Might and Magic: Heroes 7

Might and Magic: Heroes 7: Трейнер/Trainer (+6) [1.6] {MrAntiFun}

Описание и инструкции

Издание: Uplay/Steam
Версия Игры: v.1.6
Язык Трейнера: Английский
Количество Функций: 6
Дата Создания Трейнера: 04.01.2016


  • F1:Trainer Activation - активация трейнера
  • F2:Inf.Health - бесконечные жизни
  • F3:Inf.Resources - бесконечные ресурсы
  • F4:Inf.Gold - бесконечное золото
  • F5:Inf.Movement - бесконечное передвижение
  • F6:Add 1 Skill Points - добавить 1 очко улучшения
  • F7:Inf.Mana - бесконечная мана
  • F8:Rest Player ID - отдых  ID игрока


  • Activate trainer once you enter the game, after you activate it move once.
  • Inf.Health will work in manual battles only and it will set the user monsters to massive HP.
  • Inf.Resources pick up couple stuff after activating this cheat to see its effect.
  • Inf.Gold pick up some gold to see its effect.
  • Add 1 Skill Point, You must move once before you activate this, To see its effect close and open skill window.
  • Inf.Mana, You must move once before you activate this, This cheat will freeze mana on what it is currently.
  • Rest Player id, Should be used if you start a new game isn't required on V1.6 trainer.

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отличный тренер как и все остальные у MrAntiFunа