English FAQ

QUESTION: Which spells (instead of basic) my heroes can possess?

ANSWER: When advancing to Level 5 in magic your hero gets access to the mixed color spells. In order to make them work your hero should possess crystal of different colors in particular proportion (see the "Magic system" section of the game manual for details).


QUESTION: How can I know what color of magic field surrounds my hero and what is the probability of his spells to work?

ANSWER: Open the "Spells" tab of your hero's Inventory window. Active spells are marked by the white frame. If you point the mouse cursor to the spell picture, you will see pop-up message containing information about this spell and its current status for the unit. Also see the "Unit window/Spells" section of the game manual for details.


QUESTION: I selected mixed-color spells for my unit. Will it use only them from now on?

ANSWER: No. You need to tune field color around youê unit in order to let him use pure-color and mixed-color spells simultaneously. But units can't use spells of different mixed-color simultaneously (the only exception is using mixed-color spells simultaneously with white, but it happens quite rarely). Also see the "Magic System" section of the game manual for details.


QUESTION: My hero knows spells of the particular color and possesses necessary amount of crystals. Why can't he cast spell in battle?

ANSWER: You hero's field is obviously spoiled by the external field. The external field can be either a feature of the landscape or be generating by your enemies' crystals. Try to change crystals proportion and/or amount your hero possesses and check the result using his Spells window.


QUESTION: Sometimes my units strike with enormous power. How can I control this?

ANSWER: Such strikes called "critical". The moment for the critical strike is selected randomly. Two-handed weapons have the most probability of the critical strike in game, ranged weapons have the least. Natural magic strike are never critical.


QUESTION: I want to report a problem (the game doesn't start or work properly).

ANSWER: Send an email to this address Please provide as many information as possible:

Brief description of the problem

Screenshots and saved games.

Saved games located at: \Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\Stranger\Players\INGAME NAME\

Screenshots located at: \Stranger\Media\Screenshots\

Log file (found in \Stranger\)

DXDiag report (run DXDiag.exe from your PC and save the results).