Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Nigger Menu v4.20) (blaze it edition)

Описание и инструкции

Nigger Menu v4.20

New Features:
Skip intro and legal warnings
No flickering in and out of passive mode/invisibility
Add custom rp amount
Removed money drop on self from online player menu (Downgrade to 1.24 if you need to drop money)
Bug fixes (one hit kill, drop pickup object, rainbow tire smoke)
Added 1.28 DLC Vehicles and Weapons
Updated ScripthookV for 1.28 to work online

Default menu title is black
Fake money drop
Hacking animation
Spawn mountain lion enemy
Attach campfire to players (burns them to death)
Customizable menu
Crash fixes
Teleport to waypoint with hotkey (caps lock)
1.27 DLC vehicles and PDW added
Detach objects
Notification above map when you've been reported
Show player who's talking
Show players that have headsets
Shoot fireworks from player
Shoot at player
Vehicle firework launcher
Rain Money
Editing Levels works on 1 player at a time
Weather Works online (for yourself)
All players menu (money drop) [causes crashes in big lobbies]
Car Jump
Minor bug fixes (license plate bug, teleport to)

1.28 DLC:
Progen T20 - Super Cars
Coil Brawler - Offroad
Vapid Chino - Sports Classics
Invetero Coquette 3 - Muscle
Dinka Vindicator - MotorCycle
Lampadati Toro - Boat

Marksman Pistol
Knuckle Dusters


                                                          Все делается на свой страх и риск



  • Скопируйте файлы из раздачи в корневую папку GTA V.


  • Активация и открытие меню - F4.
  • Навигация вверх/вниз - Numpad 2/8.
  • Навигация вправо/влево - <--/-->.
  • Выбор - Numpad 5.
  • Вернуться назад/закрыть - Numpad 0.
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