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Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest: FAQ (Special Powers) [Eng]

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Empire Earth : The Art of Conquest - Civilization Powers FAQ
By Oblivion
E-mail: Oblivion_ee hotmail.com
Copyright 2003-2005 Oblivion

This FAQ was first started on 21/03/2005.


0. - Table of Contents

0. Table of Contents
1. Copyright/Distribution Info
2. About Powers
3. FAQ Update History
4. The Powers & This Guide
5. FAQ About Powers
6. Top 10 Powers
7. Credits


1. - Copyright/Distribution Info

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without prior written permission.
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Warning: This document is protected by copyright law and international

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2. - About Powers & This Guide

Powers are special abilities that you can have while playing the game. They
are only available in Empire Earth Expansion Pack, it's one of the new features
in the game.
Some powers are more offensive or defensive than others, some are
considered vital, whilst others are seen to be pointless. There are 23 powers
in all, some only work in specific ages, whilst others work in all ages. Their
civilization points cost differs, usually depending on the impact the power
will have on your civilization.
The main purpose of powers is to give you an edge to the game, you must use
this edge wisely for maximum effect and it may be that power you chose that
wins the game for you.
This guide will explain every power in detail and their effectiveness on
the battle field, giving you a good idea which power will be most useful for
you at the start of the game.

Viewing the powers information:


..-^~~~^-.. !? <-- means it was borrowed from ascii-art.de
.~ ~.
(;: :;) <--A drawing which is somehow related to the power
(: :)
':._ _.:'
| |
| |
| | 0. (The number it is on the powers list)
| |
((/ \)) *OBLIVION* (The name of the power)

(The cost in civ points for this power) Costs: 50 Civ Points
(The Epochs this power is available in) Epochs: MODERN -> SPACE
(How offensive this power is) Offensive: 10/10
(How defensive this power is) Defensive: 10/10
(Its overall rating) Overall: 10/10
(Its hex code in .civ files) Hex Code: 1337
Description: (A description of the power)
A devastating mega-nuclear blast which obliterates every unit including
yours on the map, all buildings on the map have their HP halved and firestorms
occur across the map randomly for 5 minutes.

(NOTE: This power is fictional and is not available in the actual game.)



3. - FAQ Update History

*started on 21/03/2005 \
*finished on 21/03/2005 > Version 1.0
*submitted to gamefaqs.com on 21/03/05 /

*modified entire layout \ Remains Version 1.0
*resubmitted to gamefaqs.com on 22/03/06 /

*(18/06/05) \
*fixed odd mistakes \ Now Version 1.1
*touched few sections up > Yay!
*added more detail to a few powers /
*added few ASCII images /

*(04/10/05) \
*added hex codes for each bonus \
*FAQ about powers section updated \ Now Version 1.2
*fixed all the power title/info spacing / :-)
*added fictional power help /
*added more ASCII pictures /

*(03/11/05) \
*ascii-art.de ascii's clearly stated \
*updated some ascii images \ Now Version 1.3
*fixed some spacing issues / W00t. ^_^
*added "Credits" /
*added indents to paragraphs /

*(25/12/05) \
*fixed spellings/grammer \
*fixed contents splitter bars \ Now Version 1.4
*modified a few other things / Done & dusted!
*fixed stupid mistake in Slavery power /
*added a bit more content in places /


4. - The Powers!

1. - Adaptation
2. - Advanced Mining
3. - Bundeswehr
4. - Camouflage
5. - Cloaking
6. - Conquistadors
7. - Crusaders
8. - Cyber Ninja
9. - Emissaries
10. - Expansionism
11. - Exploration
12. - Fanaticism
13. - Flaming Arrows
14. - Insurance
15. - Just In Time Manufacturing
16. - Market
17. - Metallurgy
18. - Missile Base
19. - Paratroopers
20. - Pathfinding
21. - Priest Tower
22. - SAS Commando
23. - Slavery




Costs: 15 Civ Points
Offensive: 1/10
Defensive: 4/10
Overall: 3/10
Hex Code: F906
Enables you to have the enemy's powers and civilization bonuses by
converting settlements or town centres.
1 settlement/town centre converted = one bonus stolen.
A very long and painful process, not really worth it. It has been used well
in diplomatic games where someone temporarily unallies someone to convert a
town centre to take their powers. Can work well in Prehistoric epoch games as
religion is powerful at that time.
Very fiddly power, difficult to use but can work on some occasions.


