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F1 2011: Трейнер (+9) [1.0|Retail] {CH}

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Using this Trainer
Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu. Listen for "Activated".

Numpad 1: Super Acceleration
Numpad 2: Super Brakes
Numpad 3: Freeze Racers
Numpad 4: Super Spinout
Numpad 5: Always First
Numpad 6: Freeze Timers
Numpad 7: Unlimited Flashbacks
Numpad 8: One Lap Races
Numpad 9: unlimited KERS

Numpad 1: Super Acceleration - each press effectively doubles your speed. Hold
key down for effect as well.

Numpad 2: Super Brakes - press key down to instantly stop on a dime.

Numpad 3: Freeze Racers - toggle on and off to lock opponent cars into position.

Numpad 4: Super Spinout - press key to send opponent cars flying in spinouts.

Numpad 5: Always First - Forces you to win the race no matter what your 'real' position.
This is intended for normal races, not time trials, practices and any other mode
which may not follow the standard 'your position/total positions (eg. 05/24)'

Numpad 6: Freeze Timers - Kills all counters such as those found in time trial events.
This is NOT intended to cheat laptimes which may be submitted to online servers!

Numpad 7: Unlimited Flashbacks - Allows infinite usage of flashbacks during a race. If
you have depleted all of your uses, this code will make sure you regain the full

Numpad 8: One Lap Races - Reduces races down to much more manageable lengths, removing
boredom and repetitiveness. You need to use this a certain way (and NOT during
a race). Before the race starts (on the menus) you should be presented with a
slider which lets you select the race length (number of laps). Activate this code,
then move the slider (anywhere, it doesn't matter!) then de-activate the code, and
hit to start the race. When in the paddock, you can confirm the new, shorter,
length of the race by checking the HUD. Now race away!

Numpad 9: unlimited KERS - Toggle on to keep KERS full
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