Fallout Shelter


Fallout Shelter: Редактор сохранений / Save Editor [1.6.1] {FSSE Win & Android}

Описание и инструкции


FFSE Win очень прост для редактирования сохранений Fallout Shelter.

Но самая важная вещь: оно НЕ требует никаких технических навыков:

  • Никакой другой компьютер не потребуется в процессе редактирования, все изменения касаются только Вашего устройства.
  • Расшифровка и зашифровка Убежища не требуется.
  • Редактировать JSON не требуется.

Текущая версия: 1.4.2
В настоящее время поддерживается версия игры: 1.6.1

{Первый способ. Упрощённая версияКак использовать?

  • 1) Запустите ваш редактор на PC.
  • 2) Выберите Убежище, которое хотите отредактировать.
  • 3) Что-то исправьте.
  • 4) Сохраните изменения.

{Второй способ. Все функцииКак использовать?

  • 1) Запустите ваш редактор на PC.
  • 2) Загрузите Убежище и нажмите "Удалённое редактирование" (Remote edit).
  • 3) Запустите FSSE (Версии v1.4.2) на Вашем устройстве на базе Android.
  • 4) Выберите удаленное редактирование и введите IP, показанный в редакторе, или отсканируйте QR-код на экране.
  • 5) Отредактируйте Убежище в своём телефоне.
  • 6) Сохраните изменения и ожидайте, пока редактор FSSE Win и FSSE Android не закончат свою работу.

Что я могу редактировать?

  • Крышки, энергию, еду и воду.
  • Антирадины и стимпаки у жителей в Убежище.
  • Хранилище Убежища (Добавлять предметы/животных).
  • Добавить легендарных и редких жителей в ваше Убежище.
  • Создавать кастомных жителей.
  • Изменять номер Убежища.
  • Копировать/размножать жителей.
  • Добавлять предметы (Оружие и костюмы) в ваше хранилище Убежища.
  • Выполнять задачи.
  • Редактировать животных (Например имена и бонусные эффеткы).
  • Изменять страницы "Руководства по выживанию".
  • Изменять время вашего Убежища. 
  • Редактировать жителей:
    • Имена и уровни
    • S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
    • Причёску, цвет кожи и цвет одежды
    • Тип причёски и усов/бороды
    • Инвентарь
  • + И много другого.

Чейнджлог (Перевод начиная с последних двух)
Версия 1.4.2:
Улучшение: Редактор совместим с версией 1.6.1.
Улучшенная версия апдейта: Удаление лимита животных на комнату и Убежище.

Version 1.4.1:
Update: Remove crap items from dwellers fixed.
Update: Set time spent in wasteland fixed.
Update: Return exploring dwellers fixed (note: quest teams aren't supported).
Added: Set stimpacks and radaways for all dwellers.
Added: "Remote editing" feature, which allows the PC editor to use the features of the Android editor.

Version 1.4:
Update: Editor item database updated to FS v1.6 (1 new outfit and 7 new weapons).
Update: Some compatibility bugs fixed.
Update: Online game item database and CSVs updated.
Added: Added 2 new lunchbox types (starter pack and nuka cola qunatum).
Added: Added option to edit nuka cola quantum.
Added: Option to export vault stats and inventory as CSV.
Fixed: Some bugs.
Removed: Option to edit stimpacks and radaways of exploring dwellers (due to structure change, will be readded in the future in a different way).

Version 1.3.2:
Fix: Lunchbox edit screen not working.
Other enhancement for the auto update mechanism.

Version 1.3.2:
Added: CSV exporter extended (more options for exporting: room name, exploring status, SPECIAL).
Added: Custom amount of lunchboxes.
Added: Browse button, requires a file explorer to work.
Added: Game Vault bakup restore feature (restore bkp files made by the game itself).
Added: Button to abort all babies (turn pregnant dwellers into non-pregnant dwellers).
Added: Added buttons to change time spend in wasteland for all the exploring and individual dwellers.
Added: Option to change vault style (Edit vault info menu).
Added: Online and Offline (CSV) databases of items, outfits, pets and dwellers (rare and legendary).

Version 1.3.1:
Added: Option to dump dweller data into a CSV file ("Edit dwellers" -> "Export dweller data to CSV" on the bottom).

Version 1.3:
Updated the item database to the current version of the game (v1.5).
180 weapons (1 new), 156 outfits (20 new), 23 legendary dwellers (1 new).
5 new facemasks (images not updated).

Version 1.2.6:
Added: A build in "website" which allows users to access save files from other devices, upload, download and convert them. Allows to upload JSON to a vault and converts it before replacing the old save file.

Version 1.2.6:
Added: Option to instantly breed all dwellers in LivingQuarters.
Added: Option to make pregnant dwellers have their babies.
Added: Option to instantly grow up children.

Version 1.2.5:
Updated: Screenshots on website updated.
Fixed: Remove crap not working properly.
Fixed: "Loading.. Please wait.." stucks if no internet connection available.
Added: Option to add pets with their max effect values.
Added: A page which can decrypt and encrypt vaults.