, ,
\ 2. /
|| ||
C:::::::::::|| *ADVANCED MINING* ||:::::::::::>
|| ||
/ Costs: 25 Civ Points \
` Epochs: ALL `
Offensive: NA/10
Defensive: NA/10
Overall: 4/10
Hex Code: EF06
Enables faster mining, and lets you have 7 citizens on 1 mine, instead of
the usual 6. Not the best of powers, but can be useful if you want huge amounts
of iron/gold/stone for planes or towers. May only work best in no rush type




Costs: 5 Civ Points
Offensive: 4/10
Defensive: 6/10
Overall: 3/10
Hex Code: F206
Lets you convert citizens to crappy weak partisan for 40 iron. The only
special thing about it is that it's instant...
I can't see any use for this, as it kills your economy in the process. One
good thing about it is that it's only 5 civilization points! But also greatly
increases the cost of the powers if you want to add them to your civilization.




Costs: 25 Civ Points
Epochs: ALL
Offensive: 8/10
Defensive: 3/10
Overall: 6/10
Hex Code: F106
Allows idle military units to become cloaked automatically. Also works on
the battle field as the enemy cant see your units unless up-close. Very
effective power if combined with the correct military units. Doesn't apply to
all units.



Costs: 25 Civ Points
Epochs: ALL
Offensive: 0/10
Defensive: 10/10
Overall: 5/10
Hex Code: F806
Cloaks your town for 19 seconds. Cloak button is on capitol. Can be life
saving in some situations, but as its limited to only your capitol it is
totally useless in the offensive sector.
Best used on no rush islands games. This power is vital to achieve the rub
off cloaking glitch; see Glitches FAQ.


| !?
+ \ 6.
.>' (_--.
_=/d ,^\ Costs: 5 Civ Points
~~ \)-' ' Epochs: MIDDLE -> INDUSTRIAL
/ | Offensive: 8/10
' ' Defensive: 8/10
Overall: 6/10
Hex Code: FB06
Allows cavalry to have a HUGE Line of Sight, and can be temporarily
increased a little for a small amount of time.
Most useful in deathmatches, but can be a pest as units auto attack what they
Great power if used well. And its only 5 civilization points, bargain!




Costs: 15 Civ Points
Offensive: 8/10
Defensive: 3/10
Overall: 5/10
Hex Code: E906
Changes your infantry to glowing infantry, which can convert enemy units,
difficult power to use, rather poor and underpowered power.
Very fiddly, not many people use this but it is needed to produce the
Infinite Fanatiscm glitch, see Glitches FAQ;



Costs: 15 Civ Points
Epochs: SPACE
Offensive: 7/10
Defensive: 2/10
Overall: 3/10
Hex Code: F606
A cloaked ninja-women that can temporarily disable buildings using her
"logic bomb". She is built from the barracks. She also has a sword which isn't
very good as basically everything in space is using lasers by then.
Not the best of all powers, but can be fun to use.


__ 9. __
/_/\/\ /_/\/\
\_\ / *EMISSARIES* \_\ /
/_/ \ /_/ \
\_\/\ \ Costs: 20 Civ Points \_\/\ \
\_\/ Epochs: ALL \_\/ !?
Offensive: 7/10
Defensive: 3/10
Overall: 4/10
Hex Code: EB06
Instead of priests being built from your temple, emissaries are, exactly
the same as priests except they are camouflaged, meaning they are invisible to
the enemy unless a unit is close enough to them.
VERY annoying to the enemy, are a lot of hassle, but can be put to good use
if the user is good with them. Not recommended for newbies.


