Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA IV): Лучший трейнер (NATIVE TRAINER) (+70) [] {3.0}

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RCTRL+F1 God Mode On/Off
RCTRL+F3 Gravity Off/On
RCTRL+F4 Police Ignore /Engage Player
F5 Add Money (100.000)
F6 Enable/Disable Airbreak
RCTRL+F6 Never Tired On/Off
RCTRL+F7 Change Model to Brucie, Roman, Litte Jacob, Mallorie,Bernie, Dwayne, Michelle, Packie, Kate, Badman
RCTRL+F8 Change Model to Dimitri, Faustin, Francis, French Tom,
Manny, Phil, Playboy X, Ricky, Jimmy, Ray
RCTRL+F9 Niko (different clothes, bags)

F10 Teleport to:
Num 0 The Triangle
Num 1 Broker Safehouse
Num 2 Bohan Safehouse
Num 3 Algonquin Middle Park East Safehouse
Num 4 Algonquin Northwood Safehouse
Num 5 Alderney City Safehouse
Num 6 Comedy Club
Num 7 Rotterdam Tower
Num 8 Getalife Building
Num 9 Majestic Hotel
F11 Teleport to:
Num 0 Poop Deck
Num 1 Algonquin Northwood
Num 2 Algonquin Star Junction
Num 3 Algonquin City Hall
Num 4 Alderney Leftwood
Num 5 Alderney City
Num 6 Alderney Acter Industrial Park
Num 7 Bohan Chase Point
Num 8 Broker Outlook
Num 9 Dukes East Island City
F12 Teleport to:
Num 0 Marriot Marquis
Num 1 Charge Island
Num 2 Colony Island
Num 3 Happiness Island
Num 4 Airport
Num 5 Statue of Happiness
Num 6 Liberty City Bank
Num 7 Statue of Happiness Cup
Num 8 Algonquin Lawer's Office
Num 9 Algonquin Top of Rotterdam Tower

F10 + 0 / 9 Save current position to teleport slot
F11 + 0 / 9 Save current position to teleport slot
F12 + 0 / 9 Save current position to teleport slot


Tab Save Game
Insert Clear Wanted Level
Num + Unlock Map
Num - Open Various Doors
Num * Tune to Independence FM
RCTRL+Num/ Car God Mode On/Off
PageUP Save Char Coordinates to trainer.ini
Del Increase Wanted Level +1 each press
End Turn Alarm Lights On/Off
Pagedown Turn Interior Lights On/Off
~` Get Taxi
-_ Fast run, hold down
=+ Always God Mode Enabled/Disabled
[{ Never Wanted Enabled/Disabled
]} Car Speedup – hold down.
\| Car "Super" Brake /Instant Stop
'" Go Through Doors
;: No Reload/Always Unlimited Ammo
/? Explode Nearest Car
.> Freeze Nearest Car
,< Car Slow Down
Num . Car Speed Up Slow
RAlt+ B Set Bomb
RCTRL+B Trigger Bomb

M+Num 1 Packie Like,Respect 100% /Roman
M+Num 2 Brucie Like, Respect 100% /Dwayne
M+Num 3 Little Jacob Like and Respect 100%
M+Num 4 Simple Ragdoll
M+Num 5 Switch Back to Animated
M+Num 6 Drunk Cam
M+Num 7 End Drunk Cam
M+Num 8 Dates 100%
M+Num 9 Enable/Disable Clock

In-game Menu

F3 Display Menu
Backspace Cancel Menu
Num 4 Scroll Menu Down
Num 6 Scroll Menu Up
Num 2 Scroll Menu Options Down
Num 8 Scroll Menu Options Up
Num 5 Enter Option
Num 0 Back to Main Menu

World conditions:

LAlt+Num 0 Cycle Time scale
LAlt+Num 1 Noon (12)
LAlt+Num 2 Afternoon(18)
LAlt+Num 3 Evening (23)
LAlt+Num 4 Night (05)
LAlt+Num 5 Ahead one Hour
LAlt+Num 6 Back one hour
LAlt+Num 7 Give Weapons/Unlimited Ammo 1/2
LAlt+Num 8 Add Armor
LAlt+Num 9 Max Health

RAlt+Num 0 Sync Time to System Time/End T. Sync
RAlt+Num 1 Extra Sunny
RAlt+Num 2 Sunny
RAlt+Num 3 Sunny-Windy
RAlt+Num 4 Cloudy
RAlt+Num 5 Raining
RAlt+Num 6 Drizzle
RAlt+Num 7 Foggy
RAlt+Num 8 Lightning
RAlt+Num 9 Player Invisible/Visible

Car changes:

RCtrl+Num 0 Lock/Unlock Car Doors
RCtrl+Num 1 Fix Car
RCtrl+Num 2 Flip Car
RCtrl+Num 3 Clean Car
RCtrl+Num 4 Change Car Color Red
RCtrl+Num 5 Change Car Color Blue
RCtrl+Num 6 Change Car Color Black
RCtrl+Num 7 Change Car Color Green
RCtrl+Num 8 Change Car Color White
RCtrl+Num 9 Change Car Color Yellow

I+ Num 0 Car Rotation each press 90 degrees
I+ Num 1 Open Left Front Door
I+ Num 2 Open Right Front Door
I+ Num 3 Open Left Rear Door
I+ Num 4 Open Right Rear Door
I+ Num 5 Open Hood
I+ Num 6 Open Trunk
I+ Num 7 Open All Car Doors
I+ Num 8 Enable/D. Speedometer KM/U
I+ Num 9 Trigger/Silence Car Alarm

J+ Num 0 Engine Off/On
J+ Num 1 Close Left Front Door
J+ Num 2 Close Right Front Door
J+ Num 3 Close Left Rear Door
J+ Num 4 Close Right Rear Door
J+ Num 5 Close Hood
J+ Num 6 Close Trunk
J+ Num 7 Close All Car Doors
J+ Num 8 Enable /D. Speedometer MPH
J+ Num 9 Car/Player Invisible/ Visible

K+ Num 0 Force Lights Off/On
K+ Num 1 Save Car
K+ Num 2 Warp to Car as Driver
K+ Num 3 Cycle through passenger seats
K+ Num 4 Remove Left Front Window
K+ Num 5 Remove Right Front Window
K+ Num 6 Remove Left Rear Window
K+ Num 7 Remove Right Rear Window
K+ Num 8 Remove All Windows

O+ Num 0 Teleport to Waypoint
O+ Num 1 Free Taxi
O+ Num 2 Set Nearest Ped On Fire
O+ Num 3 Ragdoll Nearest Ped
O+ Num 4 Freeze Nearest Ped
O+ Num 5 Unfreeze Nearest Ped
O+ Num 6 Add Health to Player (200)
O+ Num 7 Spawn Bodyguard
O+ Num 8 All Bodyguards leave
O+ Num 9 Sit Down/Stand Up

Airbreak keys:

W Up
S Down
Num 8 Forward
Num 2 Back
Num 6 Rotate clock wise
Num 4 Rotate counter clock wise

Spawn Vehicles:

LAlt+A Turismo
LAlt+B Comet
LAlt+C Infernus
LAlt+D Super GT
LAlt+E Feltzer
LAlt+F Schafter
LAlt+G FBI Buffalo
LAlt+M NRG900
LAlt+N Sanchez
LAlt+R Random Vehicle
LAlt+T Annihilator
LAlt+U Maverick
LAlt+X Jetmax

RCtrl+RAlt+D Disable Trainer
RCtrl+RAlt+E Re-enable Trainer
Please note that not all options have shortcuts, some are only available using the In-game menu system.
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