Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Simple Trainer 1.3)

Описание и инструкции

Для версии 1,27(В Online тоже работает)
Закинуть в папку с игрой
Открыть F3
Навигация Num(8,2,4,6,0,5)

Changes from 1.2: -added several teleports to interiors, mostly mission stuff (sunken cargo ship, two ufo's, plane and train crash and some other interiors). -added peyote teleports in other teleports, thanks to Gforce for providing them to me. -fixed issue with time setting forward/backward and not taking hours into account. -when enabling cargod mode and disabling tyres can't burst, it wasn't possible to enable bullet proof tyres in Vehicle mod menu, this has been "fixed", when car god mode is enabled together with tyres can't burst, it remains impossible to disable bullet proof tyres in vehicle mod menu. This is by design. -changed blip color for attacking and combat ped to unfriedly. -weapon tints and attachments can now be used with bodyguards/peds, both before spawn and after using the ped task menu. -Gravity gun makes a return, works on peds, cars and objects, just aim at the desired ped, car or object, aim again to attach, move and shoot or drop. force settings can be set in game and are saved with save settings. -airbreak forward and up speed are now configurable in game and added to save settings. -fixed walking styles, most should now work. -reviewed controller support, you can now enable or disable controller support via options menu (second page). If enabled more game controls are being disabled whilst the menu is displayed or whilst airbreak or hydraulics is enabled, if disabled these controls are not disabled and keybindings for controller are automatically unbinded. This settings supports the save settings function, so no need to do anything in the ini for controller settings. In addition I changed the dpad right/left scrolling for controller and added controller support for airbreak,hydraulics and Gravity Gun. -added spawn weapon by model name. -Parachute settings menu off Weapons menu, allows you to equip the primary and secondary parachute, allows you to set the tints for both allows you to set the parachute smoke color and includes unlimited parachutes. Those settings are saved when save settings option is used. -added LSI Los Santos Tourist Info Wildlife Photography thanks to choc4444 for providing them to me. -added Knife Flights again thanks to choc4444 for providing those. -reorganized the other teleports menu, pickup teleports have now moved to new Pickups menu. -added keybinds for save teleport (F10+0 / F10+9 for first 10 slots). -added "world conditions" keybinds, time settings and health and armor and give all weapons (Ralt+num0/num9). -added "other" Keybinds, see readme for list.
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