Etherlords cheats (English)

'Etherlords' +29(39) cheats, Cracked By CyberMan, 18.11.2001

Press '~' to open console (the same for remove console too), type
'EtherRevelation' and press 'Enter'. Now you can use the codes from following

Code Effect
1. Adventure-mode codes
open_fog Remove fog of war
hide_fog Place fog of war back
lose Lose mission
win Win mission
save Quick save
load Quick load
player Info about players
give all Gives 15 of all resurces except ether
view resources Info about resources

2. Combat-mode codes
lose Lose battle
win Win battle
view_hand Shows enemy hand
hide_hand Hides enemy hand
swap Swaps you and enemy
view army Info about your army
view hand Info about your hand
view players Info of combatant
view spells List of all spells and creatures 4-char
codes. Used into following codes
add spell <4-char code> Instantly adds spell defined by 4-char
code to your hand. Ex: 'add spell TIWR'
add creature <4-char code> Instantly adds creature defined by
4-char to your army. Ex: 'add creature
change health Change the amount of your hero's health
to defined number. Ex: 'change health
change mana Change the amount of current hero's
mana to defined number. Ex: 'change
mana 100'
change links Change the amount of hero's mana links
to defined number. Ex: 'change links
change enemy
Change the same values for your enemy's
hero. Ex: 'change enemy health 1'

3. Unresearched codes
- For adventure-mode:
view heroes ? (What printed info means?)
open_tomb ? (Crash game!)
test ?
set ?
net start ?
net connect ?
net host ?

- For combat-mode:
spec ? (What printed info means?)
disenchant ? (Crash game!)
view creature ? (Crash game!)