. For example if it is
with the archer, you will pick up faster build speed, cost reduction, attack
and perhaps range and speed. And then take gold and wood gathering bonuses.

(I do not rush, so my rushing civ bonus picking will be incomplete. I’d
appreciate if anyone has a strategy that works when picking civ bonuses. I’ll
give proper credit as well)

civ bonuses to take in the earlier epochs:
foraging/hunting: as this saves up the usage of wood for building farms. This
should be sufficient to get you enough food for your army and then rushing.

Citizen cost reduction: since again you will need citizens to build and collect
resources for you. By taking this you save food to get either more citizens or
for your army.

Cost reduction of any unit: take this depending on the unit you will use. As it
saves resources so that you can build more of them with the same amount of

Build time decrease of any unit: again, take this for the unit you plan on
rushing with. This will allow you to get a large army faster.

As for gold, wood, iron, food and stone bonuses; choose them according to what
your rushing strategy requires you to take. i.e for archers take wood and gold.
For airplanes/tanks take iron and gold.


4.0 General Strategies

What are general strategies you might ask? Well they're strategies
You’d probably use in all strategy games, not just in EE. To begin with,
I've played Stracraft, warcraft2, age of empires, brood war, and age of
empires2, warzone2100 and now empire earth maybe one or two more that I
cant remember and one thing I seem to realize lots of people forget to do, that
is that they attack with an awesome army but forget but forget defense, so
generally when you attack. At the beginning of your attack your attack army
should be smaller, about 1/2 you defending army!
Why? Simple, because not everyone you play with will spend his time
defending only, some people do attack as well as defend, so the last thing
you want is to have no defending army. Your attacking army will
probably get killed many times over :) but you wont feel at too big a
loss, replacing them will be easy and fast. your enemy may be stupid
enough to think your attacking army is all you had and attack you all
out in which case you'll hurt, but hell hurt more. then after
attacking several times with increasing size of army each time. When you begin
to realize you are weakening you enemy and he is using less and less
units to defend, then you switch strategies. You send in most of your
defending army, and begin to build/train/purchase new units because your
units are more than most likely going to die. now read that carefully, I
said send in MOST not ALL your defending army.

Another thing, you should build more than one base, have 2-3 bases no
more, each with a unit producing building, a conyard/towncentre/etc,
defensive structures and resource collecting. this is imperative.
especially against advanced enemies (this wont be easy if they're advanced
and know what they're doing, they wont give you much chance to build
more than one base)
Also have many units working on resources; you see it works like this
in most strategy games. winner is one who has better strategy. skills.
if competitors have about same level of skill, or their skills pretty
much even themselves out, then winner is one who manages to attack over
and over again and again, without hurting much in economy. This means
that it turns from strategy to who can outlast the other resource wise,
or else it'll never end the game.
Be a good sport and when you lose, just say it, the guy who beat you
thought faster, played harder, smarter, better. don't use those crap
excuses (oh the mouse wasn't working), and don't give any reasons (oh
he got lucky, because his base was surrounded with mountains...) even if
they're true.


5.0 Building a base

Really, this is where even I'm at a loss in EE. I can beat all the
people I've played when it comes to player speed. really I can, I can
beat them at the game too, and any other strategy game they name. Really
I can do that too. does that make me unbeatable? No, I've been
beaten, many times, but I've won many more. I can build a base in no time in
AOE2, it can take me time but once it's built it counts in starcraft. I
can have 1/4th the map in warcraft2 in no time. But when it comes to
EE??????? Don’t know, I've tried everything, but the damned computer still
does it faster. so I’ll tell you some of the ways I've tried, you can
try them, improve them and lemme know what you come up with, or if you've got
your own way, send it to me. ill add it with your name tagged to
it. anyways here's how I'd do it.

*** 5.1 Booming; building a base ***

first, you have to understand the principle of populating. get as
many camps and populate them with 5 people minimum. At least one camp for
every resource patch. No more than one camp per resource patch.
Then use those to put citizens 6 on each resource patch. Keep the first
camp you got to make 5 (or more) extra villagers to build up a base and
making villagers to expand to have at least 2 of each other resource
(*note*:- if you aren't playing with reveal map, before training 5
citizens, train 5 scout dogs and order them to explore so you can find more
resource fields)
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