Factorio: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 04.04.2017] {Bristow}

Описание и инструкции


Беск. Залежи Руды
Беск. Топливо
Беск. Боеприпасы
Мгновенный Крафтинг
Мгновенная Добыча
Беск. Ресурсы
Беск. Предметы


Запустить игру
Свернуть, запустить Cheat Engine
Открыть таблицу в программе
Выбрать процесс игры
Активировать необходимые функции

Комментарии (1)
This table is intended for Factorio version 0.14.21
-Table made by Bristow
-Not tested on Multiplayer
-Not tested with Mods
-Script explanations also in comments in Table Extras
-I use static addresses instead of AOBScans, but if people have issues I could make an AOBScan version
Any script that says Must Show Bytes below it must show the bytes on the lower address before it will activate. The game generates some of the codes as needed and may not be loaded when the game first starts, so some waiting may be required.
Infinite Ore Deposits:
-Ore deposits never decrease when mined by player or drills
No Fuel Consumption:
-The red fuel bar in any applicable machine never goes down
-Works on burner inserter and burner miner drill, boilers, all furnaces, cars, tanks, and trains
Infinite Ammo:
-Works for players and turrets, with anything but Rockets
-Works for both magazine types in vehicles, but no cannon shells in the tank
Instant Crafting
-Works in all production buildings except water pumps, pumpjacks, and drills
-When the green progress bar fills, it will not reset to zero which produces one item per tick without consuming extra resources
Instant Mining:
-Similar to Instant Crafting but this works only on drills, water pumps and pumpjacks
-When the green progress bar fills, it will not reset to zero which produces one item per tick
Instant Research:
-Instantly completes research
-Must have at least one lab with one of each required science pack inside
-Labs do not need to be powered for this to work
-Research packs are not consumed
Number of Items in Hand:
-The number of items that stack to your mouse pointer when placing tiles
-Recommended to set hotkeys so you can just pick up an item and set it to any number
-I was having a hard time finding a consistent pointer for hotbars so I liked this better