Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Simple Trainer for GTA V 6.8)

Описание и инструкции

Универсальный инструмент, с огромным количеством настроек, функций и возможностей.
Этот небольшой скрипт позволит игроку делать с игрой почти все, что захочется, также поддерживает ввод с контроллера.

F3 - открыть меню, F4 - спрятать меню. Трейнер только для сюжетной игры!

После распаковки архива "f42b9a-trainerv.rar" копируем все содержимое в директорию игры.

Changes from 6.7
-added 280 additional added Vehicles slots, allowing 600 in total. However you don't need to define them in the ini anymore, with help
from IKT, I have code running that will detect add on vehicles, the first 600 of them will be added to the added vehicles menu
automatically sorted by Displayname (including the make name). The added cars section in the ini can therefore be deleted, it will not do anything anymore.
-ability to disable vehicle weapons, in weapons menu, will be saved if save all settings has been used.
-The Livery option in Benny's Mod menu has been moved to the Livery Menu directly off the Vehicle Options Menu 1.
-The Vehicle Components Menu has been moved as an additional category in the Vehicle Mod Menu.
-If you set a timecycle, it wills stay active until you clear it again in the timecycle modifier menu.

Ini Changes:

Deleted added cars section, for existing inis, you can either delete it as well or leave it, it does not really matter.


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