Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5: Чит-Мод (20 Скриптов/3Sock/2much4u-MM + Все авто Bypass + Extras*Вер.14) [PS3] {MrRiddler™}

Описание и инструкции

1.Открыть мод-меню
-Works Fine Online,You Must Go To SinglePlayer Once So You Can Open It Online,Version 1.4

2.Позвоните 911 для активации менаджера
-Works Fine Online,Version 1.1

3.Three-Socks Trainer
-Works Online But It Will Glitch Because It Has Online Checks On It,Version 1.5.3.

4.Three-Socks Online Trainer
-Works Fine Online,Version 1.4.4.

5.Console Trainer v1 by EvilB
-Works Fine Online,Version 1.0

6.Console Trainer v2 by EvilB
-Works Online,Will Glitch/Remove Your Apartments And Glitch Your Radar,It Comes Back To Normal After Game Reset,Version 2.0 Beta

7.Slinky's Animation Menu
-Works Fine Online,Version 1.2

8.Ap ii Intense Menu
-Works Fine Online,Version ??.??

9.ECB2 VCAv2
-Works Online,Version 2.0

10.ZeroVCA Client
-Works Only Online,Version 1.0

11.RaYRod's VCA ModMenu
-Works Online,Version 1.0

12.Krank's VCAHaxClient
-Works Online,Version 1.5.5

13.Hairy's VCA
-Works Online,Version 2.0

14.Custom Camera
-Works Online,Sets Custom Camera On Character Such As First Person

15.AntiCheater Script
-Works Online,Gives You The Ability To View And Clear Your Cheater Report Stats,Version 1.1

15.Car Jumper
 In A Car
-Works Online,Gives You The Ability To View And Clear Your Cheater Report Stats,Version 1.1

16.North Yankton
-Works Online,People Still Won't Be Able To See It,If U Enable This Script Using 2much4u MM Make Sure You Have Enabled "Quit MM Upon Loading Script" in 2much4u MM Options,Version 2.0

17.XYZH Coords
-Show Coordinates On The Map

18.Online Cheat Controller
-Use Cheats Online

19.Garage Bypass
-UnBanned Cars,Bikes,Planes And Helicopters

20.Realistic Weapon Wheel Icon Textures

21.Modded iFruit Icons Neon Red

22.Modded Vehicle Spawn
-Replaced Aircraft Vehicles With UnObtainable Ones

23.Modded Merryweather Vehicle Delivery
-Replaced Helicopter Delivery With Lazer And Boat Delivery With Submarine

24.Modded Merryweather Ammo Drop
-Replaced Ammo Drop With Cargoplane




Добавлен прыжок машин Изменено оформление чит-меню





Скопировать Update.rpf и Eboot.bin-[CEX/DEX] Положить в:
/dev_hdd0/game/BLxxXXXXX/USRDIR/ с перезаписью


EvilB -ConsoleTrainer 1 And 2


ECB -VCAv1 and v2

Krank -VCAHaxClient


Three-Socks - ModManager,ThreeSocks Trainer,North Yankton,Custom Camera,XYZ Coordinates

Slinky -SlinkyAnimations

Zero -Zero Mod Menu

RaYRod -RaYRod Mod Menu

david3663 -Cars Bypass

haydir -Realistic Weapon Wheel Icon Textures 

2much4u -ModManager And AntiCheater Script

xoar15 -Planes,Helicopters And Bikes Garage Bypass

Mehukas -Modded iFruit Icons

Kryptus -Modded Vehicle Scripts

Hairy -Hairy's Mod Menu


Xx_Raymo_xX -BLUS Script Bypass

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