Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Simple Trainer 1.8)

Описание и инструкции

Закинуть в папку с игрой
Открыть менюF3
Выбор Num 5
Навигация Num 2\8\4\6

Поместите все файлы в каталоге GTA
(C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ Common \ Grand Theft Auto V) 64-бит
(C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ Common \Grand Theft Auto V) 32-бит
(ScriptHookV.dll и ASI загрузчик внутри архива)

Список изменений 1.8
-added Engine Power Multiplier and Engine Torque Multiplier, values can be set in game and are saved with save all settings.
-Egine Power Multiplier up and down keys (J+Num1 for down, J+num2 for up) and Egine Torque Multiplier up and down keys (J+num 3 for down, J+num4 for up).
-reworked object list, now there are around 4900 objects which should all spawn, thanks to arewenotmen for supplying 150 additional objects obtained from scripts.
-fixed issue with object loading and object cloning.
-added 10 object load/save slots for saving the last spawned object.
-changed the player ragdoll keybind (K + Num 8) to get out of the ragdoll when player is in ragdoll, so press K+num8 for ragdoll and K+num8 again to end ragdoll.
-keybind to toggle between Nightvision, Thermal Vision and normal Vision (K+Num9).
-when giving ped a combat task, I would equip mini SMG automatically, this has now been removed.
-ability to select bodyguard/ped driveby weapon, both before spawn (select drive-by weapon) and after spawn (ped task menu). the before spawn settings are saved when using save all setttings.
-added slow motion whilst aiming in weapons menu, ability to enable and set the time scale, the settings are saved when save all settings is used.
-added slow motion whilst driving works like the previous option, but now whilst driving, doesn't work for Franklin (he has his own special ability). Use caps lock or whatever you have set for special ability key.
-Keys for the two slow motions: J+num5 and J+num6.
-corrected fly under bridges teleports thanks to doppelblind.
-added alternative vehicle spawn menu "Vehicles sorted by Model Name".
-keybind for last played animation (J+Num0).

Список горячих клавиш:


RCTRL+F5 Always God Mode On/Off
G+6 Enable/Disable Airbreak
N Next Track
L Left Indicator
K Right Indicator

Teleport F10:

Num 0 Save House Michael
Num 1 Save House Franklin
Num 2 Save House Franklin 2
Num 3 Save House Trevor
Num 4 Lake Vinewood
Num 5 Vinewood Open-Air Theatre
Num 6 Sisyphus Open-Air Theatre
Num 7 Vinewood Sign
Num 8 Vinewood Radio Tower
Num 9 Observatory

In-game Menu:

F3 Display Menu Controller: RB + X button
Backspace Cancel Menu Controller: RB +X button
Num 4 Scroll Menu Down Controller: Dpad Left
Num 6 Scroll Menu Up Controller: Dpad Right
Num 2 Scroll Menu Options Down Controller: Dpad Down
Num 8 Scroll Menu Options Up Controller: Dpad Up
Num 5 Enter Option Controller: A button
Num 0 Back to Main Menu Controller: B button
F4 Hide/Unhide Menu

Car changes:

RCtrl+Num 0 Lock Car doors
RCtrl+Num 1 Fix Car
RCtrl+Num 2 Flip Car
RCtrl+Num 3 Clean Car
RCtrl+Num 4 Change Car Color Slot 1
RCtrl+Num 5 Change Car Color Slot 2
RCtrl+Num 6 Change Car Color Slot 3
RCtrl+Num 7 Change Car Color Slot 4
RCtrl+Num 8 Change Car Color Slot 5
RCtrl+Num 9 Change Car Color Slot 6


Num 4 / Dpad Left Left
Num 6 / Dpad Right Right
Num 2 / Dpad Down Back
Num 8 / Dpad Up Front
Num 5 / A button Center

Airbreak keys:
W / A button Up
S / B button Down
Num 8 / Dpad up Forward
Num 2 / Dpad down Back
Num 6 / Dpad right Rotate clock wise
Num 4 / Dpad left Rotate counter clock wise
Right Arrow / LS Tilt Right
Left Arrow / LS Tilt Left 

Spawn Vehicles:

LAlt+A TurismoR
LAlt+B Comet
LAlt+C Infernus
LAlt+D F620
LAlt+E Feltzer
LAlt+F Schafter
LALT+G Elegy
LAlt+M Bati 801
LAlt+N Sanchez
LAlt+R Random Vehicle
LAlt+T Annihilator
LAlt+U Maverick
LAlt+X Jetmax


Num 9 Vehicle Speedup
Num 3 Vehicle Im. Stop
Num + Fire Vehicle Rockets
Num * Tune to Default Radio
insert Clear Wanted Level
Pageup Spawn Att Driver/Ped
Delete Teleport to Waypoint
End Car Alarm
" Go through Doors
/? Explode Nearest Car
=+ Teleport to Marker
G+7 Cruise Control
G+8 Skylift Attach Vehicle
G+9 E/D Vehicle God Mode
Pagedown Add waypoint to marker

F10 + 0/9 Save current position to teleport slot

World Conditions:
Ralt + Num 0 Cycle Time Scale
Ralt + Num 1 Noon (12)
Ralt + Num 2 Afternoon (18)
Ralt + Num 3 Evening (23)
Ralt + Num 4 Night (05)
Ralt + Num 5 Ahead one Hour
Ralt + Num 6 Back one Hour
Ralt + Num 7 Give All Weapons
Ralt + Num 8 Add Armor
Ralt + Num 9 Max Health

O + Num 0 Enable/Disable Siren
O + Num 1 Enable/Disable Never Wanted
O + Num 2 Set Nearest Ped on Fire
O + Num 3 Ragdoll Nearest Ped
O + Num 4 Freeze Nearest Ped
O + Num 5 Unfreeze Nearest Ped
O + Num 6 Recruit Bodyguard
O + Num 7 Spawn Bodyguard
O + Num 8 Spawn Ped
O + Num 9 All Bodyguards/Peds Leave

I + Num 0 Vehicle Rotation each press 90 degrees
I + Num 1 Open Left Front Door
I + Num 2 Open Right Front Door
I + Num 3 Close Left Front Door
I + Num 4 Close Right Front Door
I + Num 5 Engine On/Off
I + Num 6 Car/Player Invisible/Visible
I + Num 7 Trigger/Silence Car Alarm
I + Num 8 Load Saved Vehicle Slot 1
I + Num 9 Load Saved Vehicle Slot 2

K + Num 0 Delete Saved Vehicle
K + Num 1 Save Vehicle
K + Num 2 Warp to Saved Vehicle
K + Num 3 Cycle Through Passenger Seats
K + Num 4 Enable / Disable Gravity Gun
K + Num 5 Blow Up Cop Cars
K + Num 6 Teleport Bodyguards to Player
K + Num 7 Spawn Random Bodyguard
K + Num 8 Player Ragdoll
K + Num 9 Toggle Night/Thermal/Normal vision

J + Num 0 Last Played Animation
J + Num 1 EPM Down
J + Num 2 EPM Up
J + Num 3 ETM Down
J + Num 4 ETM Up
J + Num 5 Enable Aim SlowMotion
J + Num 6 Enable Drive SlowM

Gravity Gun

Aim Get Target
Shoot Release Target
Arrow Up/Dpad up Move Away
Arrow Down/Dpad down Move Closer


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