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The guide has its origins in my earlier project called "Jagged Alliance 2 NPCs FAQ", which after some revisions was incorporated here as SECTION 6. My original FAQ was based on Brian C. Robinson's "collective" JA2 FAQ - generally a compilation of postings from the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic newsgroup. In my FAQ I largely expanded and modified info found in Brian's, keeping some quotes here and there. Some time afterwards I wrote sections devoted to the remaining game topics. By putting it all together I gave this guide its present shape. There is no version history, as I didn't keep track of the changes and saved over the same file. Effectively the whole guide was rewritten about a dozen times ;)

This guide is based on the experienced difficulty level, realistic style, normal guns option, version 1.03 US. It has a lot of practical info for all kinds of players, also veterans. I strove to be objective in most respects, but many of the solutions given here are just one of the possible ways. As each player develops his/her (?) own strategy and tactics, some other choices may work for him/her better. And although this guide is rather comprehensive, it naturally does not fully exhaust the topic. Refer to the LINKS section for more information on JA2.

Practically all info in this guide comes from my own playing experience and own copious analyses of particular strategic/tactical issues. A few hints were suggested by various people on JA2 forums. From some other sources I took game stats. See CREDITS for contributions.

Oh, all the trademarks are copyright of their rightful owners :)

Andy "ND" Chorosinski
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