Fallout 3

Fallout 3: Трейнер (+14) []

Описание и инструкции

Cheat Functions

[Num 0] Бессмертие
This is a combined option which will make you impervious to all damage. Also,
you will suffer no radiation effects and will have infinite AP.

[Num 1] Подводное дыхание
This will give you an unlimited supply of oxygen so providing you have the
above code on you can swim forever with no problem.

[Num 2] Носить любое количество вещей
This hack will ensure you can carry as much as you want without getting over
encumbered. This will take effect as soon as you drop or pick-up something.
After disabling the hack, everything will return to normal.

[Num 3] Супер скорость
Activate this to be able to travel about 3 times faster than normal. This
will effect you swim speed too. Crouch once to activate it.

[Num 4] Супер прыжок
Activate this to be able to jump about 5 times higher than normal. Why 5x?
Well the jump in this game is so low anyway as standard, so I altered it
by quite an amount! There is quite a oool side-effect of this hack. When
you jump you will land in mid-air, as if it is the ground level. This
gives you a decent 'look-out' spot to shoot or observe from. Simply move
forward a bit to fall down to normal ground level.

[Num 5] Получить 1000 XP
Use this to add 1000xp. You need to activate this hack and then enter
the pip-boy device to visually see any change, but it is there. Kill
an enemy after reaching the next-level amount, and you will level-up.

[Num 6] Добавить 100 Karma
This option explains itself. Adding Karma will make you 'good'.

[Num 7] Отнять 100 Karma
As above, only this time lowering your karma, and making you 'bad'.

[Num 8] Добавить 1000 Caps
This will add 1000 to your bottlecap currency. See the pip-boy interface
for visual confirmation. Or just visit a shop and buy/sell something.
You have to make a trade before you can add a further 1000.

[Num 9] Заморозить патроны/вещи. Их количество не будет менятся
This option will freeze all of your items and ammo at their current
amounts, so you never have to worry about running out. Thats it.

[F1] Отремонтировать оружие
Each time you press this, it will repair your currently equipped weapon
by an amount. You can choose how much you wish to do this yourself.

[F2] Скилл поинты не кончаются
Use this after levelling-up, to assign as many skill points as you want.
Make sure you disable it at some point though, because you can't advance
unless you expend all skill points on that screen.

[F3] Очки атрибутов не кончаются.
See the above option, because this works the same way.

[F4] Поднять лимит уровня до 100
The game has a level cap of 20. Use this to raise it up to 100 so you
can get a little more fun out of the game. This does not save, so you
will need to re-enable this when you restart the game.

[F6] Сохранить позицию
Use this to save your current location in the game world, and restore
it with the option below. Note: You cannot save between areas.
Best used in the open wasteland probably, or a large dungeon.

[F7] Восстановить позицию
Use this in conjunction with the above code to restore your location.
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