_____ 10. ___
,-``"_____"``-, ...(___)...
((((___ ___)))) *EXPANSIONISM* ,.`___ | | ___`.,
|`-.___`-`___.-`| | /.:.:| |:.:.\ |
`-.____.____.-` Costs: 30 Civ Points | \____._.____/ |
Epochs: ALL |`-.___( )___.-`|
Offensive: NA/10 | V |
Defensive: NA/10 `-.___-+-___.-`
Overall: 10/10
Hex Code: FA06
By far the most useful power available, it makes it so you only build town
centres instead of settlements, a must have power if you plan on building a
large base. It increases, citizen production, resource gathering rates, these
are two main things which are vital to have a good economy.


.+--+.. 11.
/ N \\
|W o E|| .-. .-.
| ' || Costs: 5 Civ Points / /_/ /|
\ S // Epochs: ALL /_ /_/__//
\____// Offensive: 4/10 |()|/|()|/
Defensive: 2/10 `` ``
Overall: 5/10
Hex Code: EC06
Reveals large area surrounding capitol for 1 second, used for maps which
have blackness all over them (fog of war).
Limited power, but very effective if used with a rush and you need to find
your resources and the enemy's location fast!



>__< *FANATICISM* >__<

Costs: 15 Civ Points
Epochs: ALL
Offensive: 8/10
Defensive: 4/10
Overall: 7/10
Hex Code: EA06
Makes infantry attack larger for a certain amount of time, but cuts 20% of
HP whilst doing so. Can be repeated. This can work very well using the correct
kind of infantry, best used with grenadiers. Overall nice power.
A devastating power if used in large numbers, but long range siege can kill
fanatic infantry.


\\\\\___________________\"-._ 13. _.-"/___________________/////
/////~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/.-'` *FLAMING ARROWS* `'-.\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\\!?

Costs: 25 Civ Points
Offensive: 6/10
Defensive: 3/10
Overall: 5/10
Hex Code: E606
Allows bowman to fire one flaming arrow when it has enough power. Can work
in large numbers, but generally not very useful in the battle field. Best used
on walls/towers in Standard Variant games.




Costs: 20 Civ Points
Epochs: ALL
Offensive: NA/10
Defensive: NA/10
Overall: 4/10
Hex Code: ED06
You get a small sum of resources every time you lose a unit/building. The
sum is VERY small and not really worth it, this power can work but is a joke
compared to the other powers available. And it only works when you lose stuff,
so it's totally useless without losing stuff to begin with...


( ) ( ) 15.
|- ' -|
\_,_/ Costs: 20 Civ Points
/___\!? Epochs: ALL
Offensive: 5/10
Defensive: 5/10
Overall: 6/10
Hex Code: FC06
Allows you to instantly build any unit at a building, for double the price.
Very handy if you're being attacked by one type of unit. E.g. being attacked by
bombers, instantly build fighters or being attacked by fighters, instantly
build Halftrack.
Great power in no rush games. Not so good in Deathmatch because you have to
wait 2 minutes before it lets you use it.


___ 16.
_,.-"` `"-.,_
/ |\/| /| *MARKET*
||'"``` ```"'|ii| Costs: 20 Civ Points
||IIIIIIIIIII||ii| Epochs: World War 1 -> Space
||IIIIIIIIIII||ii| Offensive: NA/10
||IIIIIIIIIII||i/ Defensive: NA/10
|_____________|/ Overall: 8/10
Hex Code: F506
A small expensive building which you can trade any resource for another.
Most useful if your lacking a certain resource. Best used in no rush type
games. Commonly used to get stone quicker for wonders or towers.




Costs: 30 Civ Points
Epochs: ALL
Offensive: NA/10
Defensive: NA/10
Overall: 6/10
Hex Code: EE06
Lets you use iron & gold simultaneously, as one resource. Superb for
rushing with, and most likely its primary use. Many people get confused on how
to use this power, it is AUTOMATIC meaning if you overspend your iron the game
will automatically start using your gold that you have available. There is no
seperate button you press to enable it, it is all automatic.
Best in short-term, not so good in the long-term.


