Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (v1.5.1 FINAL)

Описание и инструкции

Как использовать:
Инжектить в игру

F5 - Disable/ Enable the hack
F6 - Player Menu (where the money drop is)
F10 - Hide/ Show the menu when it's activated

Player Menu
Godmode Active(можно получить бан)
Max Ammo
Remove Junk
Hack Hidden
Repair Vehicle
Teleport to waypoint
Drive to waypoint
Spawn BuffaloS
Spawn P996 Lazer
Police disabled
Kill talking players
Enforce no-fly zone
Teleport to objective
Get a driver
Kill all enemies on map
Increase wanted level
Remove wanted level
Godmode active (можно получить бан)
Hack hidden
Prev player in list
Next player in list
Give player all weapons (можно получить бан)
Teleport to player vehicle
Explode player (можно получить бан)
Frame player (можно получить бан)
Clone player vehicle
Remove all weapons
Pay and sprayclone
Spectate player
Attach basketball
Jack ride
Remove player from vehicle
Spawn moneyped



Change Log:

The feature most people ask about. This money drop spawns RANDOM pedestrians on the player that automatically die and drop $10000 each time - better than the previous versions of this menu which only dropped $2000,
Random pedestrians may possibly be a lower risk than the bird options due to all different peds spawning rather than the same ones,
Random pedestrians will drop snacks for you to pickup and use as health restoration via snacks menu.

See the list in the VehicleHotkeys.txt file to see what spawns with each keystroke,
Some of these are in special colors which no other menu features and drive/ fly faster than normal

Activating the function when you are in a vehicle should make it completely indestructible
Will also replenish health and armor (may only do the armor in online)

The option will now prevent the cops showing any interest in the player at all when activated. In some other menus, when the player is supposed to have a wanted level, the cops can jerk around and act a little weird,
You can kill cops and army base personnel with this active without getting any wanted level,
When you deactivate this function, the Wanted Level Multiplier is reduced by 25%, meaning from then on it will be slightly harder to get a wanted level, and to advance through the wanted levels (4 stars to 5 stars is very noticeable).

-Some small changes to the 'Give player all weapons' option:
Added the Railgun, Marksman Pistol, Remote Sniper, BZ Gas Grenades and Flares
Removed the Fire Extinguisher, Assault Rifle (AK), Pistol, SNS Pistol, Pump Shotgun. Why - because when would you ever use these?

-Using the Refresh player/ fix + upgrade vehicle option will should now do the following:
Clear the weather (client-side only, don't worry online),
Fix vehicle exterior, petrol tank health, engine health and body health,
Add basic performance upgrades (armor, engine, brakes, transmission, turbo & suspension),
Clear any blood damage on the ped and restore health and armor (only armor restores in online),
Increase the health regeneration rate (when at low health)
Will set vehicle RPMs as follows (torque is set at 100 for all vehicles)
Car - 25
Boat - 60
Plane - 150
Helicopter - 200
Bike - 25
Quadbike - 40

-You will now have full health and armor when teleporting to waypoint. Still only works when in vehicles though sadly. We got it working on foot, but then TPing in vehicles didn't work, so stuck with this method.

-Added hotkey info into the menu for spawning custom vehicles
-Some small bugfixes
-Changed some menu titles to better suit their description
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