Iron Storm

Iron Storm - FAQ [ENG]


Ok this is my first walkthrough, some of these points are written and discussed

and compiled from different forums but mostly from my brain and endless saving

and reloading. Credit list is at end. The editing is quite raw at the moment, as

this is just the first version. Everything should be there, but I'll flesh out

the walkthrough later. Feel free to email for any questions or for any

additions. Full credit will be giving. Please don't spam and don't swear. All

will be replied.

Anywho, those of you who are reading this probably don't need an introduction as this game is attracted to a quite a niche market.

Definitely a sleeper hit but a very good and a hell load of fun (though abeitly

way too hard) game. On a side note I'm a veteran player to FPS, playing a lot Counterstrike, Global Ops, Soldier of Fortune 1 and 2, Deus Ex, and this is

definitely one of the harder games in the genre, rivaling SOF 2 in difficulty

sometimes more. I played normal once, and easy once, and easy aint very easy.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has finished on hard!


Iron Storm plays similar to that of Half Life, although the defaults for

movement are the up, down, left, right combo my recommendation is to WASD them immediately (God do these programmers play the games they make??)

The game is an action shooter but it has a lot of elements of stealth. HOWEVER

it seems to me that stealth only works when the programmers SPECIFICALLY created

the area to be stealthy. I mean some areas a guy facing away from me 100 metres

away, hears and sees me, when I'm crawling on my belly in the shadows. But other

times when I walk up to someone I can stab him 6 times and he dies without

uttering a sound. Watch out for stealth moments when Cecile (your communications

officer) tells you to 'sneak'.

Anyway the game is BLOODY HARD, it's possible to walk around the corner and just

BANG a sniper picks you off. Reminds me of that stage in Medal of Honor: Allied

Assault. So my advice is to save to a fresh file every 10 mins or so (keep about

five of these files) and quick save like every time you walk around a corner.

WHAT? Too much, LOL you'll see.


There's a fair amount of weapons and assortments in this game. There are limited

slots for weapons so a tactical assessment must be made before each pickup. I'll

give a brief Description of each.


This little baby is quite useless in combat. Try to charge someone with it and

you will get a couple of bullets in the head for your trouble. Good however for

quite dispatches in a few of the missions, and opening boxes.

Snake B. 9mm pistol w/ silencer

Sidearm that is quite weak, has a very slow range of fire and limited range.

Will kill infantry with headshots though. NOT very useful if your surrounded by

enemy's. Its silenced so good for stealth missions.

Heckler & Koch MP-6 (machine pistol)

Better firing rate than pistol, but not silenced, I don't see the point of this

weapon. It's not silenced so you can't use for stealth, yet it's really weak

compared the rifles, try to pick up the pistol instead.

Remington M910 (The pump gun)

This is essentially a shotgun, I don't really like this gun, it doesn't do that

much damage, and the spread is only small. Useful for the few close encounters

you have.

Dragunov Snayperskaya (sniper rifle)

A very good weapon, essential against other snipers, I have a wheel mouse so the

scope is very easy to use, the scope is dynamic (smooth zooming) unlike Counter

Strike which only has a couple of zoom overlays. Try to be on your belly or

crouched as you use it as this effects the scope 'shakiness'.

MG-36A (assault rifle)

Mid to long range rifle, very fast firing rate, though its not as accurate as

the machine pistol its an ok weapon, good for multiple targets.

Simonov K-S 12 {semi-automatic rifle}

This is a excellent rifle, its damage is slightly higher than the assault rifle

but only has a 10 round magazine. The good thing though it has a 2x scope so its

easier to head shot. Since it occupies the same slot as the assault rifle the

player must always choose which is better for the situation, pick this over the

assault rifle on bigger more open maps.

VIVDA KSK (flak launcher)

The manual calls this a heavy machine gun, which can be quite misleading. It is

actually a launcher that fires exploding shells (yes like a tank) and is used by

the Siberian brothers (those heavily armoured scary guys, portrayed on some

magazine covers). I never use these for more than a couple of minutes as their

ammo is rare to find, and there is a good chance you damage yourself more than

the enemy, as if you would chuck away your rifles for this piece of elephant poo


F-Jane 10 (Consortium Gun)

You get this one later in the game, it's a weapon used by the officers of the

baddies. Very fast firing rate, 50 round clip, good accuracy and has a scope

similar to the Simonov, good weapon, recommended over the other rifles.

