Football Manager 2009

Football Manager 2009: Коды (Eng)

Football Manager 2009

Football Manager 2009 cheat codes:
Stopping Press Conferences:
Some people I have seen want to get rid of press conferences. What you do
for this is go onto "Manager" - "Your team name" - "Team Settings" - from
there you will see at the top "Let Assistant Manager take care of press
conferences", tick that and ten you will not be asked to attend any more
press conferences.

Easy Cash With Man United:
If you have just started with Man United, and noticed you are a little low
in terms of cash. Then offer Darren Fletcher to all clubs, Manchester City
will usually come back with a bid in the region of ?40-50 Million,
and Fletcher is also willing to leave. (Works on 9.1.0 Patch.)

Next Arshavin:
I was searching through the russian U21, when i found the next arshavin,
Alan Dzagoev. He is a very good player for a mid table prem team like
tottenham, aston villa. He is 18, plays centre mid and you can get him
for between 4.4mil - 5 mill,a bargain.

Great buys:
Portsmouth - Lassana Diarra-DM-4-5mil great all round player
Fiorentina - stevan Jovetic-AML-15-61mil Great potential
Zenit St Petersberg - Arshavin-AMC- 10-12mil obvious one
Shakter- Fernandinho - AMC-10-11mil good midfielder
Ragers - John Fleck-AMC-4-5mil Great potential
Inter Milan- Balotelli - AMR/ST 10-12mil great potential but brilliant now
Sampdoria - vincenzo Fiorrilo-GK-2-3mil
Fc Bayern - Toni Kroos-AMC- 10mil.

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