Version 1.2.4:
Fixed: Unable to unlock all pets in SurvivalGuide.
Fixed: Error when removing crap items from dwellers.
Added: Added sliders to basic resource editor screen + a max all button.
Added: Unlock recipes.

Version 1.2.3:
Fixed: Legendary pets no longer have randomly generated names (they have their default name instead).
Fixed: Pet bonus editor UI re-added, added a text to show allowed bonus value range (values entered out of that range makes the game regenerate the pet bonus effects).
Fixed: Random bonus range for pets (due to not reading correct values from database).
Fixed: Rarity filter button missing for Junk category.
Fixed: Empty "PoliceBaton" category (item is not in the game yet, it is unnamed so the editor skipped it).
Added: Option to add recipes to exploring dwellers (add a weapon or an outfit to an inventory and check "Recipe?" on the right of the item).

Version 1.2.2:
Fixed: Pet effect editing not working: Removed edit buttons because game verifies pet bonus effects and overrides is not correct.
Fixed: Survival guide unlockable items (Dr. Lee and Mr. Burke are now unlockable).
Fixed: Update dweller inventory to handle Junk item category.
Added: Added buttons to remove crap from exploring dweller inventory WITH and WITHOUT junk items.
Added: 2 new buttons to add random dwellers.

Version 1.2.1:
Added: Updated and added (from FS 1.4) male and female hair styles and facemasks (some facemasks are colored in the editor which aren't in the game.. that's not a bug).

Version 1.2:
Updated the game item database to the current version of Fallout Shelter (v1.4).
Added: Backups can have names.
Added: Rarity filter in item selector screen.
Added: Option to stop all incidents.
Added: Option to set the happiness of every dweller to a specified value.
Added: Junk category to item selector screen.
Added: Junk category to "Survival Guide" editor.
Added: "Check for update"/Automatic update feature.
Fixed: Typos.

Version 1.1.3:
Added: Option to edit pets (in the dweller edit view press "Edit" in the "Equipped items" section or find a pet in the "Edit storage" menu and press "Edit" on the right of the pet you want to edit).
Added: Option to unlock all rooms (in the main menu, "Tools" section).
Fixed: Pet not removed when a dweller is removed.
Fixed: Sorting dwellers by "Job" crashes the editor.
Fixed: MrHandy "Heal" button not working.

Version 1.1.2:
Editor database updated to the current version of the game (v1.3): this means 143 weapons, 119 outfits, 22 legendary dwellers, 20 rare dwellers and 59 pets.
Added: Remove corpses.
Added: Remove MrHandy corpses.
Added: Pet carrier (new lunchbox).
Added: Unlock pets in the "Survival Guide" (Noticed a strange problem here: The game shows that there are 40 pets to unlock, but there are only 20 legendary pets).
Added: Copy dwellers (Select the dwellers in the list and hit copy, the new dwellers are moved to the waiting line).
Added: Expanded the item selector popup (You can select categories, added pets to the screen).
Added: Edit the pregnancy status of a dweller (you can make male dwellers pregnant, they look strange).
Added: Add new custom dweller.
Added: Screen to heal and delete MrHandys.
Added: Revive all dead dwellers option (not just explorers).
Added: Option to heal pets.
Fixed: Editor does not notify to save on exit if a new dweller is added.
Fixed: Dweller levels reset after editing.

Version 1.1.0b:
Fixed: Buggy "Suvival Guide" editor.

Version 1.1.1:
Added: A menu to send dwellers to the wasteland (experimental!, goto the Edit Dwellers menu, select a dweller and scroll to the bottom to find this feature)
Added: A menu to backup and restore vaults.

Version 1.1.0:
Added: Piper's hair graphics.
Added: A screen to edit the "Survival Guide" contents.
Added: Enable/Disable survival mode (Edit vault info).
Added: Legendary dwellers are automatically unlocked when added to the waiting line.
Added: A screen where you can complete objectives.
Fixed: Typos.

Version 1.0.9b:
Some v1.2 compatibility issues resolved:
Fixed: Updated the app's item database to the current version of the game (v1.2).
Fixed: Mr handy healing not working.

Version 1.0.9:
Added: Menu option to return all exploring dwellers to the vault.
Added: New dweller sort mode: Jobs.
Added: Grouping option to item selector.
Fixed: Editor crashes if the item count text box is empty.

Version 1.0.8:
Added: "Remove crap items from explorers" menu in the "Edit dwellers" menu. This button removes all Common or worse items from exploring dwellers.
Added: "Unlock all unlockables" button, this unlocks all weapons, items and dwellers in the "Survival Guide" screen.
Fixed: If a Living Quarter has a dweller partnership and a dweller is deleted the save gets corrupted (Possible to fix using the "Fix dweller dependencies" menu in the "Edit vault info" menu).

