Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Hustler v1.2) [1.44]

Описание и инструкции

Hustler бесплатное мод-меню для версии Steam и Social Club. Все машины доступны в сюжетном режиме. В архиве находится файл dll. который необходимо инжектить в Extreme Injector v3.7.3. Заходим в игру, сворачиваем и запускаем Extreme Injector, предварительно распаковав в удобное место, но не в папку с игрой. Нажимаем Select и выбираем процесс GTA 5. Нажмите Settings и Start in Secure Mode чтобы античит защита не запалила инжектор, убедитесь что стоит галочка на Stealth Inject. Затем жмем Add DLL, выбираем Hustler1.2.dll и Inject. Активация Num *. Пролистать вниз/вверх Num 2/8. Выбор функций Num 5 / Enter. Вправо/влево Num 6/4. Вернуться/закрыть меню Num 0 / Backspace. Скачать Extreme Injector или Xenos Injector.


Tiny Player changed on name "Shrink" Player
Removed Clear Area (will be added in next update "maybe")
Removed 2 SubMenus in custom vehicle shot, now you can shot any vehicle (you need just activate it and choose which vehicle u want to shot)
Removed Teleport to Objective (maybe back in next update)
Improved Crash Player ("Clone Crash")
Improved Show Coords (in "Miscellanous")
Small Fixe's

Added New UI and Sounds (now it's looks and sounds cool)
Added Network Protection
Added Feature in PlayerList "You","Friend","OTR" - "Off The Radar"
Added AimBot at Player's and Ped's
Added Trevor Vision Aiming (its like slow motion aiming)
Added More Walk Style's
Added Fast Run and Fast Swim (on new submenu "Sprint")
Added Attach Options (Objects with pack's)
Added Troll Messages on Player and All Players
Added Send Messages on Player and All Players
Added Kill Talking Players
Added Change Plate "SHIT" to All Vehicle Players
Added Pop Tires to All Vehicle Players
Added Remove All Weapons from player and from All Players
Added Glitch Lobby
Added Massive Suicide All Players
Added More Vehicle Options on selected player
Added Give All Weapons and MK2 Weapons on selected player
Added AirStrike loop on selected player
Added Cloning Options on selected player
Added Custom RGB Colors in Vehicle Mods
Added Custom Guns in Vehicle Mods
Added Bypass SP DLC Vehicle Spawn (its means you can spawn any vehicle in Single Player without kick from vehicle)
Added in Vehicle Spawn (categories dlc vehicle's) and added 1.39 dlc Vehicle's
Added in Recovery ("Unlock Special Items")
Added in Recovery ("Unlock LSC Colors" now you can unlock chrome color and other staff's)
Added in Recovery ("Remove BadSport")
Added 360 Degree Camera Control in ("Miscellanous")
Added Mayhem Vehicles in ("Miscellanous")
Added Hide HUD in ("Miscellanous")


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