M203 40mm (Grenade Launcher)

Similar to the rocket launcher, don't really use this one, managed to blow

myself up a few times in some tight corridors before I threw this one away.

B-M50 (rocket launcher)

Description not really necessary, its launches rockets! Good for tanks,

helicopters and groups of infantry.


Level 1

Pretty easy level (well it is the first one) A good opening to the game. After a

couple of attempts at this most people went back to the half-life esque style of

quick saving after every twist and turn, and you would need it.

Collect as much ammunition and weapons as possible in the Headquarters including

the Sniper rifle in the dormitory. Basically all of HQ is just a tutorial area.

You can go visit the mess and field Hospital for various equipment like ammo and

med kits.

Exit the Headquarters by following the 'Front lines' direction.

Follow the sergeant he'll ask you to take out two snipers, whom are oblivious to

your presence, ha! You could probably go and stab these guys if you want to save

ammo, better to either snipe them or just shotgun them.

Follow the sergeant again and he will lead you to this up ramp. There is this

house with a couple of riflemen in it, and snipers all over the bloody place, so

keep you head down, you sniper out and save save save. After wards cross to the

other side of the field and jump into the enemy trenches.

Follow the tunnel to access the second lines (towards the church)

At the first crossing take the right way (flooded) to collect some energy

and more ammunition.

Head back to the crossing and take your left.

Just keep moving forward (its pretty obvious where to go, the enemy are nice

enough to leave signs) take note of a entrenched and shelled APC, duck under it

and go into a bunker, take out the two snipers and from the bunker shot all the

baddies on the field. Now go back to the apc and crawl up and out onto the

field. Head towards the right side of the map and there will be a gap in the

barbwire. You will encounter and crap load of resistance, kill them all and then

access the church and go down.

Level 2

Again more trench trawling, and snipers giving you hell. I thought the Medal of

Honor sniping stage was hard!!

At the first crossing head into the bunker and kill the enemy inside (helps for

what follows).

Head back to the crossing and take the other way.

Now take the way at the left of the camp

In the tunnel with a broken armoured door and a shooting turret, enter the vent

that's hidden behind planks on the right hand wall.

Take the second exit of the vent.

Two options at the next crossing: Right way via the kennels, the left way is

easier though.

Once at the camp take the right way if coming from the right, or straight ahead

if coming from the left.

After the tunnel, take the left at the crossing.

Pick up the bazooka and the ammunition in the small camp (get rid of a heavy

weapon to free space in the inventory to collect a new weapon).

Head back to the crossing and take the right way.

Prepare yourself for a fight against the helicopter just before reaching the


Two options in the catacombs: Left way (fallen rocks - can be destroyed with

grenades), right way (loads of enemies and mines).

If the player is missing grenades, any other weapon can be used.

Be careful about those dogs; try using a gas grenade if they are giving you

strife, as that instantly kills them.

You eventually reach this huge field with bunkers in it. If you had continued to

walk in the trench you would of reached a huge bunker door with flashing lights,

keep a note of this. Go back to the field.

Destroy the right bunker's door with the fixed gun lying in the middle of the


Get into the bunker

Head into the last bunker, there's guys with grenade launchers in here so watch

out. Use the gun in the last bunker to decimate the door with the flashing

lights on the far end of the field.

Get back out and through this door and you find yourself in a canyon.

There will be mines scattered along the ground so watch your step.

Also keep an eye out for a dying (dead?) ally, who tell you stuff. Sneak forward

till you see a large rock with a dark spot on the right, crouch or crawl towards

it, and wait for a patrol to pass (you should just have enough time to do this)

otherwise if you try to shoot them they will more than likely kick your ass.

Head through the mountains stealthily till you behold a camp with watch towers.

Carry on at the foot of the mountains on the left hand side and behind the

trucks. Watch out for a guy on your right (he's probably facing the other way

though but if you run he will turn around).

Take the underground way, which will get you out behind the prisoners' area.

Throw down all your weapons that your carry on your back. So everything except

grenades, handgun, and shotgun.

WALK slowly towards the APC following the other prisoners (you could even maybe

whistle to look nonchalant :)

Lastly, get into the truck

Level 3

Very long and very difficult.

