Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5: Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Simple Trainer for GTA V 6.9)

Описание и инструкции

Универсальный инструмент, с огромным количеством настроек, функций и возможностей.
Этот небольшой скрипт позволит игроку делать с игрой почти все, что захочется, также поддерживает ввод с контроллера.

F3 - открыть меню, F4 - спрятать меню. Трейнер только для сюжетной игры!

После распаковки архива "ea07a8-TrainerV.rar" копируем все содержимое в директорию игры.

Changes from 6.8 (Or for the people that don't understand: What is new in 6.9..)
-Ability to disable auto-detect of add-on vehicles, which gives you the ability to define them in the ini again (you can re-use your old added cars section from previous ini),
this means that the text displayed on the Added Vehicle menu, and the text displayed for each Vehicle save slot for add-on vehicles, will come from the displayname in the ini.
if autodetect is switched on, both will come from the game itself. To enable this, you will need to set DefineAddedVehiclesInIni=1 in defaults section of the ini.
The default remains for autodetection of add-on cars, which means there is no need to set anything up in the ini.
-Improved the auto-detect of add-on Vehicles, for Vehicles, if the vehicle author did not bother to set proper names, I now just get the modelname (thanks IKT).
-Search function added for: Vehicles, Player Models, Objects and Animations. The search results window will allow you to spawn any of the found Vehicles, Player Models Objects or Animations.
I have used some of IKT code for search, so credit should go to him, thanks !
-Thanks to the transmet team, who published a much bigger animation list, I have now replaced mine with the list from them, bringing 105186 animations into the trainer.
Since there is a search function now, you should use that, rather then the animation options, which will still work, and will now cross all 105186 animations.
-Added the ability to also choose Weapon Components and Color and Livery Color for the MKII weapons in the various Bodyguard/Ped Weapon Menus.
-Added SNS mkII, Heavy Revolver mkII and Double Action Revolver to Bodyguard/Ped Driveby Weapons.
-Removed the restriction to change wheel color of chrome wheels.
-Ability to set additional props for the four offices, two biker clubhouses and the facility. Of course these will be saved when save interior to ini is used.
-Privacy Glass for the Facility is another option you can enable. Again will be saved when save interior to ini is used.
For the offices and biker clubhouses, you can enable the additional props under the "set name menu", for the facility this can be done in the facility menu.
-Turns out I missed about 15.000 objects, so they are also added to trainer, making a total of 80709 objects. New menu added, Object List 3.
I believe I now have ALL objects of the vanilla game into the trainer.

ini Changes:
Defaults: DefineAddedVehiclesInIni=0
Added Cars re-added to ini, this is only applicable if you choose to disable autodetection of added vehicles, if you want to use autodetection, don't replace or copy anything to your ini.
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А этот трейнер добовлят спавн авто из длс "Судный день"?
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Mister Feathers
Они уже там давно есть ))) просто раскиданы по классу машин )))
Как листать то?
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BAD RACER 007русского языка жесть как не хватает
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чит огонь теперь и телохранители появились )))

пожалуйста обновите rus версию
Посаны , работает ? Просто тот же самый мод был залит на кучу других форумах по модам , скрины даже такие же