Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 02.11.2017] {seikur0}

Описание и инструкции

If you just want the "FOV fix", use the "ShadowOfWar_SeiKur0.CT" table.

For the others, the v14 table now contains:
-Uruk creation
>>>-Very high potential
>>>-Very high learn speed
>>>-Try to find a bloodbrother (not sure if it has an actual effect)
-Uruk spawn rarity (legendary/epic)
-Force uruk role
-Adjust uruk level
-Get All Uruk Intel (script, execute and it'll get you the info for all uruks on the map, mark one as target to trigger appearances after that)
-Epic/Legendary Uruks drop specific item (yup, I know^^)
-Uruk Pointer
>>>-Name (visual)
>>>-Status (strengths/weaknesses known,dead, bodyguard, etc.) (Yeah you can resurrect/kill uruks with that, freeze and select several to mass-apply.)
>>>-Additional Properties (still visual for now, but can be changed with the objec pointer)
>>>-Abilities Dynamic (alter these if you want to change their abilities)
>>>-Abilities Perks (alter these if you want to change their abilities)
>>>-Abilities Derived (visual)
-Item Pointer
>>>-Level (Change, save and reload for it to become effective)
>>>-Stats (Temporary, since scaled by level, effective immediately)
-Modify FOV
-100% Coin Drop (location to drops for the future)
-No myrian decrease
-Complete all item challenges
-Choose multiple skills
-Infinite mission time

Have fun with it and stay cool,

Please read the text below and follow the instructions, if somethings isn't working for you.

future of this table
It's been a great time and I'm glad so many people use my table (our precious, *gollum*) (oops). At this point I'm finished with the game and pretty much with this table as well. I added the stuff I wanted to add and it's stable (at this point any problems with this table are probably not things I can change) and should be running in the future as well. So if you're gonna ask for more things, don't ask me :D You can still use this thread to discuss things related to this table though and I might add small things, but for now I'm done.
In the "Abilities Dynamic" and "Abilities Perks" sections you can permanently alter the uruks in many ways, like adding immunities, fire damage, making them legendary, never get betrayed again or making them crazy (poor fellow, can't even talk anymore), changing their class etc.

You can now directly edit values in most sections of my table, I added dropdown lists. If the type is 8 byte and you see text as value, you can edit that, if it's a string you can't.

In general after making some change, if you don't see it yet, force the game to save by changing your equipment, then exit to menu and reload.

Ryan Zaa made a youtube video on uruk editing:

Don't use the "Get All Uruk Intel" until the tutorial about getting intel from worms is over. (Though if you did, you can edit the Status part to reset the intel on one captain.)
something isn't working
I included different methods for the master script to find what it needs, if it's not working for you out of the box,
edit the master script.

Go to this part:
--registerDB() --working on all game versions
--registerDB_ns_old() --working for game version v1.0.7214.0
--registerDB_ns() --working for game version v1.0.7217.0
registerDB_alt2() --working on all game versions
and remove the comment "--" from one of these, and set the other two lines as comments. One of these should work.

Also make sure you have the newest version of cheat engine 6.7.

If something isn't working for you, you're probably doing something wrong/something you shouldn't do. It might help to redownload the table in case you modified something. Also windows 10 has some built-in anti-cheat tool, TruePlay. I'm not sure, if that interferes, but it's probably better to disable it, if possible.

credit to:
Without his lua scripts as tutorial material it would have taken forever to write the scripts which replace the pointers by strings.
I also took some part of it and use it. Thanks! (Practical use in almost all sections.)
For the interesting discussions about the game internals, without him I wouldn't have thought of how the game uses hashes. (Practical use of that idea is in the rarity modifier script.)

changelog, starting from v9
-Moved entries around, so that scripts affecting uruks are near each other
-Added "Uruk creation" and "Force uruk role" (A lot of stuff is tied to the role, so feel free to play with that)

-Added "Infinite mission time". Tested with Celebrimbor missions, not sure if it's working for story missions as well, since I finished that already.

-Fixed item section
-Added "Complete all item challenges" and "Choose multiple skills" scripts.
-Support for more item abilities

-quick update pre work: Fixed table for windows store version (probably), thanks to SteelDragon for providing the necessary informations.
-epic/legendary drop script changed, shouldn't crash anymore
-removed some methods in the master script, that were only working for steam
-Added "Adjust uruk level script", because why would uruks be level 65 when the player isn*t, that*s just stupid.
-Some more item attributes, just in case ;)

-Added more methods for the master script, maybe each version has one that's working now? All of them work with the steam version though.
-Fixed "No myrian decrease", the last one was just done hastily by me to test shop stuff and never meant to work for others :/
-Edited second master ="http://fearlessrevolution.com/images/smilies/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P"> Or just tell me it's working/change it as stated above.)
-Memory Leak fixed, 2 GB wow/how.. Somehow the lua aobscan function did that, I'm not using that anymore.
-I also changed the standard aob and it could quite possibly work for all versions now and be update safe too.
-Moved some parts of the table around
-Added myrian script
-3 different methods for the master script included, one of these should work for every version of the game. Leave on of these standing, comment the other two out.
-Resolving values of Additional Properties in the uruk section.
-Fixed Main Script not working for windows store users, now it should and it's also update safe for everyone else. Downside is it takes longer to activate.
-I also made clear, that derived abilities are visual and changed the item spawn script's name to reflect that it only works with epic/legendary uruks.
-Fixed crash for Uruk Drop Script.
-Now the Uruk Drop editor should work reliably, before it wouldn't replace normal rarity drops.

-Added Uruk Drop editor (for all those legendary collectors)
-Some more lua refactoring

-I'm now resolving most things, that can be edited, so you can edit the values directly and very easily. This includes uruk and player equipment as well.
-Refactoring of lua wrapper code, so it doesn't look ugly anymore and can be easily expanded.

I'd advise backing up your saves before you do anything more complex than changing levels.

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