Exit to the right and arm yourself with the knife

Sneak behind your enemy and kill him to pick up his weapon.

Grab the ammo to the left of the lorry as you get out.

Infiltrate the canteen building taking down all enemies and snipers.

Exit the yard and take the street to the right to gather some energy and


Head towards the City Hall square.

After passing the two enemies located behind the sandbags, go to the first

floor of the house on right

Go through the access door to the yard after taking down as many enemies as


Exit to the yard through the opposite door

Attract the group of enemies to the left

Take the opposite direction and station in front of the Fixed gun

Go up the street towards the blown up tank

Enter the house to the left

Go through the cellar

Defeat your enemy and deactivate the steam valve (after the broken wall on the


Go back the way you came and take the way on your left that was previously

blocked by the steam jets

Climb up the ladder

Once in the flat, kill as many enemies stationed on the City Hall square as


Get back down to the square through the windows.

Take the left and go through the little rounded door.

Get the mines left in the camp.

Come back to the square to neutralize the tank (set a few mines on its way)

Use the tank to destroy a few buildings

Take the street left of the brewery

Attract the second tank towards the City hall square. Be carefull doing this as

it is harder than it sounds. Some how the tank driver won't move forward towards

the next street if he doesn't see you. So you have to pop your body around

(maybe even take a pot shot at the thing, maybe its an Israeli tank??? no? ok!)

and then run like hell before you get shelled.

Run back to the statue and get in the the first tank and just start firing

wildly at the direction of the 2nd, its pretty hard to see because of the smoke.

Head back to the street at the left of the brewery

Go the house at the back on the right.

Go to the next floor

Go to the opposite house using the beam

Jump above the broken wall to the enemy quarters.

Go down and in the opposite building, then to the next floor to operate the

lever that opens the door to the disused factory.

Go towards the factory

Go through the door at the left of the big building.

Follow the corridor

Go past the 'valley' surrounded by watch towers

To gain access to the disused factory, by pass to the right

Accept the duel with the enemy

Get into the factory

After the fight, operate the crane a couple of times (switch located on the dash


Then, climb up the crane to access the upper catwalks

Find the goods lift...

Level 4

Most of this mission involves you weaponless (well except for you little knife),

so a stealth-oriented approach is a must.

Glass breaks, In the back of the glass chambers room is a door that leads down

to a medic room. Get there and

get the knife and health.

Go back to room with glass chambers and bust the wood planks on the floor, use

lever and go down into refuse


On the left side of the refuse room are some crates that lead you to a vent.

Take the vent to a ladder, which takes you to another vent [in the vent turn


This is the glass chamber roofs room above where you started.

Go around left corner, hide under turret, go thru right door.

In the room with shelving, [beware turret #1] turn left and behind the crate is

a vent which leads you around

the room. Go thru door under turret #2. [Time both turrets]

Kill both Doctors in the waiting area.

Welcome to the laser Room - Open door, wait for Doctor #1 to walk by, stab him

in the back and go to the left.

Go over crates and stab Doctor #2 in the back. Turn Corner Stab Doctor #3 in the

back. Kill doctor #4. [Do

not let them set off the alarm - guards come.]

Go back the to the refuse room either the way you came, or by smashing the roof

[room with one turret] of the

glass chamber you were in and going down the chute.

Go out of the refuse room using the door this time.

Use elevator then sit under first turret. Turn left and duck into 2nd left to

time 2nd turret [but dont go into weapons research yet]. When clear go thru door

and into medic room. Let dogs loose by switch in medic room.

Go back to weapons research. Time Turrets, go through blown out door, grab

nuclear material, and go out thru

the vent. Dont take the ladder but go back into the glass chamber roofs room and

go down thru one. Go

downstairs into the testing room and place your nuclear material. Go back to

laser room and blast it.

Go back to testing room and go out vent.

Go all the way thru vent, up ladder, thru another vent and into a room with big

tanks and two doctors - kill


Go out door, Straight down the hall, dont go into silo chamber yet.

In the 2nd room of big tanks, go down into the toxic waste.

At the junction of boards, break them and go foward, down is just a dead end.

Go up a ladder and out to the big silo chamber.

Kill scientist, make your way along the pipes into the center of the silo, go to

the bottom via ladders.

