Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (m0d_n00beit v1.7 [UNDETECTED, CONTROLLER, CONFIG])

Описание и инструкции

Автор: n00beit

Как использовать:
Инжектить в игру( подробности в архиве)

DELETE - open/close menu
ENTER - select option
ARROW KEYS - up/down/left/right
RETURN - previous menu
LEFT SHIFT - speed boost
RIGHT ALT - noclip
NUMPAD0 - teleport to waypoint
NUMPAD.DECIMAL - teleport to mission
NUMPAD7 - invisibility
NUMPAD9 - personal vehicle
NUMPAD1 - fix player/veh
NUMPAD3 - teleport in nearest vehicle

Изменения v 1.7:
Fixed numerous bugs
Fixed invisibility
Improved crashing and crash detection
Added more keybinds and default keybinds (look below)
Added safemode for spawning money and RP -
If you want to spawn money, you'll have to turn it off in 'Settings' tab
Fixed aimbots and triggerbots
I've also added personal vehicle saver & spawner,
but due to last update it became useless just as vehicle spawner in general. Rockstar added checks on some vehicles and if they were created illegally, they kick you out of the car. I've tried also buying lowrider cars and modding them through natives, but when I tried to sell the modded vehicle it gave me warning about 'transaction failure'. You can still spawn tanks for the whole lobby though.
Also, the current detection status of money spawning and RP-increaser is unknown, that means you don't want to use it, unless you're feeling lucky.

To change hotkeys, open config.ini, replace the line, for example:

This will bind noclip to left control button. Buttons are lshift, rshift, lalt, f3, f4, np2, np3, np7, etc


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