Version 1.0.7c:
Fixed: "Error: null" appears when adding rare dwellers to the waiting line.
Fixed: Resource editor screen (basic vault resources) is too big and the keyboard overlaps some parts.
Fixed: Keyboard not hiding after pressing enter on the last textbox in the basic vault resource editor screen.

Version 1.0.7b:
Fixed: The savegame gets corrupted after dweller deleting (Also corrupted saves can be fixed, goto "Edit vault info", then "Fix dweller dependencies", this menu will fix all the dweller pointers in the save file).
Fixed: The happiness of spawned dwellers drop to 0%, and can't be raised (caused by wrong max hp formula).

Version 1.0.7:
Added: Editor to select the ammount of items you want to add.
Added: Menu to add legendary and rare dwellers to the waiting line.
Added: 3 sorting modes to the dweller list (name, health and level).
Fixed: Added the missing "none" facemask.
Other: Exploring dwellers are now labeled in the "Edit dwellers" list.

Version 1.0.6b:
Fixed: Dweller inventory editor not scrolling.
Added: "Select normal items" button to the dweller inventory editor dialog, that button selects normal or worse items (normal, common and none). This is useful for exploring dwellers, you can remove crappy items so they can find better hopefully legendary or rare items.

Version 1.0.6:
Added: MrHandy heal menu.
Added: "Clear dweller relations" button, with that button you can reset dweller relations.
Added: Dweller inventory editor.
Other: Make dwellers level 50 button now sets the health of dwellers to 664 (if the max health is smaller than 664).

Version 1.0.5:
Added: Dweller face mask editor (it supports all the facemasks from the v1.1 FalloutShelter).
Added: Dweller face mask editor.
Added: Dweller equiped items editor (both weapons and outfits, it supports all the items from the v1.1 FalloutShelter. That means 143 weapons and 112 outfits).
Added: "Resurrect" button (under the "Edit dwellers" menu), that button allows you to resurrect dead exploring dwellers.
Added: Editor for dweller stimpack and radaway editing.
Other: Dweller list is now in alphabetical order.

Version 1.0.4:
Added: Dweller hair style editing (it supports all the possible hair styles, both male and female, for the current version of fallout shelter "v1.1").
Added: "Fix time glitch" button (under the "Edit vault info" menu), that button allows you to fix time glitched vaults.

Version 1.0.3:
Added: Dweller color editors (hair, skin, outfit).

Version 1.0.2:
Added: Dweller level editing.
Added: Menu to edit Deathclaws (kill them or set their health to 5).
+ Fixes.

Version 1.0.1:
Minor fixes

Version 1.0:
First release

Требуется .NET 4.5 для запуска.

Ссылка на скачивание последней версии .NET 4.5: Официальная ссылка на сайт Microsoft.

Понравился редактор? Не забудь поставить + к сообщению и нажать "Нравится" ниже!

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Schurl Miller #
Чейнджлог (Перевод начиная с пос�...

(Перевод начиная с последней версии)

С версией 1.4.2 в PC версии добавлено больше функций, но на данный момент пока не все. Чтобы использовать ВСЕ функции, Вам надо использовать ВТОРОЙ способ.

Если замечены баги или ошибки - не стесняйтесь, докладывайте о любых мелочах! Вся информация будет передана разработчику FSSE.

Так же в дополнение:
Заметка: Ваш Android девайс и PC должны быть обязательно в локальной связи.
Заметка #2: Если редакторы не могут сохранить или загрузить Убежище, попробуйте всё заново.
опишите как редактировать
Schurl Miller
бест шит евер!
Лойс за прогу))
Ну или как минимум за заливку))
еееем... ну короче скачай, распакуй, (АНТИВИР ОФНИ, испортит все, его еще до скачки вообще то офаешь) , запусти ( я НЕ с админа запускал) , загрузи сейв - радуйся. Там все еллементарно. Или могу тупо тебе сейв кинуть с полным мясом)
Как ланчбоксы добавить?
Schurl Miller #
Vault -> Lunchboxes -> Simple
Проблема. Я могу редактировать только информацию об убежище. При добавлении ланчбоксов/денег/энергии (и т.д. и т.п.) изменения не сохраняються. Может кто знает как это исправить?
Schurl Miller #
Н-да, есть такая проблема. Разработчика сразу же осведомили о данной проблеме и был сделан хотфикс. Ровно вчера вечером вышла версия 1.1.2 для PC-редактора, я уже оформляю и заливаю её на Плэйграунд.
Наберитесь терпения, в течение 24 часов модераторы добавят новую версию редактора на сайт.)
Schurl Miller
А перевод предметов будет ?
Schurl Miller #
Mister Tia
Нет. Я бы перевёл, но не имею исходников на руках. Об этом надо разговаривать с разработчиком редактора, да и то на вряд ли он просто так даст исходники для перевода.

Новая версия выложена.
Кто знает годный переводчик ?
GoldenMagician #
Mister Tia
Гугл :D Гыгыгы
Нет , спасибо он мне наперводит так , что ещё не понятней станет
GoldenMagician #
Mister Tia
Ну а что, пошутить нельзя? :D