Kill gaurds on the bottom, get guns - whoohoo!! [A smart soldier will grab the

one with a scope.]

Break blue glass thingy in middle of chamber.

Climb back up to the top, go into the little room and flip the switch.

Go out the door with the red flashing light.

In the plank room, kill the gaurds, turn off the alarm [or the next door wont

open], flip the switch outside the office door, then walk along the plank. Take

hallway to the tank room. Go thru the tank room, turn left and follow the signs

to the Station [down elevator, thru waiting room].

Once in the station, find the room with the switch, flip it, take the ladder up

thats right outside this room.

Then get on the moving catwalk that spans the train.

Level 5

This one really pissed me off, you can play it two ways, stealth or Broken Arrow

style, the latter will net you nothing but a quick bullet to the head, believe


A door opens up on top of the train, take the stairs down.

Grab silencer/ammo from under the stairs.

Use lever to open the door, then go to the right, kill gaurds in first room,

shoot helicopter down from second room.

Turn left when leaving the second room and go down the elevator.

This is the rear defense car, lots of ammo in room.

Continue foward into the sleeping car. [hint: if two heads are in line, one

bullet will get them both]

Go upstairs in the sleeping car and commit carnage. The last door upstairs takes

you outside, dont go out there yet - heli #2 is out there.

Go back downstairs and continue foward into the Hospital Wagon.

Waste every one in the hospital wagon and the morgue upstairs.

Go back downstairs and continue foward into the communications car.

Waste everyone in the communication car, be sure to grab sniper rifles in second


Go upstairs to the anti-aircraft defense room and kill everyone. In the main

room with all the computers is door toward the back of the train. Dont even

bother yet - you cannot make it up the ladder alive.

Go downstairs and into the chapel. Carefull going in theres baddies upstairs.

Kill everybody in the main hall and go foward to the first door, open it and

kill the baddy.

Bam, lights go out and alarm sounds - dont forget you have a flashlight.

Continue foward to the stairs, go up and head to the back of the chapel.

Open the door, get your sniper rifle ready, and go up the ladder.

Snipe the bastard on your right asap [foward in relation to train], then turn

around and snipe the 4 guys in the pill box [backwards in relation to train]. I

hate these 4 bastages, make them feel great pain.

After you've sniped everybody you can see and rang the churchbell a few times,

go back downstairs and head to anti-arcraft defense [upstairs of the

communications car which is one car back].

Get to the room with all the computers in it, go through the door at the back

and up the ladder [the one I said not to bother with earlier].

Play with the big guns and drop the heli.

Go back down the ladder and into the room with the computers. Go out the main

door and turn LEFT. Go out the door at the end of the hall, wait for it to close

and then take the other door to the outside of the train. [The doors to the

outside will not open until the door behind you has closed].

Now your outside, get on the railing of catwalk and hop up the broken ladder

onto the top of the train.

[alternativly, I hear you can go all the way back to the rear of the train and

go up the way you came in - the trapdoor thing]

Go foward two cars and drop back into the train through the glass roof.

Continue foward through to doors into a room with curtains, kill the baddy, jam

to the far side of the room and turn off the alarm before the turret turns you

into swiss cheeze. Be sure you hit the button on the right as you leave the

curtain room - THIS IS BUTTON #1.

Go down the fancy stairs, kill lots of baddies, and jump thru the window in

front of you - turn off alarm.

This is the embassy car, once every one is dead, go foward into the HQ wagon.

The HQ wagon kinda sucks, my suggestion is to bypass that first door, turn the

corner and run your ass down the long hall into the first door. Then turn off

the alarm, and waste the baddies from behind. But thats just me.

Go upstairs of the HQ wagon into the "Knock before entering" room. On the

bookcase next to the door is a book/lever that turns off the alarm. Go into the

little room and push the button - THIS IS BUTTON #2 [kill the panzy-assed

aristocrat hiding in the bathroom too].

Go back downstairs and head foward into the Foward Defense wagon.

Make your way thru the crates, run down the center between the shelves - in thru

the door, and turn off the damn alarm.

Continue foward, dont bother with the stairs and get to the locomotive car.


