Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Simple Trainer for GTA V 6.7)

Описание и инструкции

Универсальный инструмент, с огромным количеством настроек, функций и возможностей.
Этот небольшой скрипт позволит игроку делать с игрой почти все, что захочется, также поддерживает ввод с контроллера.

F3 - открыть меню, F4 - спрятать меню. Трейнер только для сюжетной игры!

После распаковки архива "a9aa87-trainerv.rar" копируем все содержимое в директорию игры.

Changes from 6.6
-Added 40 save clothes slots for Player and 40 for Bodyguards/Peds
-Ability to add or remove Crew Emblems to Vehicles, thanks to Mafins for providing me with the offsets. The emblems are also saved when you save the vehicle.
Be aware not all cars are definied, The offsets for the Emblem are taken from the Car mod shop script, and R has definied a total of 302 vehicles there, all the others get
the emblem applied on a default spot, which might not at all be visible. Furthermore R apparently made 4 mistakes, as the Surfer, Surfer2, Avenger and Autarch don't display the emblem.
-Again thanks to Mafins who pointed out a single native, I now have separated controller and keyboard support, this means for instance
that enabling controller support, will not suddenly enable the arrow keys working in the menu.
-Ability to change the office text, font and color for the four offices. And to save these plus the selected IPL to ini.
-Ability to change the Biker Clubhouses text, font and color for the two Clubhouses. And to save these to ini.
-Various elements for the player facility:
-The Table of the Orbital Cannon can be enabled, if enabled the table will cycle through different map positions every 7 seconds.
-The screens of the Orbital Cannon can be switched on.
-Big screen can be enabled (which will disable the Boot screen) and you can select which image it will display.
-Boot screen can be enabled (which will disable the Big screen), it will cycle through the boot screen and a black screen.

No ini Changes


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