Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Simple Trainer 1.2)

Описание и инструкции

Для версии 1,27(В Online тоже работает)
Закинуть в папку с игрой
Открыть F3
Навигация Num(8,2,4,6,0,5)
Список изменений

Changes from 1.1:-various bugfixes -added Weapon finishes, these are additional components for the relevant weapons. -added bullet proof tyres in vehicle mod menu, they are also saved when saving a car, please be aware that if Vehicle god mode is enabled, you'll get those regardless of how you saved the car. -added no menu wrap and menu sound for num4/num6 navigation. -added warning message when trying to change chrome wheel color. -added stunt jumps in other teleports menu. Thanks to Flavaone for providing them to me. -the ped task option has been removed from the main bodyguard menu, it is now located under ped taks menu. various options from IV trainer return: -added Vehicle Health Display -added Set Vehicle Health -added lock/unlock vehicle doors -added silence alarm when stealing -added Vehicle Rotation 90 degrees -added Destroy / Fix Vehicle Engine -added walking styles (both for player and bodyguard/ped) currently about 69 styles are available but more research is needed as there bound to be more -You can now fully customize the Vehicle God mode, on Vehicle options menu, the second option lets you enable or disable individual options that are part of Vehicle God mode. (this is similar to the special car god mode in IV trainer). Those option will also be saved when using save all settings. The last option (Auto Repair) basically overwrites most of the other options and will simply repair the car when damage occurs. Other than on IV, this should have a lesser effect on the ability to break windows and other stuff (thanks to arewenotmen for finding the native that allows this). Also the first option (Prevent Vehicle Damage) will also overwrite some of the other options (the proofs options). Of course for any of this to work, Vehicle god mode needs to be enabled (first option on Vehicle options menu).
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    Так вроде же, уже есть v1.3?
    Simple Trainer for GTA V 1.3
    alexey2015 Ответ на твой нижний коммент : Okey ;) ( P.S. : Не хочу спамить ниже просто) )
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    Да действительно, позже выложу)