Have fun getting the shit kicked out of you, then head foward to the drivers cab

door, go up the ladder to the right and take the catwalk to the back of the

locomotive car. Get your sniper rifle ready and head out the door to the outside

of the train. Pop the two baddies in the pill box, then run up and jump inside

the pill box, down the ladders, and thru thru the door.

Voilla - Isolation Room.

Kill the two baddies with mounted guns. Run around the corner and under the

turrets, get on your belly, and blast it until it blows. Then shoot the glass

section of pipe above the door, the glass section of pipe behind the case, and

the booty is yours.

To get out, throw a poison canister as close to the pillbox door as you can, get

on your belly and crawl under the steam. The baddies come out, they die, you

wait for gas to clear and crawl out of the room. Interogate the idiot in the

corner just through the next door.

Level 6

Ok this is the last one, and it is a hard one.

* You'll find yourself in a train station initially. You have to make your way


to the metal walkway above the train. You'll need to eliminate some soldiers on

the ground and a couple of snipers posted on the walkway itself. Follow the


walkway until you come to a door, it's the only door that is up there.

Inside the door there are two store rooms sealed off by reinforced metal garage-

type doors.

One of the storeroom doors is partially raised. crouch down and shoot the two

soldiers in the room then crawl under the door. The room is full of crates and

there appears to be nothing of importance in the room. You'll see one crate is

partially broken. Blow it up some more and then blow up the internal walls of


the connecting crates.

Eventually you'll see a vent through which you can crawl to the next storeroom.

In the next

room blow up the fuel canister sitting in one corner of the room which opens

another vent

you can crawl through. crawl into the supply room and then make your way out

into the main corridor

behind the gun stations. Eliminate the resistance and proceed to follow the

hallways until you

come to the door which leads you into the unfinished basement level. This


will lead you to the boiler room where you'll have to kill several armed guards.

There is a first aid kit leaning against one of the support pylons in the back


the room in case you need it. Flip the lock lever on the wall and run through


barred doorway when the bars raise. Be careful in the next several chambers not


run into the electrified pools of water or you'll quickly drain your life meter.

Make your way through the connecting rooms until you get to a locker room. There

will be some heavy resistance there. Kill off the guards and grab the first aid

kit by the stairway. Up the stairs you will find a sleeping quarters for the

soldiers/guards. Kill them off and proceed to the door at the far end. This will

take you to an elevator. There is one guard waiting in the elevator, be ready


him. Take the elevator to the first floor.

** this is where it gets a bit shaky. I already played through this entire level

and I don't exactly recall the precise order of events, but in general this is


way it goes...,

You'll find a room with a bunch of supply tents and soldiers will attack you.

You'll get trapped in the room then you'll have to jump up on the boxes and


to reach the wooden walkway above you. Make your way out of that room and it


blow up, causing a cave in of the room. Don't worry about it, you never need to


back into it. continue down the hall until you get to one particular hall with a

sniper at both ends. Take out the one nearest to you with a grenade. quickly get

behind the barricade he was hiding behind then shoot the sniper at the far end

with your own sniper rifle. Make your way down the hall to the only available


you can open. Inside you will find on a walkway above a caged ammunition room.

There's no way to get to the room below from there. Take out the one guard

standing watch on your level and then cross the middle connector and go down the

other side to the ventallation grating. Shoot it out and go through until you

reach the generator room. In the generator room shut off the power to level two.

Go out into the hallway and shoot the fuel barrel next to the elevator. This


blow open a hole in the elevator doors large enough for you to crawl through.


doors will not open otherwise since you turned the power off with the


Drop down into the elevator car and go to the fourth floor, that being the roof.

*** Now... there are a number of ways you can deal with what awaits you here on

the roof. I did this the HARD way. So I'll describe what I did, and if you want

you can try to follow it, otherwise you can try to work out something else for


The big problem with the roof, initially, is the attack-helecopter. It will

relentlessly pursue you no matter where you go on the roof, and its aim is VERY

good. You won't last long if stand still. There are basically three things you

need to do on the roof..., destroy the helecopter, turn off the gas supply to


pipes, and find a way to shut down the power so that you can get over the

electrified fencing on the roof and into the enemy commander's hidden compound

beyond it. There is only one place you can run to (besides the elevator) where


helecopter can not get you, and that is a small metal building near the gas


tanks. This metal building serves two purposes. First, it's a way to get down to

the streets below the compound (go down the ladders inside), and secondly it

provides a way back up to the roof once you shut the power down to the roof

itself. You can't get down to the street, however, because the way down is


by a gas leak. One of the first orders of business is to shut off the valve on


of the gas tank nearest the metal building on the roof.This is almost impossible

before taking out the helecopter, because the moment you get near the ladder to

climb the gas tank, the copter will fire missles at you and blow you to bits.