,' |
18. / :
__/ /
/ Costs: 15 Civ Points __/ /
Epochs: DIGITAL -> SPACE )'-. /
Offensive: 10/10 ./ :\
Defensive: 3/10 /.' '
Overall: 8/10 /
Hex Code: F706 '/' !?
Allows you to build a missile base to create missiles. The missiles just
need the "Line of Sight" of anything to hit it. Kills nearly anything in one
hit. A very lethal power, totally devastating to navy's and fleets. Nothing
can stop a missile hitting ships.
Missile batteries (built from tank factory) can destroy a missile in one
hit though, this is the only defence against them.


' ' ' '
' ' ' ' ' '
.-'`'-. 19. .-'`'-.
(_______) (_______)
\ | / *PARATROOPERS* \ | /
\ | / \ | /
\o/ Name: Paratroopers \o/
-|- Costs: 15 Civ Points -|-
/`\ Epochs: World War 2 -> Space /`\
Offensive: 9/10
Defensive: 2/10
Overall: 8/10
Hex Code: F406
For a large sum of 320 iron, food and 100 gold you can build a plane which
can drop a bunch of marines in an enemies base. This power is DEADLY if used as
a rush on an islands map.
You can enhance this power by adding cost reduction/build time decrease/-
speed on Aircraft - Bombers of your civilization.
This is an excellent power if used in the correct manor, and is the #1 power if
you enjoy "eco-killing".




Costs: 25 Civ Points
Epochs: ALL
Offensive: 8/10
Defensive: 2/10
Overall: 6/10
Hex Code: F406
Walk through trees, forests and up mountains where other ground units cant
reach. Most useful before renaissance age, because guns shoot into trees or up
mountains. Commonly used with bowman or crossbows hiding in trees or on top
of mountains shooting at units which cannot reach them. But beware, barbarians
can travel through trees, but not up mountains!


.-, .-,
8` | `8 21. 8` | `8
`-.+.-` `-.+.-`
| | *PRIEST TOWER* | |
|\_/| |\_/|
|\___/| Costs: 30 Civ Points |\___/|
|\___/| Epochs: ALL |\___/|
|\_____/| Offensive: 4/10 |\_____/|
|\ | | /| Defensive: 9/10 |\ | | /|
`-,_,-` Overall: 9/10 `-,_,-`
Hex Code: E806
A tower which costs gold and wood to build. It converts any unit within
its range to the owners side. The range of the towers increases later in the
game, so space age has very large range priest towers. The only way to block
priest towers is by building a University. This power is considered to be
overpowered, mainly because the towers are quite cheap to build, and they
don't stop converting units even if your are over population limit. Best used
in prehistoric or stone epoch where universities can't be built..
Prophets quaking them seems to be the only counter in Prehistoric/Stone age.


__ __
()__)+.-. 22. ()__)_.-.
_.-' ()__) _/] _.-' ()__) _/]
// _.-' .---)\_ *SAS COMMANDOS* // _.-' .---)\_
//`--;` \_!? //`--;` \_!?
Costs: 15 Civ Points
Epochs: World War 1 -> Space
Offensive: 7/10
Defensive: 4/10
Overall: 7/10
Hex Code: F306
Infantry costing only 40 gold & iron, they plant bombs and can take out a
building with 2-5 bombs.
They can SWIM as far as they want, and are great for sneaking up the back of
enemies islands, good eco-killing too.
But beware, if the enemy has a large air force or tanks, they will be easily




Costs: 10 Civ Points
Epochs: ALL
Offensive: NA/10
Defensive: NA/10
Overall: 3/10
Hex Code: E706
Gives you a free citizen at capitol every time an enemy loses a citizen.
Good in the very short term, useless in the long term. Observe:

