Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Infamous GTA V Menu Update 2)

Описание и инструкции

Infamous GTA V Menu Update 2


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· F4 – Показать/Скрыть 
· Numpad 8/2/4/6 – вверх/вниз/лево/право
· Numpad 5 – выбор
· Numpad 0 – назад
· Numpad-9 – ускорение
· Numpad-3 – быстрая остановка
· Numpad-Add – рокеты на транспорте
· F6 – аирбрейк
· Numpad-Subtract – Телепорт к заданию


ПЕРЕВОДИТЬ НЕ СТАЛ (Всё и так интуитивно понятно,если очень надо пишите, я переведу)
- Added No-Intro Patch
- Added Teleport to Mission Objective/Checkpoint to Translocate Menu
- Added Hotkey Support in XML File for Teleport to Mission Objective/Checkpoint/Marker
- Changed Hotkey from Shift + Enter to VK_SUBTRACT
- Added Menu functions in Online Menu (You can shoot at other Players from any location)
- Reworked Online Menu
- Added Recovery to Online Menu
- Added Redesign Character to Recovery
- Added Skip Tutorial to Recovery
- Added Rank to Recovery
- Added Water Ammo to Ammunation Mods
- Give Cash in Player Menu supports Online now (You can choose between a Value of 10.000 and 40.000)
- The Value of the Money Ammo was randomized to eliminate a pattern
- Removed Horn and Social Club Name on License Plate in Max Upgrades (You can still change the License Plate Text and Horn in Vehicle Modifications)
- Ammunation Mods moved into a Sub Menu in Weapon Menu
- Vehicle Ammo can be modified by type now
- Clone Vehicle in Online Menu should make a clean copy now
- Fixed the Vehicle Menu (Door Control and Engine Multiplier work correctly now)
- Fixed Invisible which turned off if you change interior locations or change lobby
- Fixed some of the All Players functions which caused a menu crash
- Added Full ESP Support [2D/3D/Names/Lines/2D + Names/3D + Names/2D + Lines/3D + Lines/2D + All/3D + All] 
- Added ESP Visible Check (Behind You/Walls = Red; In View = Green)
- Fixed and Improved a lot of menu related functions
- Organized the Online Features
- Host shows correctly now in Freemode
- Personal vehicles can be hijacked now
- Added Particles to Online Menu
- Changed Teleport to Objective/Checkpoint Key to F12
- Reworked vehicle Functions in Online Menu
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