Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2: FAQ/Walkthrough (English)




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1.1a Finished chapter 8, most of chapter 9, minor corrections and


1.0b. minor spelling revisions and clarifications, revisions,

1.0a. release. Chapters 1-7 Finished


Authors Note

I played this game through on Difficult, so things may be slightly

different on lower modes. Generally, things should be easier, but feel

free to send me notes about differences for inclusion.



Chapter 1

Point Insertion

Wait through the G-man's little speech. You find yourself in a

passenger train car outside City 17. Listen to Breen for storyline, or

not. I like to play a little game here called "Beat the Civil

Protection goon". Grab a suitcase, box, etc with your use key, and then

throw it at the CP's head. Fun! He'll chase you around with his riot

prod for a while- don't worry, he can't hurt you much.

Pass through the rotating door, then follow the hallways to the room

with departure/arrival times listed. Enter the caged area, go where the

CP's prompt you. You will end up in a small office where the CP leading

you reveals himself to be Barney, from HalfLife 1.

Exit through the back door, climb the ladder, then put a box in front

of the window so that you can climb out. Follow the obvious path until

you reach the guard who knocks the soda can off the trash bin into the

floor. Pick up the can and place it in the trash. I prefer to pull it

back out afterward and lob it at the CP's skull. Sure, it earns you a

riot prod jab, but it's worth the pain.

Exit through the front door of the train station, then head right down

the street. Take the a right into an alley where you can climb a ladder

to a catwalk to pass over a fence. Continue through the alleys to a

courtyard, where a door to a building is open near some CP's standing

guard. Enter the door, then go upstairs, where a squad of CP's are

raiding an apartment. Head to the end of the hall and go up the stairs

to the next floor, where a man will be trying to get your attention.

Follow him, and start running!

Chapter 2

Red Letter Day

Guards will be after you now, so run to the end of the hall go up yet

another flight of stairs. A man will be waiting here for you to enter

before closing a door. Do this, end then follow the stairs
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