1st enemy citizen death = 1st citizen received at capitol
2nd enemy citizen death = 2nd citizen received at capitol
4th enemy citizen death = 3rd citizen received at capitol
8th enemy citizen death = 4th citizen received at capitol
16th enemy citizen death = 5th citizen received at capitol
32nd enemy citizen death = 6th citizen received at capitol
64th enemy citizen death = 7th citizen received at capitol
128th enemy citizen death = 8th citizen received at capitol
256th enemy citizen death = 9th citizen received at capitol
512th enemy citizen death = 10th citizen received at capitol
1,024th enemy citizen death = 11th citizen received at capitol
2,048th enemy citizen death = 12th citizen received at capitol
4,096th enemy citizen death = 13th citizen received at capitol
2,048th enemy citizen death = 14th citizen received at capitol
8,192th enemy citizen death = 15th citizen received at capitol
16,384th enemy citizen death = 16th citizen received at capitol
32,768th enemy citizen death = 17th citizen received at capitol
65,536th enemy citizen death = 18th citizen received at capitol
13,1072th enemy citizen death = 19th citizen received at capitol
26,2144th enemy citizen death = 20th citizen received at capitol

and so on..

By viewing that, we can see you get 7 free citizens for killing 64 enemy
citizens, totally worthless!

On very rare occasions, this power can come in handy, for example in "slut"
rushes. "Slut" rush is the slang term used to rush the enemy with very
few military units minutes into the beginning of the game. Useless in the


5. - FAQ About Powers

Q - Is having at least one power in every game vital?
A - No, you don't always need to have a power, for example "rushing" an enemy
doesn't always require a power. But 90% of the time, a power is necessary
to give you a good advantage of winning.

Q - In you're opinion, what is the overall best power?
A - Expansionism. Because it helps your economy grow faster than any other
power available, and it's available in ALL epochs.

Q - In you're opinion, what is the overall worst power?
A - Emissaries. This a poor power because converting units is a very long
fiddly process. Nearly every other power available is better than this in
all aspects.

Q - Are there any hidden powers, or ways to combine two powers?
A - No, but my Glitches FAQ reveals how to use some powers in odd ways.

Q - Is there anyway to hack the game and edit or make my own power?
A - Yes, you can. But I cannot give any information because you would be
breaking the license agreement you agreed to upon installation of the game.

Q - Why are some powers only allowed in certain epochs?
A - Because you're not exactly going to have paratroopers in the prehistoric
age are you? Or have missile bases in Middle Ages, are you?

Q - Is there any hax related to powers? If so give them to me!
A - NO NO NO NO. Email me regarding hax and I'll block your email address!
For extra information, try looking at my other guides for Empire Earth;

Q - Powers are [Insert Opinion Here]!
A - I honestly do not care what your opinion is, if you have the irresistible
urge to give your opinion about what you think about the powers in the
game, please feel free to email Mad Doc. (The people who made them)

Q - You're bias about this bit in the guide.
A - If I strongly agree with you, I'll change it, if not, go away.

Q - This bit in the "Top 10 Powers" section is incorrect!
A - They're listed in order of MY opinion, don't like it? Then don't read it.
Or make your own guide which outshines mine.

Q - Which power is the most annoying to the enemy?
A - Priest Towers, or Emissaries.

Q - Which power has the shortest and longest names?
A - Market and Just In Time Manufacturing.

Q - Which power is spelt wrong by most english people?
A - Bundeswehr.

Q - What is that glitch you can do to make invisible units with the Cloaking
A - All info regarding glitches are in my Glitches FAQ. -

Q - Your ASCII pictures (pictures made from text) suck ass! You suck ass!
A - Send me a better ASCII of what I did and I'll admit I'm poor at drawing in
text. And I'll put your ASCII with your name in there instead.


6. - Top 10 Powers

Here is a list of 10 powers, in order starting from the best (1) to 10th
best. I have listed them in my opinion, usefulness, popularity, effectiveness
and overall advantage given on the battle field.

# 1. Expansionism
# 2. Priest Towers
# 3. Metallurgy
# 4. Camouflage
# 5. Paratroopers
# 6. Market
# 7. Conquistadors
# 8. Fanaticism
# 9. Missile Base
# 10. SAS Commando


7. - Credits

Me - for creating the guide
Stainless Steel Studios - for creating Empire Earth
Mad Doc Software - for creating Empire Earth Expansion Pack
Sierra - for publishing Empire Earth & the Expansion Pack
Rick Goodman - for playing a major part in EE's creation
CJayC - for having this guide on GameFAQS.com
You - for reading my guide
End of Document
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