Freelancer: FAQ (English)

Описание и инструкции

This is your FAQ author, Justin aka JMak2000, at your service. This is only the 2nd FAQ I've ever written, and I hope I have improved since my first one. I do hope this FAQ will help everybody with their troubles in the game. If you need to ask anything that is not in the FAQ, just email me and I'll be sure to reply. Remember to have "Freelancer" somewhere in the topic, as I get a lot of spam mails and I mostly just delete all the mails I got from people I don't know, except, of course, if you write in the topic that it's about Freelancer or/and this FAQ.

Freelancer is a great game, with a great campaign, atmostphere, space, planets and almost everything else. And the great part is, even if you finish the SP Campaign, there's still the whole universe for you to explore, better ships to buy, elite weapons to salvage, and much much more. It doesn't really end after the Campaign.

Walktrhough I have just started. I've finished the campaign a few weeks ago, thus I kinda forgot about it already. Just started replaying the game to "refresh" my memory and write the walkthrough. If you need to know anything quick that is not in the walkthrough yet, just mail me and I'll probably be able to help you.

Ship stats are 90% done, and ship locations are around 50% done. Class 10 Guns list is complete, unless there's any new Class 10 Guns discovered. Wrecks name of the wrecks that drop the Class 10 Guns are "coming soon", don't worry.

Jump Hole location and Trade Routes are coming soon. I'm not a trader most of the time, so on this part I need all the help I can get. Whoever want to submit me a good trade route just need to email me. I'll put it up and all the credits will be yours.

Well, that's all I have to say... on to the FAQ.

Oh, one last thing, whoever else that wants to post this FAQ on their site(s), just send me a mail asking permission. Remember to have "Freelancer" somewhere in the topic!