Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns

Kohan: Cheat-codes (English)

Hit enter and type the desired cheat:

free gold Max gold

hoody hoo +10 to all

speed it up Build fast

feeling fine ?

griff shadow ?

there is no spoon ?

unpleasant dreams ?

i repent ?

xustluava Control nature

yeahbam Win scenario

"samurai dragon " Exit to windows (remember the space after dragon)

show GRID Grid on/off

show CONTROL Control Zones on/off

show SUPPLY Supply Zones on/off

show GUARD Guard Zones on/off

show POPULATION Population Zones on/off

show DAMAGE Combat Damage on/off

show BLOCKED Blocked Tiles on/off

show TILENUMS Tile Numbers on/off

show TYPES Tile Terrain Types on/off

show HEALTH Health Bars on/off

show DETECTION Detection Zones on/off

show SAIREGIONS SAI Regions on/off

show SAIDEBUG SAI Debug on/off

show FOG Fog on/off