Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds

Magic: The Gathering Battlegrounds +3 Trainer (English)

Описание и инструкции

F1 - Invincibility (on/off)

-> When turned on, both Players and all of their units turn invulnerable. If both Invincibility and "One hit one kill" are turned on, Invincibility prevails.

F2 - One hit one kill (on/off)

-> When turned on, any unit or Player will die immediately once it takes damage (unless Invincibility is on). By the way, you couldn't turn this function off in IMSDOX's release, though that was supposed to be possible.

F3 - Freeze Mana (on/off)

-> When turned on, Mana can still increase, but will not decrease anymore (actually it does decrease when using the shield, but this should prove irrelevant, since you spend 95%+ of your mana on spells, not on the shield). Theres a catch to this function: It does not affect both players, but it doesn't necessarily affect YOU either. After this function is turned on, the first Player to cast a spell will be the one to profit from this function, so be sure to cast some spell quickly after turning it on.

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