Command headquarters radios to you that you need to find the rocket launcher in

order to take out the helecopter. It's in the munitions storeroom, the one you

passed above before while you were on the second floor, that was all caged off.

This is not exactly necessary. You can knock the helecopter down with any one of

the mini gun rocket-launchers that many of the guards carry. If you already have

one, well, great. Take aim and shoot the sucker down. Once the helecopter is out

of the way, you can climb the ladder on the gas tank by the metal building on


roof and shut down the gas supply. Don't have a rocket launcher? Neither did I

when I got to the roof. So I pulled a daring ploy. I ran around on the roof

getting the helecopter to chase me. When it flew out of range, and started to


around to get aim at me, I ran for the tank ladder. You have to be very quick to

do this. You can't pause for even a moment. As soon as I reached the ladder, the

copter started tossing its missiles, but it was too far away to be accurate and


missed several times as I was climbing. I got to the top of the tank ran to the

valve, shut it off and jumped down at the same time. I scrambled into the metal

shed and voila..., the gas was shut off and I didn't have to take out the copter

at all to do it.

Climb down the ladders in the metal building (by the way there are a few hidden

first aid kits in there). When you get to the bottom get ready to be blown to

pieces by a tank that's outside facing the exit door. You will probably think


impossible to get past this menacing tank. Unless you are very very quick, it


in fact be impossible. The moment you open the door to leave the building, the

tank will fire at you, killing you. Even if you manage to duck, it will keep

firing till you are blown to pieces. This is a very frustrating part because it

can seem hopeless. Don't give up though. You CAN actually out manuever the tank.

It requires excellent timing, and will probably require a dozen tries. Get

yourself as close to the door as you can without opening it. As soon as you open

it jump at an angle to the left of the door and onto the side walk, and DON'T


MOVING!!. Run hard to the scrap pile of a wrecked tank that sits infront of the

steps to a building. It will provide you shelter. If you make it, be sure to


your game at that point! I can't stress enough how important it is to save your

place after doing something as nearly impossible to do as this. At this point


can jump down off the sidewalk to get behind the building you just came out of.

There is a ladder back there. Climb it and then cross the platform and jump

through the open window. Inside, follow the hallways till you come to a room


a mounted heavy rocket gun facing out a window. Using this gun you can wipe out

the tank outside, and be sure to kill off the other tank that's roaming around


there too.

Now things get very interesting. You have to shut down the power to the roof and

make your way back up through the metal building you came down. First, find your

way back out to where the tanks are. (if you want, before you do that you can

visit the amunition room which is accessible through the same level where

tank-destroying gun is.) Make your way to the area where the second tank was

roaming around. There is a set of double wooden doors there. Go through them and

make your way back to the basement, to the locker room area and then up the


and get to the elevator. take the elevator back to the second floor. Go to the

generator room and shut off the power to the roof (fourth floor). Take the

elevator back to the basement (floor zero). make your way down through the

basement all the way back to one particular room. The room has a little


alter with a cross, (actually there are a couple of rooms like this in the

basement), but there is also a seperate elevator car in this room. The elevator

car goes directly to the street level where the tanks are. Once there, make your

way back to the metal building you climbed down from the roof. This time, if you

haven't taken out the helecopter yet then make sure you take a mini rocket

launcher with you and have at least twenty rockets. (or you can go back through

the open window and find the amunition room and grab the full sized rocket

launcher if you prefer). make your way back up all the ladders to the roof. Now

the electrified fences will be off. You can safely cross over the ladder on the

fence. Once over the fence, head for the huge walled bunker. There will be a

broken section of wall on the outside of it that you can jump down through, to


floor below. Once down there you will be in a corridor with no doors at all. You

have to blow your own entrance open by shooting the fuel barrel that's sitting

by the wall.

Okay, from this point you should be able to figure out the rest of this level.

There's not much more to it. Good luck, and I hope this little walkthough helps.

(с) Team X